HB Studios Has Not Faced Any Issues Due To Xbox One’s eSRAM Yet

Peter Garcin talks about the Xbox One’s architecture not drastically affecting development at this time.

Posted By | On 26th, Feb. 2014 Under News

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While there have been severe criticisms facing the Xbox One, especially with regards to the eSRAM within the system, there have also been developers who report no problems with the same. HB Studios executive producer Peter Garcin is one such developer. HB Studios is developing The Golf Club for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and is perhaps most well known for its work on EA Sports’ Madden NFL series.

When asked about how the team was handling the Xbox One’s eSRAM, especially with all the conflicting reports out there, Garcin simply stated that, “We use Unity so a lot of that stuff is hidden away from us. Some of the differences might rear their head when it comes time for final optimization – but up to this point – no problems on any of the platforms.”

For those unaware, the limited resolution of several Xbox One titles – especially compared to the PS4 – has been a subject of constant discussion and some developers blamed the former’s eSRAM. Other developers like Capybara Games deny that the eSRAM has bottlenecked the system and there is a belief that it will become a benefit for texture streaming once it’s properly utilized. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Mikeherp Derp

    Indie/Unity game that doesn’t push the hardware, nothing to see here.

    • Steph

      Lol Derp the couch developer and ps4 troll is here, once again acting as if he has any knowledge whatsoever because he reads web articles on N4G, haha nothing to see here

    • Mikeherp Derp

      LOL calling people trolls when your posts are regularly being deleted from dualshockers. Did you get banned from there? You deserve it for being so consistently stupid, wrong, and delusional.

      “I hate facts! waaaah!” So sorry, just let all the tears out. I know it hurts you that a weaker, more expensive piece of plastic is being outsold 2.6:1.

    • Corellianrogue

      The Golf Club is a golf simulation with great graphics, not a 2D side scroller.


    This would be the first company to have anything good to say about it, but in time all will tell the truth. I just don’t understand how so many other devs are having issues and or not liking the ESRAM all together.

    I understand that it is different to program for, but it is a fact that it is and does hinder the resolution you are capable of displaying depending on how you use the embedded ESRAM. Either way both systems are going to better optimized in the future and if things are able to get better then I say bring it on….

    • Steph

      Wow an actual intelligent comment from u for once, color me impressed and I agree with u, very well said.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      ESRAM size/width and ROPs will be a bottleneck for the life of the console. Devs can’t do the impossible with it.

  • DON M.

    Apparently, only the cavemen developers are having issues with ESRAM

    • Mikeherp Derp

      That’s pretty insulting to developers trying to push the hardware.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      especially since he doesn’t know what those devs what to go through to get the game running at all or even have dev kits in the first place.

    • Guest

      I just wish we’d hear some more talk about this new optimized SDK that does all the “hard” esram work for the developer to make their lives easy. So far its been one report from Rebellion and then dead silence

    • You are flat out wrong

      You mean the Xbone’s crappy, gimped hardware?

  • Steph

    Lol at this article, it’s just made to grab people’s attention,and start flame wars to get hits to the site.

    • Guest

      Yooh iz teh wize…

  • You are flat out wrong

    Oh, Unity? So it’ll be a smaller, indie game? Yeah, I can see The Golf Club being a really challenging game to put on the Xbone. LMAO.

  • Winston

    why dont developers just have a team dedicated to learning esram and programming games to use esram to its full potential

  • consolehero

    All this esram and resolution Bs is just that bs, Wolfenstein the New Order will run at 1089p@ 60fps on Xbox and Ps4 already announced its up to talented developers to optimize the games for each console and middle wear like unity and unreal engine does all this and more


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