Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Guide – How to Defeat Fatalis

The legendary black dragon poses the toughest threat yet. Here’s how to effectively beat it.

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne - Fatalis

Added in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s fifth and final free title update, Fatalis is the Elder Dragon of your nightmares. A black dragon like Alatreon, Fatalis is capable of dishing out and taking loads of damage. It has multiple phases and thankfully, it’s not too hard to grasp the basics of the fight. First off, make sure that you’re Master Rank 24 and have completed the Alatreon investigation.

The intro mission for Fatalis features the Excitable A-List Hunter providing back-up as you fend off Fatalis. This is your crash course in the different abilities that the dragon wields so tips for the first phase of the actual fight will come in handy. Upon wounding Fatalis enough, you’ll escape from Castle Schrade and have the ability to either SOS or return to the Gathering Hub to group up with other players. Alternatively, you can take the mission on solo though it will be a tough fight.

The first phase of the fight sees Fatalis using all kinds of fire attacks, from fire breath to very accurate fireballs. A good strategy is to equip the Ghillie Mantle and load up some cannons before the fight, then fire off one to deal damage. Hit all five shots and Fatalis should be knocked to the ground. Fight him as per normal, taking care avoid to his flame attacks. Use Dragon Pods to flinch him when necessary. Once the phase is complete, Fatalis will fly into the sky and rain down fire. Take cover behind an iron door to avoid this.

The second phase will unlock the roaming ballista – use this to knock Fatalis out of the sky (though you can also grapple on to its head and stagger it to the ground with the Slinger). Fatalis will utilize a flame attack that sees it standing on its hind legs and raining fire in front of it. Take care because the area affected by the fire will explode so stay back when this move comes out. Keep dealing damage to Fatalis until the phase is complete. It will fly into the sky to unleash a big flaming attack, which you can avoid by taking cover in the castle. Run through the gate, pull the lever to drop it and head out after it’s been melted.

The third phase will be the toughest because of a new spinning fire attack that Fatalis uses, which can deal massive damage. This, in conjunction with its large breath attack, can be annoying to deal with. Fortunately, along with Fatalis’s glowing chest exposed, the Dragonator will also become available. Lure Fatalis close to it and pull the lever for some massive damage. At times, it will fly into the sky and rain down fire like with the previous gate phases. The key to surviving this is to run towards Fatalis and get underneath it.

The fight will continue like this, though Fatalis may become enraged and run rampant. Keep up the damage, avoid its most damaging fire attacks, ensure that you’re using the Clutch Claw and Slinger to ram it into walls and eventually, Fatalis should be defeated. Congratulations! You’ve just bested the toughest hunt in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

For even more tips to dealing with Fatalis, especially in a group, check out Arekkz Gaming’s guide below.

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