The Last of Us Part 2 Guide – How to Cheat With Accessibility Options

Here’s how to avoid puzzles entirely, reduce weapon sway and much more.

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Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 sports a number of different ways to customize the difficulty. The Accessibility menu options help in this respect and can be used to tone down enemy difficulty or skip puzzles entirely. These aren’t cheats in the traditional sense but they can make life a lot easier (especially if you just want to explore the world and pick up any collectibles).

The Accessibility options that can be modified under “Navigation and Traversal” are as follows:

  • Enhanced Listen Mode – Strengthens Listen Mode, allowing you to find items and collectibles along with detecting foes.
  • Navigation Assistance – Press L3 to be directed to the objective
  • Ledge Guard – Enable this to stop falling off ledges.
  • Infinite Breath – Unlimited oxygen when underwater, thus letting you stay underwater indefinitely.
  • Skip Puzzles – Allows for skipping all of the puzzles.

If you navigate to “Combat Accessibility”, then you’ll find a number of ways to make combat less brutal. Here the most noteworthy options:

  • Hostages Don’t Escape – Prevents hostages from breaking free.
  • Reduced Enemy Perception – Enemies have a tougher time detecting you.
  • Invisible While Prone – Going prone completely prevents enemies from detecting you.
  • Reduced Weapon Sway – Weapon sway is reduced across the board.
  • Slow Motion Time – When aiming your weapon, time will slow down, making it much easier to line up shots.

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