Starfield Guide – Everything You Need to Know About Crafting

Learn more about the crafting process, the best Skills, how research works, and all the resources necessary to unlock everything to craft.

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Crafting in Starfield is pretty straightforward when you have all the Skills, resources and upgrades. While locating and mining for materials is easy enough, whether scanning for them on planets or using autominers in outposts, you must have a Research Laboratory, research different items across categories and craft the item in the correct workstation.

Here’s a step-by-step process to crafting everything in the game, starting with the necessary skills.

Best Skills for Crafting

There are five Skills associated with crafting – Botany, Spacesuit Design, Weapon Engineering, Outpost Engineering and Zoology, all in the Science tree.

Botany and Zoology allow you to receive more common and uncommon resources from planets and creatures while also letting you produce them in your outposts. Ranking them up allows for rare and Exotic resources – they’ll be necessary when making food and medicine.

Outpost Engineering allows for improved modules for outposts, and by ranking it up, you can research and make Superior and Cutting-Edge modules while cutting down on resource costs.

Spacesuit Design allows crafting Spacesuit, Helmet and Pack mods, with higher Ranks allowing for Superior and Cutting-Edge mods.

Weapon Engineering lets you craft weapon mods, with higher Ranks allowing for Superior, Cutting-Edge and Master mods. Both are necessary for researching additional mods from the Research Laboratory. If you’re going to craft any equipment or weapon mods, you need at least one Skill Point in both of them.

It also helps to have Research Methods, a Novice Skill in the Science tree, which reduces the resources needed to craft items and research projects by 10 percent. At Rank 3, this goes up to 40 percent, and Rank 4 causes sudden developments to become twice as common while reducing resource costs by 60 percent.

Special Projects, a Master Skill in the Science tree, is also necessary for researching experimental projects and crafting rare, Exotic and Unique components.

How to Research Projects

Once you have a Research Laboratory in your ship, open it up to see the five main categories – Pharmacology, Food and Drink, Outpost Development, Equipment and Weaponry – along with the available projects to research. Based on the resources available and your Skills, you can research a project, which can take some time.

After completing one project, another will become available for crafting new items. Let’s look at all the different Research Projects, their corresponding items and what you need to make them. If you’re at The Lodge, Constellation’s base on New Atlantis, they have workstations for every item and space to store it. Ideally, you should have workstations in your ship to craft to on demand.

Weapon Mods

Weapon Mods consist of Barrel Mods, Grip and Stock Mods, Optic and Laser Mods, Internal Mods, Muzzle Mods, Receiver Mods and Magazine and Battery Mods. They require a Weapon Workbench to craft. Depending on the mod, you can adjust a gun’s aim-down-sight speed, accuracy, damage reload speed, the number of bullets in a magazine, recoil, stability and much more.

Here are all the different research projects for weapon mods, how to unlock them and the resources required. Remember that the resources spent on researching and crafting the mods are separate.

To mod a weapon, use the Weapon Workbench and select a weapon. You’ll see each slot that can be modded and the available mods based on the projects researched. Select the mod, and if you have the resources, press Install to craft and install the mod.

ProjectRequired SkillResources
Barrel Mods 1None3 Iron, 3 Nickel, 2 Sealant
Barrel Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 12 Tungsten, 4 Nickel, 2 Lubricant
Grip and Stock Mods 1None3 Aluminum, 3 Nickel, 3 Sealant
Grip and Stock Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 14 Adhesive, 3 Tungsten, 2 Polymer
Grip and Stock Mods 3Weapon Engineering Rank 24 Titanium, 8 Adhesive, 4 Polymer
Optic and Laser Mods 1None3 Aluminum, 2 Chlorosilanes, 3 Sealant
Optic and Laser Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 14 Aluminum, 3 Adhesive, 3 Chlorosilanes, 3 Zero Wire
Optic and Laser Mods 3Weapon Engineering Rank 28 Adhesive, 8 Vanadium, 8 Iridium, 4 Zero Wire
Muzzle Mods 1Weapon Engineering Rank 15 Titanium, 10 Tungsten, 5 Sealant
Muzzle Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 24 Titanium, 4 Tantalum, 4 Polymer, 3 Zero Wire
Muzzle Mods 3Weapon Engineering Rank 38 Titanium, 8 Adhesive, 4 Isotopic Coolant, 4 Polymer, 4 Ytterbium
Magazine and Battery Mods 1Weapon Engineering Rank 25 Titanium, 8 Lead, 5 Adhesive
Magazine and Battery Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 38 Lead, 4 Adhesive, 4 Uranium, 3 Isocentered Magnet, 3 Tau Grade Rheostat
Magazine and Battery Mods 3Weapon Engineering Rank 3, Special Projects Rank 112 Lead, 8 Adhesive, 8 Toxin, 3 Positron Battery, 3 Ytterbium
Internal Mods 1Weapon Engineering Rank 25 Zero Wire, 8 Irioium, 10 Tungsten, 10 Sealant
Internal Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 34 Titanium, 4 Adhesive, 4 Tantalum, 3 Isocentered Magnet, 3 Zero Wire
Internal Mods 3Weapon Engineering Rank 48 Titanium, 8 Europium, 4 Polymer, 1 Power Circuit x1, 4 Ytterbium, 4 Zero Wire
Receiver Mods 1Weapon Engineering Rank 35 Isotopic Coolant, 3 Microsecond Regulator, 10 Ytterbium, 30 Titanium, 10 Lubricant
Receiver Mods 2Weapon Engineering Rank 43 Isotopic Coolant, 8 Lubricant, 2 Microsecond Regulator, 8 Polymer, 8 Ytterbium

Equipment Mods

Equipment mods require a Spacesuit Workbench, and there are three kinds – Helmet Mods, Spacesuit Mods and Pack Mods. Helmet Mods provide resistance to damage and statuses, increase enemy detection range, and reduce detection by foes.

Pack Slot Mods will automatically heal when your HP drops (though it has a short cooldown before working again), restore additional health from items, regenerate health out of combat, increase carrying capacity and O2 capacity and more.

Finally, the Spacesuit Mods increase resistance to different statuses and damage, reduce the O2 consumed when sprinting, reduce enemy detection, increase carrying capacity, and buff melee damage.

As with weapons, whenever you want to mod a piece of equipment, open up the Spacesuit Workbench and click on the item to see the mod slots. Select one to see the available mods and whether the resources are available for crafting. If they are, press Install.

Here are all the research projects, skills required and resources required.

ProjectRequired SkillResources
Helmet Mods 1None3 Tungsten, 2 Cosmetic, 3 Polymer
Helmet Mods 2Spacesuit Design Rank 14 Titanium, 4 Adhesive, 2 Positron Battery, 2 SterileNanotubes, 3 Zero Wire
Helmet Mods 3Spacesuit Design Rank 212 Tungsten, 4 Caelumite, 3 High-Tensile Spidroin, 2 Indicite Wafer, 3 Microsecond Regulator, 4 Polymer
Spacesuit Mods 1Spacesuit Design Rank 18 Polytextile, 5 Copper, 5 Cosmetic
Spacesuit Mods 2Spacesuit Design Rank 24 Titanium, 4 Adhesive, 4 Polytextile, 2 Positron Battery, 2 Semimetal Wafer
Spacesuit Mods 3Spacesuit Design Rank 312 Tungsten, 4 Caelumite, 2 Indicite Wafer, 8 Lubricant, 3 Microsecond Regulator, 3 Positron Battery
Pack Mods 1Spacesuit Design Rank 110 Aluminum, 10 Beryllium, 8 Mag Pressure Tank, 5 Monopropellant
Pack Mods 2Spacesuit Design Rank 24 Sealant, 4 Beryllium, 4 Monopropellant, 3 Polymer, 2 Zero-G Gimbal
Pack Mods 3Spacesuit Design Rank 3, Special Projects Rank 18 Beryllium, 8 Amino Acids, 4 Biosuppressant, 8 Monopropellant, 4 Tau Grade Rheostat, 4 Zero-G Gimbal

Food and Drink

You’ll pick up plenty of food and drink items in the Settled Systems. However, it’s also good to make some (like Boba Alien Tea for increased XP) on demand.

The Cooking Station is used to make meals and drinks, and they have various effects, from restoring health to increasing storage capacity and damage resistance. Here are all the associated research projects and the Skills and resources required.

ProjectRequired SkillResources
Old Earth Cuisine 1None3 Bread, 2 Red Meat, 2 Cheese
Old Earth Cuisine 2Gastronomy Rank 12 Spice, 2 Cheese, 2 Egg, 2 Butter, 2 Poultry
Old Earth Cuisine 3Gastronomy Rank 24 Spice, 8 Nutrient, 4 Beer, 4 Poultry, 4 Dairy, 4 Egg
Old Earth Cuisine 4Gastronomy Rank 38 Spice, 16 Nutrient, 4 Bread, 4 Poultry, 4 Beans, 4 Butter, 4 Noodles
Beverage Development 1None3 Spice, 3 Fiber, 3 Water
Beverage Development 2Gastronomy Rank 12 Aromatic, 2 Benzene, 2 Spice, 4 Metabolic Agent, 2 Tranquilitea Sunray
Beverage Development 3Gastronomy Rank 24 Spice, 4 Nutrient, 4 Dairy, 8 Fiber, 8 Water, 4 Coffee
Beverage Development 4Gastronomy Rank 312 Spice, 4 Tea, 12 Water, 4 Boom Pop! Black Licorice, 4 Boom Pop! Root Beer, 4 Boom Pop! Cola
Mixology 1None2 Aromatic, 2 Alkanes, 3 Spice
Mixology 2Gastronomy Rank 14 Aromatic, 4 Spice, 2 Liquor, 2 Can-uck! Poutine
Mixology 3Gastronomy Rank 28 Aromatic, 4 Dairy, 4 Liquor, 4 Soda
Mixology 4Gastronomy Rank 34 Tomato, 10 Spice, 8 Liquor
Exotic Recipes 1Gastronomy Rank 43 Aromatic, 3 Spice, 4 Fiber, 3 Nutrient, 2 Noodles
Exotic Recipes 2Gastronomy Rank 44 Aromatic, 4 Membrane, 4 Spice, 2 Wine, 3 Egg, 3 Red Meat
Exotic Recipes 3Gastronomy Rank 42 Quark-D. Tissues, 4 Aromatic. 8 Fiber, 4 Wine, 4 Butter
Exotic Recipes 4Gastronomy Rank 44 Quark-D. Tissues, 12 Spice, 16 Nutrient, 8 Egg, 4 Bread, 8 Noodles, 4 Beans


A Pharmaceutical Lab is required for making medicine to restore health and treat conditions like infections, burns, fractured bones, and much more. However, you can also craft enhancers for increased jump height, movement speed, carry capacity, damage resistance, melee damage and O2 capacity.

You can also make essential materials like Dwarf Star Heart, Supermassive Heart and more. Here are all the research projects needed to unlock them all for crafting.

ProjectRequired SkillResources
Performance Enhancement 1None2 Tetrafluorides, 2 Argon, 3 Metabolic Agent
Performance Enhancement 2Chemistry Rank 14 Carboxylic Acids, 2 Membrane, 4 Solvent, 2 Hippolyta, 2 Infantry Alpha
Performance Enhancement 3Chemistry Rank 24 Toxin, 4 Ionic Liquids, 4 Stimulant, 2 Squall, 2 Synapse Alpha
Performance Enhancement 4Chemistry Rank 38 Stimulant, 4 Squall, 4 Aurora, 4 CQB-X, 3 Whiteout
Medical Treatment 1None3 Antimicrobial, 2 Animo Acids, 2 Aluminum
Medical Treatment 2Chemistry Rank 14 Amino Acids, 4 Analgesic, 4 Antimicrobial, 2 Heart+, 2 Battlestim
Medical Treatment 3Chemistry Rank 24 Sealant, 8 Metabolic Agent, 4 Sedative, 4 Antibiotics
Medical Treatment 4Chemistry Rank 38 Membrane, 4 Trauma Pack, 4 Heart+, 2 Immunostimulant
Innovative Synthesis 1Chemistry Rank 3, Special Projects Rank 12 Tetrafluorides, 2 Carboxylic Acids, 2 Solvent, 4 Mercury, 1 Alien Genetic Material
Innovative Synthesis 2Chemistry Rank 3, Special Projects Rank 14 Carboxylic Acids, 2 Solvent, 2 Aurora, 2 Alien Genetic Material, 2 Dwarf Star Heart
Innovative Synthesis 3Chemistry Rank 3, Special Projects Rank 13 Ionic Liquids, 4 Carboxylic Acids, 4 Solvent, 4 Alien Genetic Material, 2 Subgiant Heart, 2 Black Hole Heart

Outpost Development

Outposts mirror the settlement building of titles like Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. An Industrial Workbench is used to craft their components, and they’re used for mining and extracting resources, storing items, cultivating materials from plants and creatures, and much more.

We have a separate guide on how to build an outpost here. Check out all the research projects you must complete to unlock every possible option.

ProjectRequired SkillResources
Resource Extraction 1Outpost Engineering Rank 130 Aluminum, 10 Chlorosilanes, 20 Copper, 10 Adaptive Frame, 5 Drilling Rig, 8 Mag Pressure Tank
Resource Extraction 2Outpost Engineering Rank 216 Aluminum, 8 Chlorosilanes, 8 Caesium, 8 Adaptive Frame, 2 Aldumite Drilling Rig, 3 Microsecond Regulator
Manufacturing 1None3 Sealant, 3 Iron, 3 Adaptive Frame, 2 Zero Wire
Manufacturing 2Outpost Engineering Rank 18 Sealant, 8 Tungsten, 12 Iron, 4 Adaptive Frame, 4 Lubricant, 2 Reactive Gauge, 4 Zero Wire
Manufacturing 3Outpost Engineering Rank 212 Sealant, 12 Tungsten, 16 Iron, 12 Adaptive Frame, 4 Lubricant, 2 Positron Battery, 4 Reactive Gauge, 8 Zero Wire
Horticulture 1Outpost Engineering Rank 1, Botany Rank 1Tungsten x10
Adaptive Frame x10
Mag Pressure Tank x8
Metabolic Agent x10
Nutrient x10
Horticulture 2Outpost Engineering Rank 2, Botany Rank 18 Tungsten, 8 Adaptive Frame, 4 Amino Acids, 4 Mag Pressure Tank, 12 Metabolic Agent, 12 Nutrient
Domestication 1Outpost Engineering Rank 1, Zoology Rank 130 Aluminum, 10 Sealant, 10 Adhesive, 10 Adaptive Frame, 5 Molecular Sieve
Domestication 2Outpost Engineering Rank 1, Zoology Rank 1 16 Aluminum, 12 Sealant, 12 Adhesive, 8 Adaptive Frame, 4 Hypercatalyst, 3 Substrate Molecule Sieve
Power Generation 1Outpost Engineering Rank 120 Copper, 30 Silver, 10 Cobalt, 10 Adaptive Frame, 8 Isocentered Magnet, 10 Zero Wire
Power Generation 2Outpost Engineering Rank 212 Titanium, 12 Beryllium, 8 Caesium, 1 Power Circuit, 1 Supercooled Magnet, 2 Tau Grade Rheostat, 8 Zero Wire
Power Generation 3Outpost Engineering Rank 312 Lead, 12 Tungsten, 4 Isotopic Coolant, 2 Power Circuit, 2 Supercooled Magnet, 4 Tau Grade Rheostat, 4 Paramagnon Conductor, 4 Nuclear Fuel Rod, 3
Control Rod
Power Generation 4Outpost Engineering Rank 1, Special Projects Rank 120 Lead, 16 Tungsten, 8 Isotopic Coolant, 4 Power Circuit, 12 Tau Grade Rheostat, 4 Control Rod, 3 Tasine Superconductor, 2 Rothicite Magnet, 4 Vytinium Fuel Rod
Decoration 1None3 Fiber, 2 Ornamental Material, 3 Structural Material
Decoration 2Outpost Engineering Rank 14 each of Aluminum, Adhesive, Fiber, Pigment and Structural Material
Decoration 3Outpost Engineering Rank 212 each of Aluminum, Adhesive and Structural Material, 8 each of Fiber and Nickel and 2 Luxury Textile
Robots 1Outpost Engineering Rank 13 each of Aluminum and Beryllium, 2 Zero Wire
Robots 2Outpost Engineering Rank 212 each of Titanium, Chlorosilanes, Cobalt, Zero Wire, 3 each of Austenitic Manifold and Positron Battery, 4 Polymer
Outpost Defense 1Outpost Engineering Rank 230 Aluminum, 10 Titanium, 5 each of Fluorine and Copper, 3
Positron Battery and 8 Zero Wire
Outpost Defense 2Outpost Engineering Rank 316 Aluminum, 12 Titanium, 4 each of Neon and Copper, 3 Positron Battery, and 1 each of Power Circuit and Veryl-Treated Manifold x1

Starfield is available for Xbox Series X/S and PC and playable on Game Pass. You can check out our review here for more details. If you’re keen on more than just crafting, read our guide for the best Skills to pick up early. We also have guides on leveling up quickly, farming Credits, where to find the best ships and how to be a space pirate.

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