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Everything you need to know about Battlefield 4

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Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 Box Art

Battlefield 4

Publisher:  EA

Developer:  DICE

Platforms:  PS4, PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One

Genre:  First Person Shooter

Release Date:  PC, PS3, Xbox 360 - NA October 29 - 2013 - BRA October 29 - 2013 PHL October 29 2013 - DE October 30 2013 - AU October 31 2013 - NZ November 1 2013 - IND November 1 2013 - UK November 1 2013 - JP November 7 2013 - PlayStation 4 - NA November 15 2013 - EU November 29, 2013 - BRA - November 29, 2013 - Xbox One - November 22, 2013

Battlefield 4 is a first-person shooter video game that was developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts to great acclaim despite being bug ridden at launch. It was improved post launch via patches and DLC packs.

The game received a widespread launch on both a global scale and in regards to platforms, being released on PS4, PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Xbox One. On PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 the North American release date was October 29, 2013, Australian was October 31, 2013, New Zealand was November 1, 2013, UK was November 1, 2013. On Xbox One and PS4 the release dates were World Wide November 22, 2013, North American was November 15, 2013 and European November 29, 2013 respectively.

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Battlefield 4 was rumoured to be in development as early as last year. The game was rumoured to use DICE’s new Frostbite 3 Engine. EA began releasing teasers for the game, each focusing on a different aspect of combat with the tagline “Prepare 4 Battle” with a gameplay reveal set for March 26th 2013 at the Game Developers Conference. DICE subsequently revealed a 17 minute gameplay trailer, showing off the campaign. [reference] In comparison to Battlefield 3, DICE wants to focus on the single-player campaign for Battlefield 4. Thus far, only the single-player aspect of the game has been showcased. In keeping with the series’ tradition however, levels have been designed keeping multiplayer in mind. DICE also confirmed that the demo showcased at GDC 2013 was pre-alpha and that the final game would look even better.


The game reportedly running on an AMD dual-GPU 7790 at a 3K resolution and at 60 frames per second at GDC 2013. In talking about using motion control in Battlefield 4, DICE executive Patrick Bach stated in an interview that, “We are not interested in things that don’t make the game better. There are a lot of gimmicks – people throwing money at us – ‘can you implement support for this quirky control thing’. No, it doesn’t make the game better. We are extremely open to innovation, but if it’s a gimmick, there’s no point unless it adds value to the player. “Touch screens used to be a gimmick, because no-one could get it to work until iPhone came out and used it right. It adds to the experience, and now everyone is doing it. To us it’s the same with motion control and perceptual gaming in general; if it adds, great. If it’s a gimmick, ignore it.” [reference] EA recently opened a new studio, DICE LA, formerly known as Danger Close (developer for the Medal of Honor series). The studio will be working with DICE Sweden on Battlefield 4. [reference] DICE also stated that Battlefield 4 – and other Frostbite 3 Engine games – won’t be coming to the Nintendo Wii U.


Battlefield 4 (2)

Battlefield 4’s story reportedly follows the evacuation of American VIPs from Shanghai and an American force besieged by enemy forces struggle to make their way back home. Russia is also confirmed to be returning as a faction, as could be seen in the 17 minute demo at GDC 2013. Although not confirmed, China too will be a faction and Shanghai will be one of the key settings of the game. The prologue of the game, revealed at GDC 2013, has the player assuming the role of “Recker” of the US Special Forces squad “Tombstone”. The prologue mission has Tombstone squad carrying sensitive information. The general manager of the development team Karl Magnus Troedsson stated in an interview, that the story would be really emotional and while it would sound cliché, it would really hit home about what the team would go through in a more human and dramatic way.


The gameplay in Battlefield 4 has seen a major overhaul with the campaign. The option of giving out commands to instruct friendly AI to lay down covering fire while you flank enemies has been showcased. The commands you give also range to Apache choppers as well for support fire. In addition players will be have the option to be able to seize modern day aerial, land and aquatic vehicles, which will reportedly play a big role in the story.

Battlefield 4 (1)

Battlefield 4 will also implement the use of weather as a symbolic way to reflect some of the dire moments of the game. The locations that are confirmed so far are China and Baku, Azerbaijan which could be seen in the prologue mission. DICE also has plans to make the game more social-oriented and players would be given an option to compare the scores they rack up in the single player campaign, and compare it with other players around the world. The weapons that are so far confirmed for the game include the Serbu Super Shorty, a shotgun based off the Remington 870 Shotgun; the M320 grenade launcher; the M32 MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher); the AEK-971 or Avtomat Experimental Koksharov-971, an assault rifle designed by Sergey I; and the M16 assault rifle. The use of the dual-scope for long-range and mid-range firing was also showcased in the GDC 2013 demo. In the GDC 2013 demo, DICE showcased female soldiers within the campaign.

The developer confirmed that female soldiers will not be playable in Battlefield 4. [reference] Battlefield 4’s multiplayer will have three playable factions: Russia, USA and China. Other details have not been revealed though DICE has confirmed that Commander Mode, which delivers an RTS perspective from which they can issue orders to team-mates (last seen in Battlefield 2142). EA also recently ran a survey for features fans want to see in the multiplayer aspect of the game. Some of the features include a Dino Survival mode, battle packs, mitigating characters, dynamic environments, naval battles and more. As of now, there is no confirmation on whether these features will make it into the multiplayer, though the survey has been confirmed to be official. It has also been revealed that a Battlefield 4 beta might on the way in the future, with the beta’s appearance showing up under DLC for Battlefield 3. [reference]

Limited Edition

Owners of Battlefield 4 Premium will get free access to all Battlefield 4 DLC, which includes the Battlefield 4 Drone Strike expansion. DICE has also announced a PC-exclusive Digital Deluxe Edition through Origin. Pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe Edition will provide bonus in-game items, Drone Strike and beta access, and some details that were seen on a poster included. – Armchair General: Commander Mode. – Battlelog 2.0: DICE’s custom gaming portal, which allows gamers to track every shot, every opponent, every detail of your online Battlefield career. – Go Premium: Exclusive uniforms, weapons, and more along exclusive expansions, starting with Drone Strike. [reference]

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