Code Vein Guide – How To Easily Defeat All Bosses, All Bosses Tips And Tricks

Defeat all the bosses in Bandai Namco's Souls-like with ease.

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Don’t let the pretty visuals of Bandai Namco’s Code Vein fool you – its bosses can easily crush you without remorse. Fortunately, there are a few builds that can help to easily beat them, like one focused on the Zweihander. You’ll find the weapon in the Ruined City Center and even though it doesn’t deal tons of damage, the defense it offers is pretty great.

This is due to the Zweihander Fortification that you’ll receive upon upgrading it. When Fortification hits +10, you can block the strongest hits in the game with ease and without dropping guard. If you’ve got the boss’s attention, then your AI companion can easily annihilate them. In order to get the Zweihander’s Fortification to +10, you’ll need Atlas Chrome from Yakumo, the red-haired companion.

This is done by offering gifts like the Bugarally Doll, Boutique Sake, Aged Brandy, Custom Gun Parts, Blood Bead Candy and Pungent Cheese to Yakumo. Once the Atlas Chrome has been received, give it to Murasame and choose “Transform Weapon” and then “Zweihander Fortification”. The process also costs 10,000 Haze so keep some handy.

But wait, there’s more – get the ability “Foulblood Barrier” from the Atlas Blood Code. This absorbs 50 percent damage from the next attack, thus turning you into a true tank. Take this set-up into New Game Plus for some true devastation.

How to Defeat All Bosses

In case you don’t possess Zweihander Fortification, you’ll need to employ some strategies to defeat them. Check out the video guides below courtesy of Fextralife along with our own tips to defeat each boss without any issues.

Oliver Collins

Oliver is the first boss you’ll face, having become deranged. He’s in the Ruined City Underground in Area D-12. Initially he’ll have wide-sweeping attacks which can be easily dodged and sometimes leap up to slam down with a hammer. After he’s lost some health, he’ll transform into a large monster and have longer combos while dealing even more damage. Keep your distance and keep getting behind to attack his back. He also has an area-wide attack – you’ll know it’s coming by watching the ground or his hand to see if they’re glowing red.

Butterfly of Delirium

Insatiable Despot

Invading Executioner

Argent Wolf Berserker

Queen’s Knight

Successor of the Ribcage

Successor of the Breath

Gilded Hunter

Successor of the Claw

Successor of the Throat

Blade Bearer and Cannoneer

Found in the Town of Sacrifice in the Depths, you can fight the Blade Bearer and Cannoneer upon obtaining all the keys. It’s going to be tough though since both bosses will attack at once.

The Blade Bearer will use attacks like a charged ice spear – wait until the attack is fully charged and dodge. Make sure to dodge either to the left or back when she initiates her combo. After the last attack, it’s your turn to land a few hits. Anytime she places her spear in the ground, ice will erupt from different places – keep moving towards her and attack. Dodge the ice spike wall by dodging forward and keep attacking. Upon losing health, she’ll become more aggressive but her attack patterns are roughly the same.

As for the Cannoneer, he’ll either slam forward or use fire against you. Stay alert when he summons flames at a distance – these will emerge from the ground and you have to dodge them. Keep dodging behind the pillars to avoid his flamethrower. Defeat the Blade Bearer first before taking out the Cannoneer – the fight will become much more manageable.

Juzo Mido

Right after the Blade Bearer and Cannoneer fight, you’ll take on Juzo Mido. He packs quite the wallop so be careful. Along with firing projectiles, he can teleport to you and combo. Wait till he completes a combo after firing his projectiles. Once he leaps back, move towards him and attack.

The second phase sees Juzo summoning black orbs. These will explode upon contact so be careful. Stay away and wait for them to dissipate. Juzo will have more extensive combos this time around as well. Dodge towards his moves and attack after the combo finishes. Soon or later, he should fall.

Queen’s Knight Reborn

Found in the Depths: Zero District and the Provisional Government Outskirts, the Queen’s Knight Reborn is essentially a tougher version of the same knight from earlier. Along with a larger health pool, he also deals more damage. Not much has changed about his attacks, save for his ability to teleport and attack you from behind. At one point, he can also leap back and slash at you. Just don’t chase him when he leaps back. Follow the same strategies as his previous fight and you should be fine.

Attendant of the Relics

This boss is essentially Io, right down to her moves. She has much more health for what it’s worth. Just keep track of her combos and mind her speed. Despite her quickness, she actually has paltry defense – get some heavy hits in and she should go down quickly.

Skull King

Found in the Gaol of the Stagnant Blood, it’s time to finally face Gregorio Silva in his wolf-like form. He has several different attacks, starting with a forward stab and using both weapons to attack at once. He also has a three hit combo that can be blocked or dodged. Dodge to the side of his stab and attack. If he jumps forward, dodge towards him. Look for the swirls of mist – he’ll unleash a red twister that can knock you back.

When he swings both blades at you in a single direction, dodge towards it and then to the sides to avoid the overhead smash. Keep rolling towards him to avoid the sweeping attacks and get damage in.

The Virgin Born

Right after the Skull King is defeated, he’ll transform into the final boss, The Virgin Born. Keep an eye on its claws and roll forward to avoid their swipes. If you see blue lights around, run away to avoid the boss’s energy attack. Get some hits in whenever possible and you’ll soon move to the next phase.

The second phase sees more claw swiping and energy beams fired at you. When the beam starts moving, roll forward as soon as it starts to avoid it. Get its health down enough and The Virgin Born will jump up high and summon several lights. These will rain down on you so make sure you have enough healing items to survive the aftermath. Finish the fight and you’ll have beaten the game.

Check out some of GamingBolt’s other guides for getting the best ending and the best locations for farming Queen Titanium, Queen Tungsten and other materials.

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