Xbox One’s 8GB RAM Allows “Robust Particle Effects”, Hypervisor Is Awesome – Killer Instinct Dev

Double Helix Games talks about the benefits of developing for the console.

Posted By | On 19th, Aug. 2013 Under News

We recently got a chance to speak to Double Helix Games lead producer Michael Willette and design director David Verfaillie who are working on the upcoming Killer Instinct about the benefit of working on the Xbox One.

The Xbox One has a ton of memory in the form of 8GB DDR3 RAM, so we asked them about how the team benefits from it, to which they replied, “Higher resolution textures, dynamic high quality music, and robust screen/ particle effects are just a few things that we are able to do with all of the glorious memory.”

Last week we had reported the benefits of the Hypervisor in the Xbox One and how no one is actually talking about it. You can read about it over here.

Based on that article, we also asked their take on the memory and CPU cores being reserved for the OS and how the potential of the Hypervisor and game systems would be utilized. “The ability to snap in other videos or content while you play KI is awesome. Imagine waiting in a lobby for your match to start while you read through a gamefaq on some combos you want to practice during the match.”

Killer Instinct will be a reboot and the first game in the series to release in 17 years and will be a launch title for the Xbox One.

Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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  • Manhattan

    Expect Sony nazies to cry and concern about this positive news, but pretending to be “LOL”

    • GWAR

      they’re coming here sooner than later.. trust me! Always a great entertainment to see cheapstation fangirls going ballistic on jealousy 😉

    • Zanten

      I really can never understand the cheapstation jokes, considering the last generation it was Microsoft with the cheaper console. Are you saying that the Xbox 360 sucked compared to the PS3 in the opening years because it cost less?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      (to me) It’s more of a joke that anyone would base a 7 year console life on the basis of paying $100 more upfront. Let alone you ARE GETTING MORE THAN $100 in value. It’s so shortsighted that anyone would factor 20% difference as a make or break difference given the time you’ll own it for.

      Anyone that would foolishly make their decision based on price, they’re probably not very good with money anyhow (most poor people are terrible with money oddly enough).

      However, this is in contrast to the $600 PS3 launch, you weren’t getting anything for that but a blu-ray player which only meant you had to spend more money on discs. That was the opposite end of the spectrum.

      So I get the cheapstation / Sony Pauperstation jokes sort of.

    • isgwaratard

      theres nothing to be jealous about a system that has 50 more horse power gpu (18 c.u’s to 12 c.u’s) and a GB of more ram to work with(for now),and a lot more bandwidth to your main memory(where all the real rendering takes place) and not the bulk of it inside a tiny 32mb space(ps2 capacity) where you cant do much with other than some frame buffer stuff wich only needs so much.. you can add 10 terabytes of bandwidth to the esram,the fact is that its stuck there,and main ram (like mc hammer)cant touch this. ms knows they really F-ED up with the xone,

      The want/desire for it is just not there going by preorder sales and every poll i ever seen so far about the two systems.. ms is doing a 180 every week now it seems to try and be more and more like the mighty ps4… fact is,it will never match the ps4’s gpu. with the extra GB of ram and vast dif in gpu horse power,every multi plat game is gonna run/look/play better much like the 360’s compared to the ps3.. and the ram/gpu power was MUCH closer there than the one/ps4 situation

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Hey look everybody, fanboy non-programmer going on about hardware specs he doesn’t understand. Sweet!

      Here’s all you need to know… Multiplat games, will be exactly the same. End of story. This console generation won’t be won on hardware just like no other has, ever. It will be won on Features and Services.

      MS is in a strong lead on both, but hey, go ahead and rub your GDDR5 all you like, it’s all just letters to you anyhow, might as well apply some belief/religion system to it.

    • TWtheLegend

      What features and services!?!?! Please tell all of us what exactly they have that’s so freaking amazing.

      Btw, I’m PlayStation guy and I know exactly what GDDR5 aka Graphics Double Data Rate, Version 5 does and how it exponentially increases the potential of visual fidelity and performance of a system. Multiplats will not be the same and the only reason people think they will be is due to the eSRAM possibly saving your weaksauce system’s ass. However, if devs don’t take FULL advantage(I mean push that shit to the limit) to make up for the massive lack of bandwidth then your game is going to look like shit compared to the the PS4. END OF STORY.

      P.S: Last gen wasn’t won by services and features otherwise your system would still have the lead in console sold. Last I checked, PS3 had almost a 1 million console sold lead worldwide. That means that despite what idiots like you say, the fact remains that each generation is won by GAMES. PS3 had better and more games than the Xbox had and ever will because Sony>>>>>>Microsoft. Now go cry please..

    • deeboy17

      Two words for you. Tiled resources. One version has it. Direct X 11.2. Exclusive to Windows 8.1. Meaning exclusive to PC and Xbox One. No need for boosted specs when the system will be optimized.

    • TWtheLegend

      Tiled resources? BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
      You think adding detail in the areas that are immediately in front you, while at the same time neglecting the lesser focused textures is an advantage? You must LOVE Rage then, because that’s exactly what that game does. What a terrible prospect; somehow you think that this beats the PS4. LOLOLOLOLOL, Ok bro.

      Btw, whoever the idiot was that agreed with this comment is freaking retarded. Man Xbots so fucking stupid. You guys do realize that this technique has been used for years now. I mean seriously, the entire Unreal Engine uses this and often refers to it as PRT. You people are so damn pathetic. unbelievable.

    • deeboy17

      Yes dumbass. It is an advantage. You must be ignorant.

    • Gavin

      Wait, wait, wait… here we are again with the name calling. So you go off on this dude and tell him about his “weaksauce system” and how the specs of the PS4 are superior. But THEN (in the next paragraph no less!) you are saying that each generation is won by GAMES. So in that case, specs shouldn’t really matter and you should stop talking about GDDR5 memory (cute that you spelled out the acronym, that must make you an expert) and start talking about the launch titles. To show you I am not a fanboy of either console, my unbiased opinion is that Killzone looks like the best launch title.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      “GDDR5 aka Graphics Double Data Rate, Version 5 does and how it exponentially increases the potential of visual fidelity and performance of a system”

      Nope. Fanboy Drivel at it’s finest right there.

    • TWtheLegend

      You can call it fanboy drivel, but any PC gamer will tell that GDDR5 offers a much greater experience than DDR3 or DDR4 which was released earlier this year. Why do you think most beast PC gaming rigs have it along SLI Titans, solid-state drives, exc. It’s significantly better than DDR3, it’s only downside is slightly higher latency.

  • GWAR

    “The HYPERVISOR could theoretically allocate memory from Windows for use in games. This technically means that if the Windows process is suspended and all resources are allocated for games that developers have up to 7.5 GB to use for game development. ”

    EPIC 7.5GB for non-TV related games. Flexibility wins!

    • Mitchell Jenkins

      “Don’t expect it to be that much though. For all intents and purposes, 6 GB sounds much more realistic. But given the fact that one can’t switch or “snap” apps with a title such as Killer Instinct, it stands to reason that developers are indeed currently using the hypervisor in order to grab more resources for games.”

    • GWAR

      X1 MAX 6 – 7.5GB >>> 4.5 – 5.5GB PS4 MAX

      Thanks for the add.

    • Mitchell Jenkins

      There is so much conflicting information that I simply don’t know what to believe. Microsoft clearly said 5GB. Should I believe them… or this. Also, If the game can borrow Ram from the system, what happens if the user want to Snap a add on. Will the Hyper take memory back from the game? That doesn’t seem right.

    • GWAR

      If that matters to you, still 5 – 6GB >>>> 4.5 – 5.5GB

    • Mitchell Jenkins

      Seems like your comparing the Xbox One rumors to PS4 rumors. I think they will wind up being the same. I also predict that both may increase as the firmwares are optimized.

    • GWAR

      4.5 (guaranteed) – 5.5GB (max) is not rumors, it’s been confirmed by PS4 devs & Sony SDK docs…. yet ps fans don’t want to believe it.

    • Mitchell Jenkins

      Oh I see. Actually according to the sources you give 5.5 is guaranteed. 4.5 is free conventional memory. And one 1GB is Flexible Memory…
      “Flexible Memory” is memory managed by the PS4 OS on the game’s behalf, and allows games to use some very nice FreeBSD virtual memory functionality. However this memory is 100 per cent the game’s memory, and is never used by the OS, and as it is the game’s memory it should be easy for every developer to use it.

      So thats 5.5GB dedicated GDDR5 memory. Which is still more that what Microsoft has stated will be available for Xbox one. To be fair it seems like 0.5GB is actually paged memory which is something you see used on PCs. Maybe this virtual memory. I have a sneaking suspicion that Sony will try to optimize their system to push more OS functionality to Virtual Memory to free up more resources for games. I think this tactic may be used with Xbox One as well.

    • isgwaratard

      this turned out to not be true,and was debunked by devs at beyond3d/neogaf and insiders,its 6/2

    • Mitchell Jenkins

      I have done some further research and it looks like you are right. PS4 has 6GB of Ram for games. The problem with the internet is that misleading information can take hold and spreed quickly.

    • B_Boss

      Uh no it hasnt and I’ve read both articles. I guess you haven’t read Provinciano’s take or NeoGaf’s info which seems quite a legit 6gb. Relax ye old fanboy.

      What does it matter anyway? On a technical scale the PS4 is stronger but that doesn’t make it “better”.

    • Truth

      Brian Provinciano is a sour little bitch.

    • B_Boss

      Well nice ad hominem but what about the substance of his claims lol. I don’t care of its Hitler, is what he said accurate or not, etc?

    • TWtheLegend

      This article is almost a month old and has been proven false since the article released. The fact that you’re hanging on to this false article proves that Xbots are desperately searching for any upside to their already failed system. THERE IS NO UPSIDE TO YOUR CONSOLE, DIPSHIT!! Almost everything your console does, the PS4 does better and it’s cheaper on top of that. Just give up already…you lost. Go home.

    • isgwaratard

      6GB for ps4 according to devs at beyond3d and gaf

    • TWtheLegend

      That was a rumor you fucking idiot. It was clearly debunked by Sony. Why you guys are even still clinging to it is beyond me. Weren’t you guys the one’s that said RAM wouldn’t matter in the end? LOL, Xbots so pathetic. ahahahaha

    • isgwaratard

      there’s been a number of devs that have said its 6/2 ram situation for the ps4,6 games/2 o.s

    • TWtheLegend

      You guys are a bunch of idiots, LOLOLOLOL.
      Literally think about it, what does PS4 have that would be taking up 3.5gb of their total RAM. For starters, the PS4 doesn’t run fucking dedicated OS in Windows 8 or an secondary RT OS. Also, our version of hypervisor aka “suspend/resume” doesn’t have dedicated RAM to it either. You guys so pathetic, you don’t even think about the information you reading. You been so busy balling your eyes out, you see one piece of potential good news and hope on it like a dumb slut. Don’t even think about if it’s true or not. So sad…

    • Gavin

      Are you 5 years old or something? Do you even read what you write? You’re calling people names over some consoles that haven’t even been released yet. I don’t really care about all this video game stuff nor do I care who “wins.” I find it really pathetic that you get so up in arms about it and go off on people like that. That’s just so weird. Do you not have friends, social skills or a life in general? Do you just call people names like that because it makes you feel less insecure?

    • TWtheLegend

      Oh so now you don’t care because you have no argument to match mine. Can’t come up with a legitimate rebutal? What happened to 7.5gb>>>>>4.5-5.5gb? All of sudden it’s, “I don’t care about this video game stuff”? Whatever Xbot….

    • Gavin

      What are you talking about? Are you serious? That’s your reply? Let me just stop you right there. I own a PS3. I will probably get a PS4. Why? Because that’s what I’m comfortable with and what I prefer. Having said that, I think there are some cool things about Xbox One. I think Kinect is pretty cool and I think the integration with the cable box is pretty cool too for someone who is interested in that. Not all of us sit around masturbating over RAM and specs. Oh, I also prefer the Xbox controller over the PS controller by a wide margin but it’s not enough to make me jump off the PS ship.

      To call someone names and insult them over a console preference is pretty sad and pathetic. I really think you need to reevaluate yourself and figure out why you think it’s ok to spend time spewing BS at others over something so unimportant. Do you not understand that? I’m guessing your some kid in middle school or high school who thinks he’s awesome. I’m sure you probably don’t have many friends nor social skills. That’s too bad. What you should try to do sooner rather than later is grow up. Focus on your family, your friends and your school work. Gaming is a nice hobby to have but it’s clear you take it way too seriously. This is coming from someone who was as immature as you are at one time.

  • Matt

    Killer Instinct should’ve been a launch title for 360 or at least come out within the first couple years of it’s lifespan… I’m not even remotely interested in the XB1* so this looks to be a knock on our childhood memories of what Rare used to be and M$ is extorting it so they might lure a couple more system sales from people expecting something more than just a Street fighter clone with repeated mechanics from the first KI.

    For everyone else going on about the Ram… It won’t matter. Look at this gen and how much they were able to squeeze out of 512mb. It’s marketing from the console standpoints and it’s really up to the devs to make the most use of it… most 3rd party studio’s won’t even touch more than 50-70% (yes I’m making an educated guess) usage within the first couple of years which I’m pretty sure will translate to unoptimized code filling a majority of that space up.

    *(Just my opinion… I’m a PC guy so I’m not really into the PS4 either but I’m keeping up with what both have to offer)

  • Jeremiah Enrile

    Hahaha what a bunch of foolish Xbots in here 6-7.5DDR RAM > GDDR5 4.5gb RAM. you geniuses do know that is not true? and is debunked by numerous developers? its a rumor by digital foundry which is, not always accurate. nice try guys. But Killer instinct still looks like crap. it should be current gen. Double Helix?? pleasee battleship?? G.I joe?? silent hill homecoming?? Green lantern?? what a great set of games made by them!!

    • XBO FTW!


    • Jeremiah Enrile

      That the best you got? Xboner fag? Xbots really have an I.Q. below 50. can’t even defend their console right. only denials and twists just to make a positive. pathetic. truth really hurts you guys doesn’t it?

    • XBO FTW!

      Know how I know your gay? Cause you like how dick feels in your ass!

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      wanna blowjob?? but it will cost you. $499. take it or leave it.

    • XBO FTW!

      No I”‘m good, I like the way ya moms suck the meat off my cock 😉

    • PABlO

      Totally agree.

      I don’t get that level of disappointment that some people are expressing. The term “Indie” seems to be mistaken as some sort of stigma. An indie game is not to be confused with some little $0.99 game on iOS. Take that Rapture game: how can a commercial game built upon CryEngine 3 be seen as something some guy made in his free time for tablets? The license costs alone put it in another ballpark as far as production value is concerned. I am hyped for many games I saw today, especially Rime and that Rapture game. I’ll get those games, along with the Witness, as soon as they are released.

      Maybe people think that those games don’t justify the new hardware. But I seriously, seriously doubt that none of the games we saw today benefited greatly from the much simpler, less eccentric architecture of the PS4. Seriously, it is not hard, even for an “indie” game without in-your-face graphics, to be heavily impacted by the memory limitations of the PS3. Most important, strong hardware allows small teams to make games without investing valuable time and resources into optimizations. “Optimizing” games is often understood as something positive, but for many games it is just a costly, time-consuming, annoying obstacle that makes the difference between a title being made or not made at all. The next-gen consoles are not only a massive improvement in raw processing power, but in software engineering efficiency.

      The only thing that left me a little disappointed, although only slightly, is that the release is in late November here in Europe; but who cares. My backlog on my PS3 and Vita alone is already to bloated for my gaming time budget.

      And yes, that ignorant director and his/her dumb-as-fuck wide shots made me almost throw something at my screen. 🙂

    • Truth

      You’re one dumb pauper! But that’s the typical PauperStation supporter, oh wait $0n¥ is even dead to many Japanese now too. LOL!

    • TWtheLegend

      What are you talking about dipshit? The PS3 sells like crazy in Japan. What a dumbass..

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      I’ll pick up pauperstation anyday than Ex-bone anyday. Xbots really are pathetic. you do know PS3 is from japan? thats just like saying xbox is dead in the U.S. Hahaha you guys contradict yourselves. the only defence you got is to insult sony fans. but you cannot defend your xbone properly because its the garbage of garbages. goodluck playing expensive weak console for lame ass exclusives. RYSE? sunset overdrive? what are those?? haha

  • XBO FTW!

    XBO FTW!

  • Truth

    Hahaha, look at the $0n¥ PauperStation N4Gtard NeoFAGs trying to downplay it with their PoS4 console coming down the line.
    Just jump off the cliff after $0n¥ pauperlemmings!

    • TWtheLegend


      You xbots so pathetic. Gonna be so funny when your shit system laucnhes and nobody wants to buy it. Oh btw, nice job putting Destiny, Killzone and Battlfield on your website as exclusives. Microsoft is just like their fans: bunch of dumb ass fools. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    God I want to have my Xbox One in my hands already!!

    • TWtheLegend

      Why so you can beat with a sledgehammer and throw it in this trash? Good for you, bro cookie!! 🙂

  • Robj

    Just my 2 cents here

    Firstly I’m an xbox fan boy but ill try be as neutral as I can. Main reason I’m a fanboy is that I really like developing for Microsoft and I’m a fan of kinect and forza etc, but I digress

    Anyway, firstly unless anyone here is a developer working or worked on a AAA game then we can’t really comment on what the RAM can achieve. We’ve already seen with the PS3 that had a RAM limitation of 256mb for CPU and 256mb for GPu that Devs could still release better looking games than on 360. Btw 360 had 512mb ram shared across CPU and GPu which made it more flexible.

    Now regarding memory on both consoles ps4 and xbone. As they mature the Devs with each firmware upgrade will find a way to better optimise the OS and give more ram to developers, probably at launch I’m guessing around the 5gb ram range will be available for developers. We also need to keep in mind that developers are being a little lazy now with memory allocation with trying to rush their game out first on new consoles, Jon Blows game The Witness uses 5gb ram and I think it’s because he has loaded the entire level into memory rather than using a staggering approach where parts of the level are loaded as the player progresses through the stage and parts of the stage that the player has already visited will be deleted from memory once no longer needed. This is how games like GTAV manage to deliver large games with only 512mb ram

    Now to the OS’s, lets face the facts, MS has been making OS’s for decades, however their performance for hypervisors

    • Robj

      Continue comment

      Ms uses its own hyper visor called Hyper-V for virtualisation. It’s decent but not as good as other competitors such as VMware though with each update it progresses. I think in the future the xbone os will free up more ram.
      Now to FreeBSD, who here owns a mac?
      Reason I ask is because macs all run FreeBSD and a graphics UI on top called mountain lion (or whatever previous version, pretty much the NEXt system ui)
      I’ve worked eith FreeBSD and its a good solid OS but I hate it, reason being is that I’ve messed up too much using it, doesn’t mean it’s bad just personally I don’t like it because its hard to master. Regarding the nice FreeBSD virtual memory, it isn’t very nice, anyone who uses a mac will know that macs are memory hogs.

      Finally, while ps4 supports directx 11.1 it is preferring Devs use OpenGL I think in a way to distance themselves from MS directx.
      Yes direct11.2 is exclusive to Xbone and win 8.1 but those exclusive features such as tiled resources are already available with OpenGL
      Again I prefer directx because it is better documented also because the creator of OpenGL John carmack even stated that directx is better right now.
      It doesn’t mean xbone wins it just means for a developer such as myself I’d prefer xbone than ps4. Keep in mind many hardcore Devs hate anything MS

    • Robj


      So to close and the point I’m trying to make

      I can go on for hours but the point I’m making both systems have pros that outweigh the cons. We all need to understand that system specs is not necessary going to kill a competitor console.

      These comments from Devs talking about RAM doesn’t help but all I can recommend is that you all buy the console you prefer and have fun. Stop hating each other and just be happy with what you got

      Now I’ll sit back and wait for some negative remarks to be thrown my way

    • PABlO
    • JumpIf NotZero

      That was a ridiculously lengthy post. To which I agree with MOST.

      The major flaw / exception is you wrote how PS4 supports any version of DirectX, let alone 11.anything. I’m not sure how you don’t know this but I’ll write it in caps so even the most rabbid fanboy here can understand.


      Only MS products support DirectX as it’s just a way to hook hardware directly FROM AN MS KERNEL.

      PS4 will not support any possible version of DirectX. They HAVE to use OpenGL. Xbox One can use DirectX 11.1/11.2/future, as well as OpenGL. The people who are clamoring for TitanFall on PS4, don’t realize it’s a DirectX game for Xbox 360, PC, and X1. It’ll need a lot of work to port over to PS4.

      Such is the way a LOT of games will go for awhile. PC/360/Win8Phone/Xbone all use the same subsystem. PS4 is the odd man out. It makes more financial sense to develop for the one common base. So, the days of shitty PS ports – not over.

    • robj


      I was really convinced that PS3 uses directx 9.0c like the 360 (googling of course).

      Also if the games are developed with a 3rd party engine like Unreal or Unity, when you compile the game it can be compiled to either directx or opengl.
      Which is why you rarely see graphically stunning games when these engines are used

    • JumpIf NotZero

      You MUST MUST MUST have a Microsoft Kernel to use DirectX – Period. There is no DirectX for MAC. No DirectX for Linux. No DirectX for ANY PLAYSTATION EVER.

      It isn’t about using one vs the other. It’s about optimization. Unreal engine will work with either, but when it comes to optimization, one will get priority or happen to work better on your hardware.

      Now, you as a developer… Does it make sense to make a DirectX game that will run on Win8, 360, and X1 which cover your demographic market, or should you support OpenGL to add in PS4. The common answer will likely be, do the DirectX version, and port it over to OpenGL for PS4 either later or quickly at launch.

  • edycheez

    Ps4 uses 4gb for games and ms uses 5 to 7gb for games dam xbox is getting sexyer every mouth .but people will still hate and bring up old shit .there hateing ms ur doing something right.


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