Starfield Is The ‘Biggest Leap In Gaming Ever’ – Rumour

Massive, massive claim from an unnamed Bethesda employee.

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We’re all excited about Starfield. Incredibly, ridiculously excited. The concept of an epic open world (open universe?) sci-fi RPG made in the iconic Bethesda style is a salivating one, so of course, we’d all been hyped for the game even years before it was officially confirmed.

That said, we’re now hearing some pretty over-the-top statements about what the game may end up accomplishing. YouTube channel Camelworks uploaded a video on Starfield some time back, in which the game was discussed quite a bit. Interestingly, they also claimed in their video that a Bethesda employee told them that the game is going to be “the biggest leap in gaming ever.”

Here are the employee’s words, as per the video: “Oh man, I wish I could tell you more. But… Starfield is the biggest leap in gaming ever.” Now that’s a bold claim- to say the very least. To be the biggest leap in gaming ever, it would literally have to change the very fabric of this particular style of games. Is it possible? Why yes, it is possible, but in today’s day and age, where the industry is basically built upon improvements and iterations, it is also very, very improbable. It’s also worth noting that the Bethesda employee who said this wasn’t named in the video.

We should, of course, be careful about not overhyping a game, any game, way too much. You need not look much farther than something like No Man’s Sky to see what kind of an impact something like that can have even on a good game. But who knows, maybe Bethesda actually have something truly revelatory planned for the game. Perhaps that’s why they’re planning on making Starfield a next-gen game? But if it does end up launching on current-gen systems as well, which is something they haven’t ruled out yet, that would present some complications.

Either way, we probably won’t be learning much about it anytime soon. Even though the game’s been in development for some time now, we’re going to have to be patient about getting any concrete info on it.

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