RAGE 2’s Progress Boosters and Cheat Codes Won’t Be Sold For Real Money, Bethesda Confirms

Both these things will only be purchasable using in-game money.

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Bethesda recently announced a Deluxe Edition for RAGE 2, and one of the perks that they confirmed purchasers would be receiving were Progress Boosters and in-game cheat codes. Their inclusion in this fashion led some to assume that these were options that would be purchasable in-game through microtransactions for all other players, but the RAGE 2 Twitter account was quick to respond that these were things that you could actually purchase from NPCs within the game itself.

There was, though, still some confusion for many, about whether these purchases could be made using in-game money, or whether these would entail spending real-world money. Bethesda have attempted to clear up this confusion in response to a statement made to Forbes, acknowledging that the wording of the aforementioned tweet wasn’t very clear, and confirming that the option to spend real money to purchase Progress Boosters and cheat codes in the game would not be available, and these would only be purchasable through in-game money itself.

“The Progress Boosters and Cheat Codes will not be available for purchase with real world money,” Bethesda said. “They are obtainable in-game from NPCs using in-game money. You’re right, we didn’t specifically exclude the possibility of also having them available for real world money in that tweet … but no, we’re not doing that. Just play the game – have fun – choose what you want.”

The RAGE 2 Twitter account has also made some more follow-up tweets to give further clarifications. In one tweet, the account clarifies that progression within the game won’t be “nerfed or slowed” to push players into purchasing and using progress boosters or cheats, and that it will only be “an optional bonus”. Meanwhile, both these things, the account confirmed once again, will be purchasable using in-game money in all versions of the title.

RAGE 2 launches on May 14 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC- but it might just end up launching on the Switch as well (eventually). Recently, some new gameplay footage was revealed for the game- make sure to check it out through here.

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