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DARK  is a stealth action game with RPG elements that lets you slip into the role of the ultimate killer… a vampire. Stalk you enemies from the shadows then use powerful vampire abilities to attack and silently dispatch them! The exciting story of DARK immerses you in a world full of blood and darkness in which the hunter can become the hunted at any time.


As you unravel the mystery behind the global conglomerate that seems omnipresent and all-powerful, continually improve your character by developing powerful skills to aid you in remaining unobserved, or make quick process of those unfortunate to take too keen an interest in you.

Source: Press Release.

Publisher: Kalypso Media
Developer: Realmforge Studios
Platforms: PS3, PC, Xbox 360
Release Date: Xbox 360: NA: July 9th, 2013, EU: June 5th, 2013, PC: June 28th, 2013
Genre: Role Playing
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