Anthem Update Buffs Masterwork, Legendary Drop Rates

Grandmaster 2 and 3 difficulties see increased drops, as do “high level enemy types”.

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From its PC early access launch till now, BioWare’s Anthem has been having a rough time. Tensions were further raised when the last major patch “broke” the loot system, ensuring higher drop rates for Masterworks and Legendaries. BioWare “fixed” the issue, leading to a portion of the player base staging a boycott over the game’s flawed loot system and drop rates.

In a recent server-side update however, BioWare has made some changes to the drop rates of Masterwork and Legendary items in Grandmaster 2 and Grandmaster 3 difficulties. These have long been a point of contention for players given the increased health and damage of enemies at these levels. So at the very least, there’s some now some incentive for playing harder content.

Drop rates for Masterworks and Legendaries have been also increased for tougher enemies at all difficulty levels. The enemies in question include the following:

  • Legendary Ancient Ash Titan
  • Elite Ancient Ash Titan
  • Legendary Fury
  • Legendary Ursix
  • Legendary Luminary

When asked if Strongholds would also be affected, BioWare community manager Andrew Johnson said on Reddit, “These changes take effect in all activities (including strongholds) in Grandmaster 2 & 3. They take effect in all difficulties for the noted high level enemy types.” Johnson further noted that exact percentages on increased drop rates weren’t available to share but ensured that, “they are pretty significant, yes. Please play and let us know what you see, but also realize experiences are still going vary person-to-person.”

Anthem will be adding Legendary Missions and Elysian Caches in March, the latter providing cosmetic rewards from Strongholds. April promises to be a lot busier with the Shaper Surge event in Freeplay, a new Stronghold called “The Sunken”, more Legendary Missions, Leaderboards, the Mastery System, and much more. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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