Anthem Info Blowout: Leveling Up, Critical Story Path, Dedicated Servers, Contracts and More

Some interesting new information about Bioware’s next game has emerged.

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Everyone is buzzing about Bioware’s Anthem, especially after the recent showcase at EA Play 2018. In a new video from IGN, the developer shared more explicit details on certain aspects like leveling, factions, the Critical Story Path and much more.

First, it was noted that there would be other other Exo Suits (aka Javelins) aside from the current four revealed. Though they won’t be discussed now, lead producer Mike Gamble said that they will complement the current group in the best way possible. We already know that players can change Javelins but Pilots themselves can also be leveled up and become better at flying. As for the Javelin, better weapons and gear will be discovered, and can be customized and personalized to suit one’s playstyle.

Concerning the story, there is an aspect of dealing with technology that is beyond the understanding of the Freelancers. The machine showcased in the E3 gameplay trailer is one such example. However, the Shaper artifacts are also a big part of the game. They’re causing the storms and cataclysms along with the nasty creatures that are out to harm players and can reshape the world in “explosive ways”. What they are and how they work will be one part of the game’s mystery as players piece lore together.

The Freelancers are only one faction in Anthem. There’s also the Sentinels (which weren’t discussed in depth); the Scars, who are tied to the Shaper artifacts; and the Dominion, another human faction that is the prime antagonist. They’re looking for the Shaper relics and will stop at nothing to have them. These groups have different interplay, politics and inner workings, and have been described as “different shades of gray” that aren’t purely good or bad.


As for the base, known as Fort Tarsis, this is where players will interact more with the game’s cast. You can form different relationships with different characters and while this won’t be shared with friends, there will be a consistency in choices throughout. The Critical Story Path missions will introduce players to the world and factions. However, there’s also the looming world conflict in the background, something which the endgame (referred to as the “Eldergame”) explores more.

Throughout different activities, players will see different things, which seems to indicate that not all missions will play out in the same fashion. You can embark on expeditions with friends with dedicated servers being confirmed. When events are deployed, this allows different players across different servers to see them at the same time.

Players can also immediately hop into each other’s games with Contracts. These are essentially broadcasts that alert players about free space on one’s party as a mission is ongoing. Other players can then join in and once the mission is complete, they can continue playing together on other missions (think of it as similar to Monster Hunter World’s SOS Flares).

Currently, Bioware is focused on having an “amazing launch”. After that, the job will be making sure the game is serviced for many years. It also confirmed that other teams are working on things, which we can assume is post-launch content. We just don’t know exactly what that could be yet.

Anthem is out on February 22nd for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. What are your thoughts on the game thus far? Let us know in the comments.

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