12 Difficult Ways Gamers Played Their Favourite Games

Because getting your ass handed to you by the same boss fifteen times in a row isn’t challenging enough.

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Though there are many gamers who prefer their games to be breezy enjoyable experiences more than anything else, there are others still who want nothing more than a challenge. So much so, that they go out of their ways to make the games they’re playing much more challenging than they ordinarily are, oftentimes in bizarre and ridiculous fashion. In this feature, we’ll be taking a look at times gamers did just that.


Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

It’s not like Sekiro is a game that is lacking in challenge- not by a long shot. It sparked a debate about how important accessibility is in games when it launched, after all. But there are some people who clearly felt it wasn’t challenging enough (somehow). Take YouTuber Caesium, for instance. They played Sekiro and beat some of the game’s hardest bosses- but they did so using a steering wheel controller. Yes. Sekiro. With a steering wheel.

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