10 Open World Games To Look Forward To On The PS4, PC And Xbox One

There were a lot of great games at E3 this year, and with a bunch of new titles being announced for the next gen hardware that’s being released in November we’ve got plenty of great games that a had big open worlds to check out. Some are brand new ideas, while others are simply improvements on mechanics, the scope of the game and general advancements that come with some wonderfully new and thrilling technical choices.

There are plenty of great games on there way already and we can’t even get our hands on the new consoles yet. I for one have been chomping at the bit just waiting for my PS4 to show up so I can play some of these titles that have not failed in getting noticed by the public. With this leap in hardware it looks like we’re going to be seeing as a lot more cross-platform titles too. So no matter what you choose, there is going to be some great new worlds to explore come November. Even if open worlds aren’t your thing E3 had so many titles to offer this year there was a bit of something for everyone.

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  • Axe99

    Not sure DayZ has been confirmed for next-gen yet, only thing I’ve heard so far is that Hall’s interested in putting it on there at some stage, if it was straightforward enough.

  • Nathan

    Mirror’s Edge has indeed been long awaited. I hope that the company truly does the franchise justice this time around.

  • ee

    where the hell is GTA V

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