Xbox One Dev: “All Those Saying They’ll Buy Titanfall on PC Forget Who Makes the OS”


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Recently, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has stated that Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall will be a life-time exclusive to the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Despite Respawn’s Vince Zampella saying this wouldn’t be for all the games in the series, many detractors have expressed their anger by opting to buy the PC version instead of either Xbox version, presumably to “stick it” to Microsoft.

However, a confirmed Xbox One dev on Reddit pointed out the fallacy in this logic. “All the people saying they will just buy it for the PC are forgetting who makes the OS on the PC they have to play this game on. Time to buy more stock.”

Granted, not everyone uses Windows on PC – just the majority of the world, really – but Respawn won’t be releasing a Linux or Mac version of Titanfall any time soon. Do you think the dev’s comments are just rubbing it in consumers’ faces or a worthy response to hackneyed, anti-Microsoft strategies? Let us know in the comments below.

Titanfall is scheduled to release on March 11th 2014 in North America and March 14th 2014 in Europe.

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  • Said Issak


    • Syres

      That’s just Linux with a different name.

  • spideynut71

    Pfft….Sony fanboys have been saying that crap for years now. If you bring up the “PC still = $$ for MS” argument, they just come back with “I didn’t buy Windows….I pirated the OS”, or something equally lame.

  • Drek

    So EA cuts MS a royalty check for PC game sales? No? Huh. Well, maybe Titanfall is driving of Windows. No? Office software and the fact that OEMs install it on 90% of all boxes day one is what does that? Oh. So what’s his point? Sounds like EA trying to sugar coat the fact that MS’ attempt to buy “exclusive” content for the XB1 is a backfire waiting to happen when the strongest Titanfall community resides entirely on PC and all the console gamers stick with CoD, Battlefield, or pick up Destiny in fall of 2014.

    By the time Titanfall 2 releases on all platforms they’ll be massively behind Destiny in mindshare and then EA will wonder why once again they’re running second fiddle to Activision.

    • eric snow

      You are simply crazy and must be 15 years old with no life. Do your research- PC gaming is not bigger then console gaming. We are talking business here, not a geeks love fest with his computer. Titan Fall is being ADVERTISED as an Xbox One game! Millions of viewers throughout the country see this game and don’t think PC, they think video game system- Xbox One. Sure a lot will buy it for the PC but no where near the amount of video game players. You have to remember PC gamers are like geeks, they are a niche market. I know that hurts your feelings but a lot of gamers have families and kids and like to have people over sharing in the fun while chilling on a comfortable couch with a 55″ monitor. Wake up!

    • Dakan45

      Kid STFU already. Pc revenue in 2012= 20 billion, guess what? neither sony or ms made as much from their consoles.

      Sorry but you cant classify pc gamers as anything. What about sims and minecraft? Are people who gave those super high sales just “geeks”???

      Get over yourself, you are the one who needs to wake up, people DO see this game on pc as well on xbox, just like people see amnesia, sim city, diablo and counter strike as “pc games” Same goes for L4D, its a pc game mostly.

    • You’re fucking Idiot.

      Assuming can’t buy a 55″ Monitor for your PC is stupid.

      Assuming you can’t just hook it up to any TV with an HDMI port is fucking stupid.

      Assuming you can’t do local multiplayer, with fucking console remotes is fucking stupid.

      Eric snow is one of those poor kids who can’t afford a PC, and doesn’t like sony, so he’s willing to pay 500$ for a fucking kinect.

    • Calvin Day

      I… I really like the new kinect :/. It’s one of the reasons I got an XBO vs a PS4. Not to say that your other points aren’t valid (I do most of my gaming on PC as well). You must be one of those poor kids that can’t afford a PC and a console 😉

    • Tyrone_83

      PC gaming is no bigger than console gaming?? And your telling somebody to do their research. Ha! Congrats on making yourself look like a total dumb-ass by that statement alone.

    • eric snow

      Titan Fall 2 on all platforms??? Did you not read, the life of Titan Fall is totally exclusive to Microsoft. You are really hating for stupid reasons. The more great games each company creates the better it is for consumers. You are a drone.

    • Dakan45

      They have confirmed that the sequel might be multiplatfrom, shut the fuck up arleady.

    • eric snow

      They have confirmed that the sequel MIGHT BE multi platform, don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

    • zpoccc

      the life of titanfall the game, not titanfall the IP. there’s a big difference. maybe you should make more of an effort to know what the fuck you’re talking about before calling people stupid.

    • eric snow

      Play word games all you want, Titan Fall will not see the light of day on a PS4…. deal with it.

    • zpoccc

      but titanfall 2 will… deal with it.

    • HurDurPCmasterrace

      Might* Are you having a hard time understanding this over all the rage clouding your eyes?

  • ZenTzen

    dont know if that Xbox dev is trolling, arrogant or just being plain stupid, as far as i know, MS doesnt get anything from pc games, unless if they are on their store, and EA isnt gonna do that.

    • eric snow

      You really have no clue and should just do your research before making statements you know nothing about.

    • anonkun

      Except he knows exactly what he is talking about, microsoft gets not money from software in PC, that’s why is a free platform

    • zpoccc

      wait, you think windows is a free platform?

    • murphs33

      Well, I can make an application for Windows and publish it on my own website if I want to. If it was a closed system I’d have to ask Microsoft’s permission to publish it (like devs have to with games on Xbox).

  • Dakan45

    If that was the case why no fable 2 on pc? Why no halo 2-3 and the rest? Why did they pull alan wake from pc?

    make no mistake, ms wans to kill pc gaming to promote xbox.

    Respawn could just make it on one console and pc due to budget issues, the game wont even have a sp campaign. Ms helped them, so they get exlusivity.

    ms doesnt get a cut from the pc version, but they do get a cut from the xbox version.

    • Mike Greenway

      Well, MS does get paid when people buy Windows to play games on. Check out the number of people on steam with windows.

    • Dakan45

      There is no other way to paly DX games, all 3d games are dx based.

      Ms is kiling pc gaming to promote their console, that is a well known fact.

  • Hiya_tiger

    The MS dev has fallacy to believe that because MS owns & creates Windows OS, that people will live & die in the MSphere.whogivesashit it’s the open platform of Windows that makes the difference.

  • You are flat out wrong

    It’s still not the Xbone, you flaming cocksucker.

    Can’t wait for this console to fail.

  • Mike Greenway

    I think we can safely concluded that the people that are expressing anger here want to play the game and can’t because they are running Sony gear. I don’t believe that anyone that owns an Xbox ever said “I feel so bad for the people on PlayStation because they can’t play titanfall! I must right this injustice by buying the PC version rather than the Xbox version” When you chose a console, it isn’t cool to get mad because you can’t play games made for the other one.

  • Holy crap take it easy…

    Why in the HELL is everyone so touchy and angry when it comes to gaming!?! You buy what you like, you play what you like, and you enjoy it with your friends and family, period. Who cares about stats and money? Are you the Sony CEO, or MS CEO? Nope, you’re a consumer with a choice, so why show anger at someone else for not being like you and making your same choices?

    When you break all of this shit down it comes to this…you are arguing that you are better than someone else because you think your toy is better. A bunch of effing 8 year olds.

    “Do your research!” “You’re a fucking idiot!” Jesus, its a video game, THAT ALL OF YOU WANT TO PLAY BY THE WAY! Who gives a shit what you play it on. Its preference! I personally like a controller instead of a keyboard…”you can connect a controller to a PC you fucking idiot!” Beat you to the punch didnt I?

    Whatever the reason you like a PC or one system over the other is fine, who cares about everyone else. Wanting other consoles to fail is ridiculous. Ok so you want only one gaming console for the future, only one, no choices whatsoever. That would hurt the industry rather than help it. Without choices there’s no drive for innovation. One company trying to best the other is how us as consumers benefit. But that doesn’t mean you need to call people “flaming cocksucker” for making a choice one way or the other.

    Ok I said my piece.

    Oh wait. Remember the time when like Golden Eye for the N64 was the shit, and it was only on N64 but know one gave a crap because it was just that cool. I dont remember sega kids giving nintendo kids death threats…then again the internet wasnt fully into its “bash other people online” stage quite yet, so who knows.

  • Dan Lever

    What an arrogant prick, definitely going to torrent the game now.

    • zpoccc

      too bad it’s an online only title – no offline play means no piracy, for better or worse…

    • Dan Lever

      I’ll forgive your ignorance, there are always hacked games. I play a few online ones without actually paying for anything (game or online).

  • CorbeauNoir

    Because it’s not like any third parties are planning to release linux-based operating systems specifically intended for PC gaming in the very near future or anything

    Oh, wait.

    • zpoccc

      it’s not like EA said titanfall was going to be exclusive to microsoft platforms for the life of the title or anything.

      oh, wait.

    • CorbeauNoir

      Even better, now I don’t even have spite as a reason to buy this piece of shit.

  • GeddyBro

    What are people missing? Well this PC revenue is alot higher than consoles but thats all PC’s from the lowest of the low to the highest spec-wise.
    PC games have to cater for 100’s of different spec configurations were as a console is 1 spec.
    Then you’ve got the problem of sufficient hardware, most people dont have the money to spend on a PC to play these kind of games optimally.
    Then you’ve got the userbase, STEAM the biggest PC gaming platform just hit 65 million users where as Xbox 360(why did everyone forget its coming to 360?) has a userbase of 80+ million, but even then only a fraction of them will purchase any 1 game.
    Look at CoD, one of the best selling games to date. Black Ops 2 has sold 22 million copies, sounds alot doesn’t it? Wrong. It sold 22 million across 4 platforms with a combined userbase of around 215 million users. Thats roughly 12% not taking into account refunds. People need to stop bitching and just play the game. Anybody who argues over a videogame does in my eyes have the mentality of a child. No wonder the gaming community is seen as a bunch of 10 year olds fighting over a new toy because thats the mentality of 90% of it.

  • Callum Byrne Appleton

    OK so ye Consoles sell a lot more than PCs we know that because it’s a simple weak cheap system however PCs are more expensive and people invest more in my own opinion as an ex console gamer, consoles are easier to use and can have a really great social system but PCs simply win when it comes to performance, I bought an Xbox one even got the day one edition then I sold it because it wasn’t “Next Gen” at all console will die out soon considering the new steam boxes are coming along and if they are more successful we will start to see more in development with Linux games, in my opinion PC gaming is so much better however console have a better social system I still have my 360 ^^ does a better job than the Xbone! PS sorry for any mistakes

  • Please, release a Linux native version of Titanfall.


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