Guacamelee! PlayStation 3, Vita Platformer References Nintendo, Microsoft and More

Guacamelee! is the Most Homage Filled Game Yet.

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Bane and Batman

Bane and Batman

You wouldn’t expect an indie platformer like Guacamelee, recently released for the PlayStation Vita and PS3, from a developer like DrinkBox Studios, to have as many Nintendo references as it does. But not just Nintendo – the game actually pays homage to several classic franchises like Grim Fandango, Metroid, Castlevania and much more.
A lot of the references and shout-outs can be seen in hieroglyphics and statues littered throughout the game. You’ll find Simon Belmont whipping a skeleton, the aliens from Space Invaders, Super Meat Boy challenging N+, a brick pattern of Mega Man, “Los Super Hermanos” (we’ll let you guess what that translates to), Viva Pinata, El Linko and much much more.
One thing is for sure – DrinkBox really appreciates all the classics, platforming and otherwise, that came before it.
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