Frostpunk Has Sold 1.4 Million Units In A Year

The city building survival simulator has done exceedingly well since launch.

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11 Bit Studios’ city building survival simulator Frostpunk, which launched last year to great reception on PC, has crossed a significant sales milestone. The game has sold 1.4 million copies worldwide in a year, the developer announced on the occasion of its first anniversary since release.

11 Bit Studios also confirmed (via GamesIndustry) that the success of Frostpunk had attracted more eyes to some of their other projects, and across all their games they now have a collective player base of over 4.5 million as a result.

“Thanks to it, we have a huge base of over 4.5 million players,” said publishing director Paweł Feldman. “They bought the game and they almost instantly were willing to try 11 Bit Studios’ next product… Now we can reach them directly with all our new products and it really gave Frostpunk something of a head start. This passionate community is very precious for us.”

Fledman further attributed 11 Bit Studios’ excellent post-launch support for Frostpunk for its continued success, which has seen the developer releasing updates both big and small, as well as paid and free. The likes of the Endless Mode, a Photo Mode, and other significant updates like People and Automatons and the story-scenario expansion The Fall of Winterhome have all brought major new offerings to the title over the past year.

“We aim for a mixed approach to the content we deliver and diversification,” Feldman said. “Free updates don’t have to be insignificant, and that’s why Frostpunk received Endless Mode and story-driven expansions like The Fall of Winterhome.”

“Those are for the people who bought the game already, and we don’t want them to pay for everything,” he continued. “Everyone loves free content and this is how we show our appreciation back to our player base.

“In the meantime, if we have something that truly broadens the experience and we feel its scope justifies the need of paying, we put it on the market as paid DLC. But we definitely don’t want to be the company that will monetize literally everything.”

Frostpunk is currently available on PC. 11 Bit Studios recently confirmed that it would also be releasing for PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

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