Destiny 2 Update 2.2.0 Now Live, Clan Bounty Changes and Weapon Buffs Revealed

Clan XP returns, while Heavy Machine Guns receive some hefty nerfs.

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Update 2.2.0 is out now for Bungie’s Destiny 2 following the weekly reset. While Season of the Drifter brings new activities like Gambit Prime and The Reckoning to Annual Pass holders, it also offers a bunch of changes to Forsaken owners. For instance, there’s a new landing zone – The Tower Annex – available to all players.

More importantly, daily clan bounties are gone and clan XP can once again be earned. Hawthorne now carries three different kinds of bounties, and new clan perks can be unlocked upon ranking up, like increased public event rewards. Changes have also been made to weapon archetypes like shotguns to make perks like Full Auto less powerful.

Submachine Guns have seen an increase in base damage, which is neat. Heavy Machine Guns have been nerfed quite extensively, with the ammo bonus from the Machine Gun Reserves perk cut in half. Damage against bosses and mini-bosses has also been reduced by 21 percent. Check out some of the changes below, or the full patch notes here.


  • The Tower Annex Landing Zone is now available to all players
  • The Drifter has relocated to the Annex in the Tower


  • Daily clan bounties have been removed
  • Once again, clan XP in Season 6 can be earned simply by completing activities.
  • Clan weekly bounties have been renamed to “Hawthorne’s Bounties” to differentiate them from the raid challenges that are also in Hawthorne’s inventory
  • These Hawthorne Bounties are organized into 3 fixed categories: PvE, PvP, and raid
  • Raid challenge bounties will continue to be available on Hawthorne for the Last Wish and Scourge of the Past raids
  • Some new clan perks have been added for Season 6, and some old clan perks have returned: Level 2 Perk: Increased public event rewards. Level 3 Perk: Completing a weekly Hawthorne bounty awards mod components. Level 4 Perk: Completing a clan vendor challenge awards enhancement cores. Level 5 Perk: Increases the drop rate of Crucible and strike catalysts when playing with clanmates. Level 6 Perk: Unlocks an additional weekly bounty for Hawthorne




  • Full Auto Trigger System rate-of-fire bonus reduced from 100% to 10%
  • Full Auto Trigger System no longer increases Shotgun pellet spread
  • All Shotguns received a damage multiplier in PvE, effectively doubling their damage (with the exception of Legend of Acrius)
  • Reserve ammunition for Shotguns has been reevaluated to compensate for the increased damage
  • Reduced base damage for Shotguns across the board to align with their new rates of fire on a per sub-archetype basis

Shotgun rate-of-fire values have been tuned

  • Aggressive Frame is now 55 RPM, up from 45 RPM
  • Precision Frame is now 65 RPM, up from 55 RPM
  • Lightweight Frame remains 80 RPM (tooltip erroneously stated 90 RPM previously)
  • Rapid-Fire Frame is 140 RPM (including intrinsic full auto), down from 200 RPM (they were previously 100 RPM, but due to the intrinsic full auto, actually had 200 RPM)
  • The Chaperone is now 70 RPM, up from 60 RPM
  • Tractor Cannon is 80 RPM (tooltip erroneously stated 84 RPM previously)
  • Legend of Acrius is now 55 RPM, up from 45 RPM

Submachine Guns

  • Base damage increased slightly
  • Precision damage decreased slightly

Machine Guns

  • Reduced the ammo bonus of Machine Gun Reserves perk by half
  • Damage reduced against boss and miniboss combatants by 21%

Trace Rifles

PvE damage increased by 30%

Grenade Launchers

  • PvE damage increased by 25%
  • Reserve ammo increased on most Grenade Launchers
  • In most cases, Grenade Launchers gained three rounds in reserves, but this amount may vary based on the perks you have (Field Prep, etc.)
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Starting ammo in PvE was reduced, this will be fixed in a future patch
  • Magazine perks and mods no longer affect ammo reserves
  • The Quick Access Sling mod can now be applied to any archetype; this change also allows it to be applied to the Mountaintop
  • NOTE: This change also fixes the Militia’s Birthright being able to slot the Backup Mag mod; this mod did not actually increase the magazine size on this weapon and was not intended to be applied to breech loaded Grenade Launchers

Rocket Launchers

PvE damage increased by 60–65%

Cluster Bomb

  • Damage reduced by 80%
  • This lost damage was moved to the Rocket Launcher’s main projectile

Linear Fusion Rifles

  • PvE damage increased by 10% (does not affect Sleeper Simulant)
  • Reduced aim assist
  • Removed aim assist bonus from Combat Sights scope
  • Fixed an issue where Queenbreaker had double the amount of aim assist

Two-Tailed Fox

PvE damage increased by 26%

One Thousand Voices

PvE damage increased by 25%

Wardcliff Coil

PvE damage increased by 115% against boss combatants and scaling up to 160% against weaker combatants

Black Talon

PvE projectile damage increased by 15%

Sleeper Simulant

Reduced ammo reserves (from max 13 to max 9 without armor perks or Masterwork)

Whisper of the Worm

Reduced ammo reserves (from max 20 to max 9 without armor perks)

Tyranny of Heaven

The Tyranny of Heaven Bow can now drop with randomized perks

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