Xbox One’s eSRAM Issue Handled Fairly Easily, SDK Update Allowed For 1080p Resolution: Dev

Rugby Challenge 3 dev talks about eSRAM and other challenges faced in development.

Posted By | On 20th, Apr. 2016 Under News

Rugby Challenge 3

Despite talk of upgraded Xbox One consoles, the console’s eSRAM still remains a point of contention for many developers. It’s becoming a lot more manageable recently as a Wicked Witch Software executive told GamingBolt. We asked the Rugby Challenge 3 developer about eSRAM and the challenges it posed for other studios (with some using it more wisely for texture streaming). Did the development team face any issue with eSRAM when working on the Xbox One?

“Yes, there were challenges on both next generation platforms, preserving the gameplay and increasing the resolution and texture densities. The eSRAM issue was handled fairly easily by the development team as one of the many challenges.”

Is the studio using the latest SDK for more CPU power and does it impact the game’s performance? “We are using a recent SDK that allows us to use the core that was previously dedicated to the Kinect. This has been helpful in getting some better performance for the Xbox One and allowing us to run at 1080p. This is the first installment of RC3 on Xbox One/PS4 and we are confident we can build on this and improve features and performance overtime.”

Rugby Challenge 3 launches this year for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC later this year.

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  • KashIsKlay

    Message to the lazy devs

    • michaelknight31

      Yup they can doit just too lazy most of them

    • Hvd

      make for ps4,port to xb1 and pc its what most of them do.

    • Cynthiajlewis1

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    • stillwaitingforgreatness

      98$ an hour wow. How….

    • OldSocialist

      Probably the best post on this thread.

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    I can create a 100’000×100’000 pixels image on photo shop. Will it look any good?

    Even the ps2 could make 1080p visuals, if devs reduced the texture quality.
    Even the ps3 could do 4k games…if devs reduce the textures, shades, effects,etc, quality.
    If devs wanted, they could create a 8k game, on the ps4. ..again, by reducing the quality on almost everything.

    Can the 32mb of esram suddenly turn into 128mb? No.
    So , what can devs do, to reach the 1080p mark, on the xbox1 ? Exactly… decrease the shaders, textures,effects, antialiasing, etc.

    • Demetrius Radford

      no they couldn’t memory and bandwidth limitations wouldn’t allow them to make an 8k game on ps4

  • Jason Mounce

    More damage control eh. How many indie developers have said the same thing about how easy and how ‘similar’ Xbox One and PS4’s hardware is? There’s a lot of people out there being paid to spout such misinformation. If 1080p wasn’t an issue for Xbox One than am quite sure many of its exclusives would be 1080p INSTEAD OF 900p OR LESS.

    Who’s going to listen to a person who makes RUGBY games as if it’s such a demanding game? Only sheep and children.

    • kee1haul

      Who’s damage controlling now?

    • Jason Mounce

      Microsoft, didn’t I make that clear in my original post? :^)

      Microsoft has had 3-5 indie devs or more specifically, game developers who make games that are extremely simplistic and ‘Not’ graphically-intensive to ‘Remind us’ of how powerful the Xbox One is and how capable it is to achieve 1080p. Facts, however? Confirm the opposite. Games that are released, multiplatforms and exclusives, very much like Quantum Break show us the facts and that is the Xbox One has trouble running games at 1080p without people at Microsoft getting upset that it cannot be compared to the quality PS4 is pushing. The great thing about Facts is they don’t care about your feelings.

      And just incase you fail to understand me again, I myself am not damage-controlling, I’m explaining ‘Recent News’ that most fanboys try to ignore or block out. Gamers and fanboys have short attention spans so, they tend to forget Gaming news that was relevant or had happened a few weeks or months ago, but I remember – and I tend to have to remind everyone the truth, whether they get upset or not.

    • kee1haul

      QB is not 1080p but is easily one of the best looking games out there. Point void. Ditto Ryse. Not worth arguing but, here’s at least one dev who can get that benchmark and says eSRAM wasn’t an issue.

    • Jason Mounce

      My point is void….. because you provided a weak, subjective opinion that you think the game looks good even if the resolution is bad, thus resolution doesn’t matter? All logic and facts become void because you think it looks good? This is not how an argument works, you basically dug yourself a hole by making such an idiotic response. Outside of that—

      Who’s damage controlling now? 😉


      No but seriously, I can tell you’re an idiot, so I’m not going to degrade myself by responding to you anymore. Don’t expect a future response in this topic.

    • kee1haul

      Usually the first person to call someone an idiot on the internet is out of ideas.

    • Quantum Break is just a great experience. I was lucky and a Friend gave me a code and it worked fine on my machine PC. O:-) (but it’s a beast for 2-8GB photoshop files running while I game hahaha >.>)

      I really see the Neo and .5 as Sony and MS picking up the Nintendo Model with Handhelds for their consoles. Luckily Sony said games had to be scalable and I doubt MS won’t do the same. As stated, I wish they would ditch the hdmi input and make the XBO.5 a pure gaming machine and at least upgrade to DDR4 or even GDDR3.

    • kee1haul

      Agree 99%, except I like the HDMI input. Ditch the kinect port more like.

    • I wish they would make a game that uses the hdmi port, such as generate random dungeons, interactions etc by tv the system is receiving.

      Part of me is sad, the Kinect 2 is an amazing device, I think if they just included it for free, took a hit and more developers would have taken advantage of it.

      Part of me just wants sony and ms to join forces (ie ps5 with live or something) and make 1 amazing console.

      But at the moment I hoping for the NX to be amazing.

    • kee1haul

      If NX had all the mulitplats, then I’m sold. I’ll keep my xbox too.

    • textomatic

      Do you play games or resolution? That’s the problem with this gen. Everyone is all hung up on resolution. I would argue that a solid frame rate is more important than resolution. Last gen we were all playing 500p games on our consoles and no one gave a damn. I’ve played Quantum Break, Halo 5, Forza 6, Ryse, Ori, etc. on my X1 and never once did I stop to count pixels.

  • Devon

    Wow, someone got a sports game running at 1080p on the Xbox. Guess that means EVERYTHING will be 1080p on the Xbox going forward…hooray!!

  • Mr Xrat

    lol some rugby game. What a challenge for the Xbone!

  • HisDivineOrder

    This is the kind of ethically-gray article that makes you wonder about the press.

  • The real issue is DDR3 (as system and vram, ie laptop memory) vs GDDR5 (gfx card memory, again used as system and graphics.)

    I would rather them redesign the XBO.5, get rid of some of the “interactive elements” like the HDMI input and upgrade the ram and keep the esram for legacy.

    This isn’t going to help either camp (PS4Neo/XBO.5) out with only extreme techies wanting the higher end machines. The Wii did 480p and outsold the PS3 (720p, relying on tv upscale) and x360 (which did system upscale of 720p to 1080p)

    Especially if the XBO hits 199 and PS4 hits 199/249.

    And dev’s said they had an easy fix for esram a long time ago, ignore it.


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