Dying Light 2 Interview: World Map Size, Multiplayer, Combat And More

Dying Light 2 is looking better than ever.

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Dying Light 2 by Techland is looking to be a game not only bigger in proportion, but also in terms of innovation. From the behind closed doors gameplay demonstration at this year’s E3, we finally had a chance to sit down and see what this first-person parkour game has become. And indeed it has evolved a great amount over the original.

With a more expansive city and story options that can dramatically change the game, Dying Light 2 is starting to look like a game that will be leaps and bounds above the original. We had a chance to sit and talk with Techland Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektała for a few questions we had about the game.

How big is the Dying Light 2 to map size?

It is a city. It will be four times as big as Dying Light 1. So, anything you can expect from a huge city is there [in the game].

What kind of multiplayer will there be?

This year we are focusing on the narrative sandbox. What I can tell you right now is the co-op is back. We believe co-op is deep in the Dying Light DNA. So, you’ll be able to experience all of this in co-op. And the cool part is that each player can create his own version of the city. So if I play my game in my world it will be different than the things I will see when I visit your world.

Dying Light 2

So if you go play in someone else’s world, will you get to keep the items that you collect?

Yes. You will get some benefit out of playing with your friends. Aside from that, you’ll also be able to experience other versions of the story, other directions the narrative can take you.

As we’ve seen in the demo, stamina has a big impact on how far you can go before you run out and fall to your death. How will stamina work in the game?

We had stamina in the first game, but it wasn’t used to that extent. Right now, if you want to just traverse the city you don’t really have to bother with this. Because we understand being able to traverse the city is a staple in Dying Light. But in places like [in the E3 demo], or during chases, the amount of stamina you have will be tested. So you’ll have to use the skills that don’t use that much stamina to avoid making any mistakes, but you’ll also be able to upgrade your stamina as you play the game.

How long will the experience be?

In a game like this it’s almost impossible to tell. I can give you a number but that will be just one of the possible playthroughs. So, you can play this game for, let’s say 15 hours or 50 hours and you will reach the same point. But the road to that point will be different. In Dying Light 2 you will get even more from your investment because of the various versions of this world; because of the various directions the narrative can take; and because the things we have in multiplayer. You’ll get plenty of variety for your 60 bucks.

The demo showed us mostly melee combat scenarios. Is combat solely melee?

It’s melee, but of course you saw archers. You can use bows, cross bows. It’s in the modern dark ages universe. So everything that’s medieval, even though it’s modern by visual materials, you’ll be able to use that stuff.

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