15 Video Game Parts That Were Boring

Good or bad, some parts in these games are just so boring.

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Video games are meant to be fun but fun can be very subjective. What’s fun to you might be dull to someone else, for example. So instead, we decided to look at 15 of the most boring parts in certain games. The game itself as a whole may or may not be excellent but these parts are just kind of dull overall.

All General Objectives – Anthem


Whether you want to rail on BioWare for this disappointing product or pity it for all the development woes, Anthem’s objectives are pretty boring. Everything you do in terms of objectives – standing in circles, gathering and depositing items, etc – is boring. The lack of interesting enemies and variety to encounters also doesn’t help. There could have been some way to spice up the general missions, perhaps with some chases or aerial dogfights but nope.

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