NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… Guide – How to Farm Gold and Damascus Steel

Earn money and upgrade the most powerful weapon quick with these tips.

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NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139

When you’re playing NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…, one thing becomes clear very quickly – you’ll need money. Lots of it. While you could do all of the side quests, there are plenty of other ways to farm money. The first is gardening where you plant seeds and grow different kinds of Moonflowers which can be sold for Gold.

Head to the Seafront market to purchase Moonflower seeds. You can obtain red, gold and blue Moonflower seeds but by crossbreeding them (through planting two seed types in alternating patterns in a row), other seeds can be obtained. Combining red and gold Moonflower seeds will net the peach Moonflower seed; gold and blue provide indigo seeds; red and indigo produce pink seeds; and combining peach and pink creates the Lunar Tear seed. Use fertilizers to increase the yield come harvest time.

Here’s how much each Moonflower will sell for when fully grown:

  • Red Moonflower – 600 Gold
  • Gold Moonflower – 600 Gold
  • Blue Moonflower – 600 Gold
  • Peach Moonflower – 1,800 Gold
  • Indigo Moonflower – 1,800 Gold
  • Pink Moonflower – 1,800 Gold
  • Lunar Tear – 5,000 Gold

While you could opt to grow only Lunar Tear Moonflowers, it’s not a bad idea to cultivate lots of peach, indigo and pink Moonflowers as well since they require less seeds overall.

The other solution is to collect various materials from Junk Heap B2 (during the second route). Head to the north part of the area and look for some boxes near the winding passage. Destroy these, collect the materials, leave the area and come back to respawn them. Repeat. You can also slay various robots in the area and sell the materials they drop for Gold.

Here are all the materials, both from boxes and enemies, that can be found in Junk Heap B2 and how much they’ll sell for. Keep in mind that the more valuable materials have lower drop rates:

  • Copper Ore – 240 Gold
  • Clay – 400 Gold
  • Iron Ore – 500 Gold
  • Silver Ore – 750 Gold
  • Gold Ore – 1800 Gold
  • Pyrite – 1500 Gold
  • Amber – 3000 Gold
  • Fluorite – 6000 Gold
  • Broken Arm – 120 Gold
  • Broken Antenna – 150 Gold
  • Dented Metal Board – 150 Gold
  • Stripped Bolt – 180 Gold
  • Severed Cable – 200 Gold
  • Broken Lens – 220 Gold
  • Broken Battery – 350 Gold
  • Mysterious Switch – 380 Gold
  • Broken Motor – 400 Gold
  • Machine Oil – 600 Gold
  • Titanium Alloy – 800 Gold
  • Memory Alloy – 4800 Gold

The final method is to fish. Fishing is good for obtaining weapon upgrade materials (more on that here) but the fish you catch can be sold. Depending on the lures and fishing spots, different kinds of fish can be caught. To quickly farm Gold from fishing, you’ll want to target the Royal Fish in the Eastern Road fishing spot. Head there and use Earthworms as bait. Then sell them off for 4,000 Gold each.

How to Farm Damascus Steel

The Fool’s Lament is the highest attack weapon in the game when fully upgraded, turning pretty much every enemy into a joke. It can be obtained from the World of Recycled Vessel DLC along with the Fool’s Embrace and Fool’s Accord. While you don’t need to fully upgrade it to beat them, trivializing foes with it is fun (and provides progress for the “Forge Master” trophy/achievement). To that end, you’ll need Damascus Steel for fully upgrading it.

Like many other materials, Damascus Steel is a random drop. The best way to farm it is to head to Junk Heap B2 – much like in the above material farming step – and destroy the boxes on the winding path to the north. Destroy the boxes, collect the materials, leave and come back to respawn the boxes. Then continue the process. You’ll need three Damascus Steel to fully upgrade one Fool’s set weapon and given it’s low drop rate, the process could take a while. Prioritize upgrading the Fool’s Lament above all and then return for the others if you’re a completionist.

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