Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire’s New Patch Adds New Challenges, Mega Boss To Be Added Next Month

The new patch brings some challenges to ramp up the difficulty along with various other fixes.

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Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is a game that we loved quite a lot and it’s great to see Obsidian supporting the game with new content even months after release. The developers have now released a new patch for the game, patch 2.0.1, which adds some new challenges to test your party’s skills along with various other fixes. They also revealed that they will be bringing the first Mega Boss, which is an endgame challenge, to the game next month.

The first of the new challenges that have been added with the current update is called Abydon, and if you enable it, it’ll add weapon durability- your weapons and armor will wear down as you use more of them, and they will get damaged and eventually break. The mods can be removed through enchantments, but this challenge will add a level of strategy to consider when equipping armor and weapons in the game.

The other challenge is called Skaen, and when enabled, it increases the effect of fog of war during nighttime or when you’re indoors. It can be offset with the use of torches and lanterns, but don’t expect those to be too effective either. Finally, if you’re itching for some super challenging boss fight, you should watch out for the Mega Boss that will be added next month, which I mentioned above, as this is a boss that is meant to test the skills of a high-level party.

You can read about the rest of the changes in the patch notes below, as provided by Obsidian.

  • Floating text will no longer remain on the screen out of combat.
  • Eder will now properly bark during The Messenger interactions.
  • Scene transitions in the Pyramid of Woedica will no longer be hidden in fog.
  • Retrained party members will no longer gain Knock Down, Constant Recovery, Battle Axe Proficiency, or Mace Proficiency when they should not.
  • Party members will no longer disappear near the portal in Sunken Crown.
  • Party members stay together when using the portal in Sunken Crown when it’s flooded.
  • The autosave feature works as intended after jumping into the pit in the Beast of Winter DLC and allows for progression.

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