Redfall Guide – All Weapons and Their Locations, And All Customization

What are the best weapons in Redfall and how do you get them? Find out here, along with all the different Stakes you can get.

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Arkane Austin’s Redfall has a pretty sizable number of weapons to obtain, though not all are worth using. Like other looter shooters, there are five rarities – Standard, Improved, Superior, High-End and Unrivaled. Depending on the rarity, they can roll with different perks.

Unrivaled weapons generally have great perks, even if some are just not good as weapons. Sometimes, you’re better off waiting for a good Superior weapon. Nevertheless, if you want an early-game advantage, there is a way to farm Unrivaled weapons.

First, let’s look at all the weapons and which ones are worth using.

All Weapons


A semi-automatic pistol, it has a magazine size of 15. It can’t use Stakes but has a Superior version that deals more damage per shot and can roll with 25 percent bonus damage on headshots and a 10 percent increased reload speed.


A Standard semi-automatic pistol with only ten rounds in a magazine, but which deals a whopping 50 damage per shot. Use this until the Ambition becomes available.


A flare gun, which means it only holds one shot in the chamber. However, it deals incendiary damage, which is very useful against vampires (and humans, though you’re better of sticking to traditional firearms and headshots). The Standard version deals 38 damage. The Improved version deals 363 damage, while the penalty to movement speed is reduced by 50 percent. The Superior version deals 515 damage and can shatter petrified enemies at a 25 percent faster rate.


This revolver can hold six rounds and has a slow rate of fire. It makes up for it by dealing 39 damage per shot. The High-End version is even deadlier, dealing 478 damage per shot while having 50 percent more accuracy and staggering enemies at a 50 percent faster rate.


A double-barreled flare gun, which means twice the incendiary damage. The Standard version only deals 22 damage, but the Superior version provides 355 damage while dealing an additional 10 percent damage. Aiming down sights also has a 50 percent reduced movement speed penalty.


The semi-automatic pistol with an invaluable perk – killing vampires who aren’t petrified. It deals 209 damage per shot, has 14 rounds in the magazine and deals 20 percent extra damage. Disregard all the other handguns when you get this, except for maybe the Clacker or Moray.

Disproportionate Response

An Unrivaled semi-automatic shotgun that looks more like a Striker-12, it can stagger enemies 50 percent faster and hold seven shots. Along with a solid rate of fire, it grants 20 increased damage for eight seconds on killing an enemy.

Death Spiral

An Unrivaled semi-automatic pistol, the Death Spiral can deal 30 percent more damage and rolls with perks like four additional rounds and a 50 percent faster stagger rate on enemies.


A good ol’ fashioned double-barreled sawed-off shotgun, the Badlands holds two shots at a time and can carry stakes. However, it’s only available in Standard and Improved versions, with the latter having a slightly faster reload speed. Not bad early on, but replace it as soon as possible.


This semi-automatic shotgun holds eight rounds and fires nine pellets per shot. It has a Superior version which can roll with perks like increased accuracy by 25 percent while moving and staggering enemies 25 percent faster. Not the worst, but not the best.


An Unrivaled shotgun with five rounds in the magazine and 14 pellets per shot, its biggest advantage is healing you for 15 percent of your max HP after staking a vampire. It provides extra survivability, especially for characters like Remi, who like to get up close and personal.

Grim Tide

Included in the Vampire Hunter Pack or by playing on Game Pass, this collapsible shotgun holds four shots but fires 14 pellets each. It gains 20 increased damage for eight seconds after killing an enemy and is 50 percent quicker at shattering petrified enemies.


A burst-fire assault rifle reminiscent of an M16, the Morrigan holds 30 rounds in its magazine and deals decent damage. It’s available in Superior rarity, which has a 10 percent increased reload speed and 25 percent more accuracy. A workhorse of an assault rifle, even if far better options like Grave Mistake exist.


An automatic assault with 25 rounds in the magazine and average damage, the Firebird can roll as a Standard or Improved rarity. The latter offers a 25 percent increased accuracy. Use it if there’s nothing else, but ditch it when the Morrigan becomes available.


As straightforward as a pump-action shotgun can get, the Arroyo is only available in Standard rarity. It holds five shots, fires 12 pellets per round and has a decent fire rate. Good at the start.


An automatic assault rifle with a 30-round magazine, it goes up to 32 in the Superior version and deals below-average damage. The reduced shot spread is neat, but otherwise, better options exist.


The Maenad is a High-End automatic assault rifle, so it’s one tier below Unrivaled. It has a 15-round magazine and can roll with 50 increased accuracy or 50 percent increased accuracy while moving. It’s pretty underwhelming, but at least you can equip Stakes on it.

Cass Special

The Cass Special is an Unrivaled automatic assault rifle that can equip Stakes. Not only can it roll with perks like holding six additional rounds and staggering enemies 50 percent faster, but headshots can also deal an additional 75 percent damage. It’s not bad for the more marksman-oriented players who don’t want to use sniper rifles.

Grave Mistake

An Unrivaled automatic assault rifle with 12 shots in the magazine, the Grave Mistake seems good. Like the Lockjaw, it heals you for 15 percent of your maximum HP when staking a vampire, and can shatter petrified enemies at a 50 percent faster rate. Throw in increased reload speed and more accuracy while moving, and it seems great. However, it’s also very buggy, sometimes turning semi-auto, and doesn’t do much damage. Skip or sell it.


Your average semi-automatic sniper rifle, when using the Standard version, the Efreet holds five rounds and has a slow rate of fire. Its High-End version is slightly better, with the option to roll two extra rounds and shatter petrified enemies 50 percent faster.


A Superior bolt-action sniper rifle which holds three shots in the magazine. Recommended for those who want to attack from range and deal high damage with each shot (or just Jacob players in general).

Lonely Thing

An Unrivaled semi-automatic sniper rifle holds seven shots, the damage is lower than the Yokai, but the fire rate and reload speed make up for it. You can also reduce the cooldown on Jacob’s Raven by three seconds with every human kill.

Horror Show

Layla’s Unrivaled shotgun will regenerate eight percent of your Ultimate meter on staking vampires. If you lean heavily Jason, it can be good.


The Clacker is a pistol with a 10 percent chance to electrocute enemies on hit. While it won’t work on electric-immune enemies, the Clacker is still a fun tool for some crowd control.


Stake Launchers, as the name implies, launch stakes. They take a while to reload and can only hold three in the magazine, but deals excessive damage to vampires. The Butcherbird is your Standard Stake Launcher and will provide some strong ordinance against vampires.


You’re eventually going to want a better Stake Launcher, though. While the Sawfish has similar stats to the Butcherbird in its Standard version, it has Improved and Superior rarities, the latter rolling with 50 extra accuracy and reducing movement speed penalty by 50 percent when aiming down sights.

Snipe Hunter

An Unrivaled Stake Launcher for Devinder that has the highest damage output, coupled with a faster reload speed than the others. It also regenerates 15 percent of your Ultimate meter. Get it and never let it go.

UV 102B Medusa

Portable UV Beams can petrify vampires, firing a wide beam from the hip and a more concentrated ray that petrifies faster when aiming down sights. The UV 102B Medusa is initially the only Portable UV Beam, holding 30 in the magazine and rolling with an increased rate of fire in its Improved version. It’s essential for any petrification-related tasks in Redfall (especially if you’re not playing as Devinder), so keep it close.


Remi’s Unrivaled UV Beam, aiming down sights causes the beam to become 50 percent stronger.

Pacific Grim

Another Unrivaled collapsible shotgun, this one can only hold four shots and fires 12 pellets per round. It can roll with the perk that heals you for 15 percent of max HP on staking a vampire, 50 percent increased accuracy and shattering petrified enemies 50 percent faster. This is fine, but the Grim Tide is more easily accessible and has a slightly higher number of pellets per shot. It’s still worth using as a backup.


A semi-automatic shotgun that holds six shots, fires ten pellets per round and can be equipped with Stakes. Not the worst, but it only has a Standard version, so you’ll replace it soon enough.

Perfectly Normal

If you were wondering where there’s a FAMAS-style assault rifle, good news – there is. The Perfectly Normal can roll with 30 percent extra damage, 50 percent more headshot damage and shattering petrified enemies 50 percent faster. With the 25-round magazine, it’s one of the better Unrivaled weapons in the game with the right roll.

How to Get All Weapons

You’ll get several weapons as drops or quest rewards while playing the game, like the Badlands as a gift from Eva. However, if you want Unrivaled items to drop on a frequent base (and you’ll want them since they’re the best weapons in the game), there are specific avenues for the same.

First, is killing special vampires to raise your alert status and summon the Rook. It’s easy to kill – just jump on a car and shoot it in the head continuously, or shoot it through a fence, jumping over to the other side when it tries to get around.

The other method is by opening weapon crates in specific locations. First, get some lockpicks. Travel to the Coast Guard Station in Haven’s Lot, Burial Point. You’ll need a lockpick to open the jail. Once done, go down to the basement and use another lockpick to open the weapon crate, which has an Unrivaled weapon. Take only the gun and fast travel to a Safehouse. Quit to the main menu, load back in and repeat the process for another Unrivaled weapon.

Another place to farm Unrivaled weapons is the Pawn Shop just south of the Basswood Safehouse in Redfall Commons. You’ll need a lockpick to open the door and a rewire kit to open the safe at the back. Once again, take only the weapon and quit to the main menu. Load back in and repeat the process.

All Customization Options

Sadly, Redfall doesn’t have a lot of options for customizing your guns. You can attach different Stakes on supporting weapons to slay vampires when they’re weak enough. Here’s how to get them all:

  • The Stake Stake – Your default Stake.
  • Chrome Snake – Drops randomly.
  • Cutlass – Drops randomly.
  • The Pointy End – A random drop.
  • Don’t Cut Yourself – A random drop.
  • Bowie – Drops randomly when slaying enemies.
  • This One’s Gonna Hurt – A random drop from enemies.
  • Death Visits – Slay enemies to have it drop randomly.
  • Iron Arrow – Drops randomly.
  • Macerator – Random drop.
  • Thin Ice – A random drop in the world.
  • Black Glass – Drops randomly.
  • A Spade is a Spade – Random drop.
  • Ante Up – Drops randomly.
  • Bootcamp – Obtained as a random drop.
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once – Obtained as a random drop.
  • World War None – A random drop in the world.
  • Night Striker – Random drop.
  • Trencher – Drops randomly.
  • Blood Ravager – Available as a pre-order bonus.
  • Ahab’s Revenge – Check out the museum in Old Town in Redfall Commons. This Stake is in a glass case on the top floor.
  • Femur Pitch – Go to The Midnight Whale in Chickering, Burial Point, and check the lowest floor. You’ll find a corpse – check its head for this Stake.
  • In Vane – In the Ranger Station in Direcliff, Burial Point, check the nearby tower.
  • Gnome Mercy – Start from the Historical Marker near Addison Estate in Sedgewick, Redfall Commons. Look for a blue shed near the house and go inside to find this Stake.
    Axe Handle – In Dead Catch Records in Basswood, Redfall Commons, look for a dumpster in the northeast corner. Check inside for the Axe Handle.
  • Agnes Blackwood’s Shear – Found in the Blackwood House in Founder’s Knoll, Burial Point. You’ll get it in Agnes’ room, but this requires completing a series of steps for the “Sisterhood” Achievement. Check out our guide for more details on accomplishing this.
    Holy Moly – King’s Square in Howl’s Neck, Burial Point, look for a stall. There will be a glass case with this Stake inside.
  • Miss Whisper’s Tendril – Obtained by defeating Miss Whisper.
  • The Stakes are purely cosmetic and don’t have any gameplay benefits. You can also obtain weapon skins from gameplay, either as random drops or when exploring Vampire Nest. The Polar Vortex is only available in Vampire Hunter Pack while the Laser Beam is exclusive to the Bite Back Edition. These can be equipped on multiple weapons.

Redfall is available for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out our official review here.

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