Dead Cells – Next Patch Adds Half-Life Outfit, Crowbar

New mobs and affixes also coming in next major patch.

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Dead Cells developers Motion Twin and Evil Empire are some of the many developers affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic but are still putting out updates. The next update is called the 6 Mobs Pack update and will add six new enemies to the game. It’s currently available in the alpha branch on Steam to test out.

However, there’s going to be a small patch that brings some Half-Life themed content to the game. Along with a new outfit for the Beheaded, there’s a new weapon – the Crowbar – and a med pack-themed diet. This is essentially a celebration of the release of Half-Life: Alyx (and, as the developer’s tweet notes, a “shameless attempt to convince Lord Gaben of Valve to send us an Index kit”).

Dead Cells is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. It’s recent paid DLC, The Bad Seed, added two new biomes for players to explore along with new weapons like a giant scythe that takes up two weapon slots. Stay tuned for more details and updates in the coming months and check out the patch notes below.

6 Mobs Pack Update

Important features

New affixes!

We added 11 new affixes on active skills, aimed primarily at growing the pool of affixes available for some items that didn’t have enough. Yes Corrupted Power, I’m looking at you.

8 new normal affixes:

  • Ice, fire, bleed or poison on nearby floors or enemies when the effect of the used active ends
  • A grenade, a volley of arrows, or fire spreads when a deployable trap is destroyed
  • Get all your arrows back when using a skill

3 new starred affixes:

  • Oil and fire spread around when a deployable trap is destroyed
  • Push enemies around you when the effect of the used active ends
  • Extended duration for powers like Wings of the Crow or Smokebomb

6 New Mobs!

Six brand news enemies. 3 are biome specific, 3 are dispatched through various levels at differents Boss Cells. At the time being, and until the live release, we prefer letting you unveil their exact locations and types.

The ‘common’ enemy pool was getting a bit too small considering the addition of new levels, and the BC enemies were always too few and hence too repetitive for our tastes.

2 New items

  • Crowbar (part of the 17.3 ‘Half-Life’ pack patch). Fast brutality weapons that crits after breaking a door or a breakable prop.
  • Portable Door: Allow you to bring a door with you – covering your back while you take care of the mobs in front of you and allowing for an elegant stun effect when you decide to turn around.

Half-life diet: Completing the Freeman’ role play pack with medpacks for a true immersion.

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