Forza Motorsport Update 2 is Out Now, Adds New Track, Career Events, and More

The update has also added several new reward and spotlight cars, multiplayer and Rivals events, and various bug fixes.

Posted By | On 15th, Nov. 2023

Forza Motorsport (9)

Forza Motorsport received its first update last month shortly after its launch, and as previously confirmed by developer Turn 10 Studios, its second update is now available, which, in addition to addressing several bugs and technical issues in the game, also brings some new content.

For starters, Update 2 adds a new track to the racing sim’s roster in the form of Yas Marina, in addition to new Career Events, multiplayer Events, and Rivals events. Meanwhile, new reward cars, Spotlight cars, and Car Pass cars have also been added. Where bug fixes and technical polish are concerned, the update addresses several PC-specific issues, issues with the Livery Editor, multiplayer, and more. You can check out the full patch notes below.

In our review of Forza Motorsport, we awarded the game a score of 9 out of 10, saying, “Turn 10 Studios’ flagship racing series has never been better. With exceptional gameplay, gorgeous graphics, a compelling Career Mode and a swathe of options, Forza Motorsport is simply incredible.” Read the full review through here.

Forza Motorsport is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.


New Content, Features and Events [All Platforms]

New Track

  • Yas Marina: Full Circuit, North Corkscrew, North Circuit, South Circuit.

New Career Events

  • Prestige Tour (Available from Nov. 16, 2023 – Dec. 28, 2023)
    • British GT Series (Starts Nov. 16)
    • V12 Power Series (Starts Nov. 23)
    • Maximum Velocity Series (Starts Nov. 30)
    • Boutique Builds Series (Starts Dec. 7)
  • Open Class – Italian Manufacturers (Available from Nov. 16, 2023 – Dec. 14, 2023)
    • C Class Series
    • B Class Series
    • A Class Series
    • S Class Series

Reward Cars

  • Prestige Tour: 2011 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
  • Open Class Series: 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB

Spotlight Cars

  • 2013 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S (Nov. 16 – Nov. 22)
  • 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce (Nov. 23– Nov. 29)
  • 2017 Mazda MX-5 Cup (Nov. 23– Nov. 29)
  • 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (Nov. 30 – Dec. 6)
  • 2017 Saleen S7 LM (Dec. 7 – Dec. 13)
  • 2016 Spania GTA Spano (Dec. 7 – Dec. 13)
  • 2020 MG #20 MG6 XPower (Dec. 7 – Dec. 13)
  • 2022 Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 (Dec. 7 – Dec. 13)

Car Pass Cars

  • 1965 Lotus #1 Team Lotus Type 40 (Nov. 16)
  • 2019 McLaren #03 720S GT3 (Nov. 23)
  • 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT3 (Nov. 30)
  • 2019 Peugeot #7 DG Sport Compétition 308 (Dec. 7)

New Multiplayer Events

  • Vintage Le Mans Sportscars (Nov. 16 – Nov. 22)
  • Subaru BRZ Spec Series (Nov. 23– Nov. 29)
  • The Birth of Grand Prix – (Nov. 30 – Dec. 6)
  • Forza P2 Series – (Dec. 7 – Dec. 13)

New Rivals Events

  • Featured Track: Yas Marina – 2020 Koenigsegg Jesko – Yas Marina Full Circuit (Nov. 16 – Dec. 13)
  • VIP: High Velocity – 2019 Hyundai Veloster N Forza Edition – Lime Rock Full Circuit Alt (Nov. 16 – Dec. 13)
  • Spotlight – 2013 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S – Mugello Club Circuit (Nov. 16 – Nov. 22)
  • Spotlight – 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce – Hakone Grand Prix Circuit (Nov. 23– Nov. 29)
  • Spotlight – 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – Yas Marina North Circuit (Nov. 30 – Dec. 6)
  • Spotlight – 2022 Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 – Silverstone International Circuit (Dec. 7 – Dec. 13)

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Stability [All Platforms]

  • Many fixes to improve overall game stability and reduce crashes across all platforms.

Livery Editor [All Platforms]

  • Fixed issue where players can view and unlock tunes and vinyls shared by other players. [1626544]
  • Fixed issue causing black paint shade to show up as grey instead of black. [1604400]
  • Fixed issue where only the inner barrel on factory rims is paintable. [1538143]
  • Fixed issue where livery and tune creators would not be displayed in Private Multiplayer when viewing the vehicle information.
  • Fixed issue where “Likes” would not be counted for shared liveries. [1588482]
  • Various other livery editor issues addressed.


  • Fixed issue requiring shaders to recompile every time Forza Motorsport is started on AMD chipsets. Note: This fix requires the latest AMD drivers to be downloaded for your graphics card. [1607128]
  • Fixed specific game crash that occurs if headphones are plugged into the front panel. [1620048]
  • Fixed an issue on Steam where the player could not exit the Builders Cup Intro Series and return to the main menu without restarting the game. [1608859]
  • Improvements to alleviate track textures disappearing when playing on certain PC hardware configurations. [1615983]
  • Various other PC issues addressed.

Note: We’re investigating an issue where in specific scenarios, players running an AMD GPU might encounter a slight impact to their framerate during gameplay.

Multiplayer [All Platforms]

  • Fixes to matchmaking as a group, party management, and invites and joins across multiplayer.
  • Fixes to ensure custom liveries show up more consistently across multiplayer game modes.
  • Fixes to address cases where Intermission/Launch Countdown would take much longer than expected before the start of multiplayer races.
  • Fixes to automatic wet tire selection when entering an event, and fixes to fuel estimation logic. [1582678]
  • Fixes to title stability when resuming from a suspended state on console. [1500737]
  • Fixed issue in the Featured Multiplayer menu where countdown timer would appear on Series that had not yet started. [1616271]
  • Adjusted event schedule to provide more variation in Event start times.
  • Fixed issue where Race End timer did not appear for players who had already finished the race. [1482776]
  • Fixed exploit where players could load into any Open Class event with a P Class vehicle if they matchmake while in a party. [1608740]
  • Various other multiplayer issues addressed.

Gameplay [All Platforms]

  • Fixed an issue where players could encounter an infinite loading screen when saving a Quick Upgrade in the Builders Cup Career Mode. [1632115]
  • Resolved an exploit related to changing car tune mid-race. [1631855]
  • Fixed issue where the game becomes stuck in the “new content update” loop when entering the main menu. [1635561]
  • Resolved issue where the game would fail to reconnect if connection is lost during the initial races on Maple Valley or Hakone. [1607172]
  • Fixes to Replays in scenarios where Replays do not start playing, the cars do not move, or they float. [1598248]
  • Fixed issue with a forced camera change at the start of a race. [1551469]
  • Fixed a number of Builders Cup exploits allowing high class cars into lower class series and events. [1616897]
  • Fixed issues related to loss of progression or save data.
  • Fixed a number of visual scene transitions
  • Fixed a bug where replaying a series with a high standing didn’t replace the series trophy with the improved trophy. [1597484]
  • Improved balancing and overall impact of slipstream effect between cars in races.
  • Fixed issue where player would not receive credits or Driver XP when using a rental car in a Rivals event. [1634738]
  • Various other gameplay issues addressed.

Cars [All Platforms]

  • Fixed issue with the 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS Sport Roll Cage visual upgrade option, which removes the roof of the car when viewed in first-person. [1608113]
  • Fixed tuning stat comparison indicators within the car upgrades menu. [1555287]
  • Fixed issue where incorrect car thumbnails would be displayed in the My Cars menu after a race. [1607398]
  • Various other car issues addressed.

Accessibility [All Platforms]

  • Fixes applied to numerous scenarios where narrator voiceovers would be missing, incorrect or would stop playing. [1489012]
  • Various other accessibility issues addressed.

Wheels [All Platforms]

  • Fixed issue that prevented the Thrustmaster T248 LED screen from displaying race position information. [1608680]
  • Various other wheel issues addressed.

Other Categories

  • Various other issues across the game have been addressed.

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