Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2019 Guide – How To Upgrade And Masterwork Solstice Armor

Upgrading your Solstice gear can be a real grind. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes

The Solstice of Heroes event is currently on-going in Destiny 2, allowing all players to partake in earning up to three sets of Solstice armor. This armor is essentially an upgraded version of the set provided when the base game starts, except it’s actually useful for end-game purposes.

You’ll need to complete a number of quests for that armor though, especially as it goes from Drained to Renewed, Majestic and finally Masterwork. A few things worth noting: The Solstice armor will have an Armor 2.0 version available when Shadowkeep launches, so it won’t be completely outdated once the expansion drops.

This year’s Solstice works a bit differently from its predecessor. Elemental Orbs will drop based on kills with specific elements. So killing an enemy with Solar kills with new Solar Orbs and so on. Orb collection is an objective for upgrading armor but you also get different buffs when fully (charged). The Arc Elemental Buff provides increased agility and melee damage; the Solar Elemental Buff releases a wave of energy to damage surrounding enemies; and the Void Elemental Buff provides invisibility, Truesight and greater ability regeneration when crouched.

Some armor objectives require playing Gambit but the mode is currently available to all players, even those who don’t own Forsaken. Finally, Bungie is has changed some of the objectives like reducing the number mini-boss kills in the European Aerial Zone to just 50 instead of 100 (with bosses worth five points).

European Aerial Zone

After picking up the Drained Solstice Armor from Eva Levante in the Tower, head to the European Aerial Zone. It’s a timed activity where you must defeat mini-bosses, with the total number of boss kills translating into the number of treasure chests that spawn. You’ll also have a limited time to gather these chests so keep that in mind.

These chests require Solstice Key Fragments to open. They’ll drop from doing any activity so play whatever you like to farm up a bit. Opening Solstice Packages will provide Enhancement Cores, Materials and Legendary Gear.

Solstice Armor

Here are the requirements for upgrading the Drained armor set to Renewed, Majestic and eventually Masterwork. Unlocking all the Majestic sets for each class will provide the EV-37 Voidstreak as a free Sparrow. Note that all objectives must be completed by August 27th which is when the Solstice ends, except Masterworking your armor. That can be done at your own pace.

Titan Solstice Armor

Renewed Armor

  • Equip your favourite Solar subclass and go about collecting Solar Orbs in Strikes. Complete Adventures and also defeat other players in Crucible or Gambit.
  • Use your Void subclass to help generate Void Orbs in Crucible or Gambit and collect them. Now head to Nessus to complete Public Events and open Solstice Packages.
  • Kill enemies with Precision shots. Kill Hive enemies. Run through the European Aerial Zone multiple times.
  • Use any class and collect Elemental Orbs in any activity. You also need to complete Strikes in the playlist along with Crucible or Gambit matches.
  • Kill enemies in the EAZ with an Arc subclass and open chests in the same area. Complete Solstice bounties.

Majestic Armor

  • Finish Heroic Public Events, Daily Challenges and Weekly Challenges. Kill mini-bosses in EAZ.
  • Equip a Void subclass and collect Void orbs during Strikes. Complete bounties and defeat enemies with Solar melee abilities.
  • Collect Elemental Orbs in the EAZ, kill enemies with Solar weapons and complete Patrols on Io.
  • You’ll need a subclass that matches the three elements. Take this into the Strike playlist and kill foes (especially Fallen). Unlock chests in the EAZ.
  • Complete Gambit matches (you aren’t required to win, so don’t worry). Pick up Elemental Orbs with a matching subclass for the three elements. Kill Guardians in either Crucible or Gambit with Arc weapons.

Hunter Solstice Armor

Renewed Armor

  • Finish Strikes in the playlist and open Solstice Packages. Pick up Solar orbs in Gambit.
  • Kill enemies with Precision shots (and make sure they’re primarily Fallen). Run through the EAZ a number of times.
  • Finish Adventures along with Crucible or Gambit matches. Collect Arc orbs in Strikes.
  • On Nessus, complete Public Events. Finish Solstice of Heroes bounties and defeat other players in the Crucible or Gambit.
  • Defeat enemies in the EAZ with a Solar subclass and open chests in the area. Collect Elemental Orbs in any activity.

Majestic Armor

  • Defeat foes with Arc weaponry. Finish up bounties and open chests in the EAZ.
  • Head to the European Dead Zone and complete some Patrol missions. In the European Aerial Zone, collect Elemental Orbs and defeat mini-bosses.
  • Finish Heroic Public Events. During Strikes, collect Arc orbs and kill Cabal enemies with a subclass matching the three elements.
  • Equip a matching elemental subclass and collect Elemental Orbs. Finish Gambit matches and kill enemies with Void grenades.
  • Kill enemies in the Strike playlist with a subclass that matches the elements. Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges. Kill other players in the Crucible or Gambit with Void weapons.

Warlock Solstice Armor

Renewed Armor

  • Kill Cabal enemies and earn Precision kills. Run through the EAZ a number of times.
  • Open Solstice Packages and collect Arc orbs in Crucible or Gambit. Complete Adventures.
  • Head to Nessus and complete Public Events. Complete Solstice bounties and then complete Crucible or Gambit matches.
  • Head to the EAZ with a Void subclass. Defeat enemies and loot chests in the activity. Then go into Strikes and collect Solar orbs.
  • Finish Strikes in the playlist and defeat other Guardians in Crucible or Gambit. Pick up Elemental Orbs from any activity (they can be any element).

Majestic Armor

  • Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges. Finish Gambit matches and defeat enemies with Void weapons.
  • Head to Titan and complete Patrols. Then go into Crucible or Gambit and defeat other Guardians with your Arc Super (must be the final blow). Finally, loot chests in the EAZ.
  • Equip a subclass that matches the three elements and kill Hive enemies. Finish Heroic Public Events and collect Solar orbs in Strikes.
  • With a subclass that matches the elements, kill foes in the Strike playlist. Collect Elemental Orbs and defeat mini-bosses in the EAZ.
  • Collect Elemental Orbs with a subclass that matches the elements and complete bounties. Defeat other Guardians in the Crucible or Gambit with Solar weapons.

Masterwork Armor

For each armor set, there’s a universal set of requirements for Masterworking. Again, note that you don’t need to Masterwork your armor before Solstice of Heroes ends later this month.

  • Take some clan-mates into the Strike playlist and finish some Strikes.
  • Reset your Crucible Valor ranking for the season.
  • Face “Challenging” enemies in the game and defeat them.
  • Head into a Prestige Nightfall and earn 200,000 points or more.
  • When the Dreaming City’s Shattered Throne dungeon is available, head in with just two players (or solo) and complete it.
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