RAGE 2 Guide – All Cheat Codes and Wizard Wasteland Locations

Electrocute foes or insta-gib them with some of these cool cheats.

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In a callback to the video gaming days of yore, RAGE 2 features cheat codes. You won’t enter them via random passwords though. Instead, you’ll have to locate Mangoo the Unborn and his Wizard Wasteland store to buy them. After purchasing the cheats, pause the game, head to the Settings menu and scroll down to the Cheats menu. You can enable (and disable) each cheat separately.

Cheat codes only require in-game money and not the “RAGE Points” microtransaction currency. All cheats are available to purchase in-game but pre-ordering the Standard or Deluxe Edition will unlock some of them immediately. Keep in mind that Achievements/Trophies can’t be earned when cheats are active. If you’re just looking to mess around though, these might be up your alley.

Here are all of the cheats that can be purchased:

  • He’s On Fire (Cost: $2,000) – The voice behind NBA Jam’s legendary announcer, Tim Kitzrow, will be on hand to narrate everything you do. If you ever wanted to hear the iconic “He’s on fire!” while igniting some bandit, this should be your go-to cheat.
  • Son of Thor (Cost: $2,000) – Embrace the storm and electrocute enemies who get too close to you.
  • Klegg Support (No cost) – NPC Klegg Clayton will fight with you as an AI companion.
  • Git Gud (Cost: $1,000) – Kill an enemy with a single hit/shot. Applies to all enemies.
  • Red Barrel Rain (Cost $2,000) – A pile of red barrels will be dropped before you. Good for chains of uncontrolled explosions.
  • Super Phoenix (Cost: $1,000) – The Phoenix, your default vehicle, will receive numerous buffs like infinite ammo and boost. It will also take no damage and weapons won’t overheat after prolonged periods of firing.
  • Super Wingstick (Cost: $1,000) – Enables a Wingstick that automatically seeks out and kills enemies without your input.
  • Super Overdrive (Cost: $1,000) – Overdrive has increased power.
  • Progress Booster (Cost $500) – When enabled, all Feltrite collected is doubled. The effect lasts 4 hours.
  • Diamond Geezer (Cost: $2,000) – Danny Dyer, the voice of Kent Paul in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Areas, will comment on your actions.
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat (Cost: TBC) – Instead of launching you, the Phoenix will be launched into the air instead.

Now for the tricky part: The Wizard Wasteland shop is not confined to a single location. Mangoo will appear at various places in the Broken Tract, Sekreto and The Wilds regions. A marker will appear when you’re very close to the shop and it can be identified by the green balloons outside.

Here are the locations in each region where Mangoo can be found:

Broken Tract

  • Situated in the southeast section of Broken Tract. Located Northwest of Eden Space Centre.
  • Close to a bandit camp called The Edge. Located in the southern area of the region.


  • Located north of the Squelch bandit camp within the southeast corner of the swamps
  • Close to the Dweller nest and Canned Heat Ranger echo on the western border of the area
  • On the border of the Broken Tract region, south of the Desert Kindling pit stop
  • In the northwest part of the island, located above the swamp on a hill

The Wilds

  • Head east from Dreadwood (an Authority Sentry will also be close)

For basic tips and tricks to keep in mind while playing RAGE 2, head here. More cheat codes will be added for free in June – check out the complete post-launch content roadmap for other new content that’s coming.

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