15 Video Games That Got Fixed After Insane Fan Backlash

Despite launching with issues, these games eventually managed to get it together in the end.

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Not every game releases perfect but to say that some games needed more time to get their acts together is an understatement. While other titles would meander and fade away into the night, these games took the feedback (and backlash, let’s be honest) to heart and improved things dramatically. Let’s take a closer look.

No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky Beyond

No Man’s Sky was hyped to the high heavens. No one can deny that. But the launch was missing so much and we’re not talking about the lack of “meeting other people” (which was stated to be very hard, not impossible). The lack of decent closure in the story, repetitive gameplay, no huge space battles – the list goes on. Hello Games went dark for some time, prompting more backlash, but eventually emerged with the Foundation update which brought base-building. This was followed by the Pathfinder update which introduced new vehicles and Survival mode and then Atlas Rises which added significantly more story content. The Next update added four player co-op while Beyond brought support for 32 players on one server. All of these updates were free, redeeming the developer’s reputation somewhat.

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