15 Games That Have Jaw Dropping Water Effects

Water, water, everywhere but which looks the best in video games? Let’s take a look.

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Water. It’s one of the most important resources on Earth yet one we often take for granted. Not in video games though! Every time there’s a gorgeous body of water, we can’t help but stop and be amazed. Which games capture the beauty of water, both in calm and violent demeanours? Let’s take a look at 15 games that have haw dropping water effects.

Sea of Thieves

What isn’t to love about the water in Sea of Thieves? It’s meticulously crafted, from the gentle waves rolling against ships in port to their violent crashing during naval battles. How the light behaves with the water plays a large part in how good it looks and Sea of Thieves captures this well, as evidenced by observing any water body at different times of day and in different weather. The fact that water actually plays a part in everything, from diving to naval combat, is also exceptional. Say what you will about Sea of Thieves but it nails the “sea” aspect masterfully.

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