Naughty Dog & Bioware Devs React to Crackdown 3, Destruction Outpaces What Giant Dev PCs Can Compute

Senior producer John Noonan also says specifics for modes and player counts are yet to be revealed.

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Reagent’s Crackdown 3 has been making waves with Microsoft hyping up the potential of destruction in-game (with the highest amount achievable only in multiplayer) using the power of cloud computing. Naturally this has sparked interest from various developers. Bioware level/tech designer Jos Hendriks stated on Twitter that, “Seeing Crackdown 3’s destruction makes me excited to see that game, but one question came to mind immediately surrounding that narrative.”

He further followed it up by asking, “What happens to games making use of any kind of cloud computing when that stuff goes offline, either temporary, or end of service?” This was answered by 343 Industries multiplayer designer Patrick Wren who basically said that it would be the same as any multiplayer game where the session would end and you’re taken offline. Hendriks further asked, “Is it, though? I somehow got the impression that the destructible city bit stood apart from multiplayer.”

When it was somewhat clarified that this destructibility was limited to multiplayer (with the single-player having significantly scaled down amounts), Hendriks said, “I hope you are wrong in this case, because I’d love to see that destructibility in SP.”

It’s interesting to see that some developers are speculative about the potential of cloud gaming even after Microsoft showcased a trailer which displayed the so called power of the cloud. But the most interesting bit of reaction comes from Naughty Dog’s Jonathan Cooper, an animator for the upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. He stated that, “Crackdown 3 spectacularly showing how Microsoft should have pitched the ‘always on’ functionality so people could see the benefits.” Now that you think about Microsoft should showcased such a demo when they revealed the Xbox One back in 2013. Unfortunately, it’s little too late for that.

Crackdown 3 senior producer John Noonan talked further about the game’s tech on Twitter stating that the destruction is completely based on compute and does not require any sort of rendering. Interestingly, when asked if Azure would be necessary for the Windows 10 version, Noonan said, “I don’t think we’ve said anything about Windows, but the destruction massively outpaces what our giant dev PCs can compute.”

Fans have also been wondering how much destruction would be present in the single-player campaign along with whether multiplayer can be played alone. The response? “Specifics about modes & player counts aren’t ready, but Crackdown has always celebrated the sandbox.”

We’ll have to wait to find out more obviously. At this point, Crackdown 3’s multiplayer is set to release on Xbox One in Summer 2016.

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  • Crapgamer

    Microsoft and Xbox have always pushed the industry. First with Ethernet only, first with HDD, first with Achievements, first with Party Chat. Too bad social media killed what could have been a brilliant push for true next generation gaming. Don’t get me wrong, 24 hour check in was bogus, but there were other ways to go about it.
    Can’t wait for Crackdown.

    • DarthDiggler


      Original Xbox was released in November 2001. Sony had released the HDD / Ethernet adapter in Japan in July 2001. Achievements as a concept was conceived as early as 1982.

      I get it that people have preferred platforms, but check you facts. Wikipedia is only a click away no excuse not to fact check yourself.

      Social Media didn’t kill the always on Xbox One, people did. When the always online feature leaked MS had PLENTY of opportunity to fix the problem before they announced. They chose not to in a demonstration of hubris.

    • Eagles83

      Unless I’m remembering this incorrectly wasn’t the HDD adapter for PS2 used for only one game? The HDD of the xbox was an integral feature which allowed for more than game saves. It allowed you to upload and use your music while playing games, etc. Besides Nintendo was the first to use a HDD in a console that was also only released in Japan. I’m not sure what you are referring to with achievements going back to 1982. Maybe that was a game specific thing but the changes that Crapgamer was referring to are system wide things that Microsoft has introduced.

      Microsoft did a terrible job of communicating their vision when the Xbox One was announced. I think they had a lot of good ideas in that vision with a few things that needed to be addressed like the 24 hour check in. There wasn’t anything truly evil about what they were trying to do but people were irrationally afraid of it and their paranoia killed it.

      While you are correct that there isn’t anything proprietary about the cloud tech, it costs a great deal of money to set it up. Microsoft has very deep pockets and can afford to offer this service. Sony hasn’t been doing well financially over the past few years and would be unable to offer such a service in the near future. Hopefully one day they can because it would be a win for all of us but I don’t see it as being very likely.

    • Orion Wolf

      As you said the tech might not be proprietary, but there are projects like Outatime (formerly known as project delorean) that might be used (and whatever else is MS working on) in cloud based games, but in the end it’s all about the money.

    • Stickz

      Social media didn’t kill it. They did that themselves. There was no reason for online only since internet isn’t available/stable enough everywhere to justify that. There was no reason for xb1 only being available WITH kinect. Now they got Phil they just seem to be way more focussed. He should have been in that position years ago and I think the market share would be more even (if not in favor of MS).

      Console wise I don’t think they pushed it that much. They just had the advantage of releasing last while technology was rapidly advancing.

      Crackdown looks pretty cool though, MS keeps giving me more reasons to pick up an XB1 eventually 🙂

    • Eagles83

      The internet is stable and good enough to support an online only console. Sure it wouldn’t work for everyone (where my parents live is such a place), but it would work for enough people to be able to make a business out of it. Besides it isn’t like people living in those places wouldn’t have had another option. They could have bought a PS4 instead.

      I was originally behind their original vision and I still would support parts of it. While I find the voice commands with kinect handy while activating netflix while cooking, it isn’t a feature worth $150 and they have done nothing to provide a reason for having it.

      Phil should have been in charge from the beginning like you said but I would rather have had the console be always online to allow for different experiences than my PS4 could offer. By changing their tactics they have limited the system for what it could have been.

    • Stickz

      Well obviously enough people didn’t like the always online/always kinect thing, thats why they are in this position in the first place.

      As such a big brand you want to be able to reach the biggest audience possible, which just isn’t the case if you want to be always online. Steam is something different, not comparable to xbox, and it has an offline mode. It works for them because they don’t got a (mandatory) piece of hardware to sell. Personally my internet is good enough to be able to always stay online, but a lot of countries don’t have that privelege.Business wise it is just not smart either.

      They could have forseen that forcing kinect was a bad move. Nothing radically changed about it and it wasn’t so hot on x360 either. Gamers were demanding less kinect/move like games as well.

    • 0 to 100

      netlfix is an online only service, and so is cod multiplayer.. are you saying everyones internet is not stable enough that we should not have an online only service?

    • Orion Wolf

      Not to forget all the MMOs out there … I find the whole “we don’t want an online console” funny considering the absurd amount of console patches, fixes, new features, game updates etc. that were released in the last 2 years.

    • AllSeeingEye

      You mean something like this?

    • Orion Wolf

      LMAO!!! You win mate.

    • Mark
    • Orion Wolf

      Fantastic, thanks mate.

      So much about the whole “no online” when most of the jokers complaining about it were doing it on – bloody – line.

    • Mark


    • Orion Wolf

      So much for that DRM outcry when all of the jokers complaining about that went and bought Destiny, LMAO.

      “We’re treating it, for all intents and purposes internally, as if it’s a first-party release,” – Sony UK Boss Fergal Gara

    • CJ

      This comment sums it up perfectly.

    • Stickz

      Netflix is something different than xbox. Most of their content can also be gained through other means. If the xbox is locked to only online you can basically not play if you have an unstable connection. You can howerver fully download movies through other services than netflix and download them and watch them after (dling will take a bit longer cause of the inet) but you are able to experience it.

    • CJ

      I believe this is a misunderstanding of what “always online” was. It only required a check in every 24 hours. This would have only taken about 5 seconds with the crappiest cellular internet.
      So going with your example of being able to download a movie to watch offline later speaks to how feasible “always online” really was.

    • 0 to 100

      ok so thats like saying we shouldn’t have any online multiplayer games because not everyones internet is not stable enough. Please be logical at least, cloud gaming has a lot of potential and most peoples internet is fine for it.

      You’re right, like cloud gaming, kinect should have been a choice. In the end people just care about the price tag, at launch if x1 was cheaper then it would sell way faster than ps4, like the 360 did last gen. It’s a little too late now as social media have downplayed it too much & everyones friends of friends have a ps4 so they will get that.

    • Kreten

      Ohh and the consoles shouldn’t use power because it’s not available everywhere on earth and in other places not so stable like try gaming in Syria damn outages lol.

    • yardie

      And the rest of the world should suffer because of crappy war torn country?

    • DLConspiracy//

      The discs is where it all went bad. If you play on disc. You have to insert it to play. Period. Had they done it that way. We wouldn’t have had 24 hour check ins to worry about.

    • Guest

      Oh shut up with that bullsh’t, they’ve all innovated and have pushed new tech not just MS. As a matter of fact Sony is already doing this in Everquest Next. So know your facts before you spew infactual nonsense.

    • Guest

      Am I the only one who thinks Crackdowns destruction looks way over done? Looks fake and synthetic. They need to tone it down some to make it look more realistic. Right now as it stands, it just looks cartoonish.

    • Ben

      Oh the bias piece of… we know as crapgamer. Yeah, DRM IS NEXT GEN!! DRM!! DRM!!! DRM!!! Screw off! The way everything was going, xbox deserved what it got. I am an xbox fanboy saying this, but I’m not a total fool like you crapgamer. Sigh*.

    • OC Guy

      Hold on… There would have certainly been some benefits of DRM. Fact is most gamers and consumers are not ready for that leap yet… It is coming though. No getting around that. Will it be next gen or the one after that is the question.

    • Christopher Jack Martin

      No, Microsoft took the right direction after the complaints. There was no conceivable reason for online only. This would have NEVER been achievable in SP, the required power would increase exponentially from a few hundred multiplayer sessions, to thousands of single player sessions ON TOP of those multiplayer sessions. If they can only justify it for MP purposes, then what’s the benefit to blocking out SP only players?

    • Failz

      24 hour check was so then we can completely install the games off the discs like we do already on PC without using Codes and no longer needing the discs to access our games. Sounds harsh for a check however the benefit outweighed it.

  • Hvd

    the power of the cloud that the ps4 cant touch.

    • extermin8or2

      ummm unless they just get some servers for it… sony already have server farrms for ps now- it’s essentially the same thing just different software… so if they can build that service they could build something like crackdown- sony had cloud features in the original demons souls recording world tendency’s and overall character tendencies so it’s not like theyve never used servers for their games…

    • Hvd

      sony is way behind the cloud and microsoft has tons of some googling and look for your self.

    • extermin8or2

      yeah and they rent them out as do google, amazon and other companies with massive server farms any game dev could hire them, any publisher Sony included…

    • Doll8313

      What Sony have and what Azure can do are not really comparable. Azure dwarfs anything that Sony has.

    • extermin8or2

      azure is not just for gaming most of it is for one drive and windows related stuff or rented out to other businesses…

    • OC Guy

      Yeah, Sony has quite a bit of catching up to do.

    • spideynut71

      Boy is that ever an understatement. Azure competes with juggernauts like Google and Amazon….Gaykai is basically Sony’s private movie/game download/streaming server, and has nothing to do with MP gaming.

    • 0 to 100

      sony & cloud gaming? how much downtime are you hoping for?

    • extermin8or2

      well seeing as this past year xbox live and sony have had fairly comparitve levels of downtime (just look at the support twitter feeds or forums for both) as little as there has been already…

    • spideynut71

      A reary rong time.

  • oo Yungstar oo

    its Crackdown, you collect Orbs, destroying the city or having any kind of major destruction would stop you being able to collect said Orbs.

    • Mark

      Yeah the Orbs may just stay in campaign..

  • I think the greatest thing is that this is still a first iteration of a game utilizing the power of MS’s Azure farm. Just think what game dev’s will be able to do in a second or third game — so much goodness! 😀

    • Mark

      Yes sir agreed! It’s really good Cloudgine got the game up and running for a solid demo so other devs can jump on the hype train.

  • Satellite11

    I’m not familiar with the Crackdown series but this looks amazing. Pre-order!!

  • MattS123

    More cloud crap? What a joke. Most internet connections just aren’t good enough to see any improvement from the cloud. You’d need a really expensive connection to do much. Enough with your nonsense Microsoft.

    • Slipknot8312

      Seems to be an xbone fan / dream site. Cloud the lol, same for dx12 for the xbone. Stupid xbots still hope that the xbone will be more powerfull than the ps4 one day HAHAHAHA

  • Unbelievable, I can’t believe some Xbots hacked Based Naughty Gods Twitter accounts to spread these lies.

    The “power of the cloud” is just a buzzword that only somebody as bad as M$ would push. I’m sure the Based PS4 could do it, after all it’s 50% more powerful.
    Fifty. Perfect.

    • Psionicinversion

      No it can’t because Sony wouldn’t pay for the server clusters to do this type of thing. Those lz compression hardware chips will be designed to compress/decompress the data on the fly requiring less bandwidth then when the data comes back from the servers the DMA engines and swizzle copy injects the data directly to memory to be queued up for instant rendering.

      Upto 20x xbox would be like 15 ps4’s so still weak as crap.

    • Mark

      Thx for mentioning that…people have forgotten about those Move Engines oh so fast. The X1 is really not a standalone console. It will change as fast as Microsoft can iterate on what they’ve built the yr before. They must be cookin up something else @ Microsoft Studios…

    • Orion Wolf

      So much about the whole “why didn’t MS use GDDR5 like Sony? Oh yeah Sony are HW masters, but MS engineers are idiots”

    • CJ

      Well, let us know when you can use 15 PS4’s to run one game…

  • Mark

    It ain’t hard to read, Microsoft and Cloudgine have never said full destruction was in SP. If I see this dumb question again; “What happens in SP, or when I’m offline?”, I’m gonna wring ma own neck, if possible. WHAT, DO, U THINK, WILL HAPPEN?! Haha I’m sorry. It’s just a really dumb question.

  • Mark

    Here’s some recent stats on average internet speeds from US, to UK, to Africa. It seems most players around the world could use Azure for Crackdown. Good discussion fellas, some good info in here.

  • Mark

    Also, here’s what MS has just been working on with Duke University. They developed something called “Kahawai”. Cuts internet bandwidth for gaming by almost 100%. Real good stuff.

  • SmartApps

    Another big hype feature by Microsoft. I’ll wait till it’s finished before passing final judgement. But I’ve been burned so many times by that evil corporation.

    • OC Guy

      Explain how MS is evil. Did they kick your dog? Did they carjack you? Did they start an evil cult that kidnapped your sister? If that is the case is Sony evil being the huge corporation they are? Remember, Sony along with other studios in the 90’s sued large movie rental and game retail chains to prevent them from selling used games and renting them. If it was up to Sony selling a game when you are done with it would be illegal now. Sony and others didn’t have a change of heart, they lost in court. Why is Sony immune and Ms not? Could it just be your personal biases and ignorance? Yeah, that’s probably it.

  • Truthhurts24

    Microsoft innovating once again

  • OC Guy

    Too bad MS isn’t offering an option to play SP online or off with different levels of destruction of course. As it stands I can not wait for this game. Have been a huge fan over the years.

    • CJ

      Game design also played a hand in only offering 100% destruction in MP.

  • Muadiib

    Maybe they will be reluctant to do this but they should have an offline low physics mode and an online high physics mode for sp, also an online solo destruction mode would be a laugh, some kind of score attack mode where you have to destroy as much of the city as quick as possible, another mode could be where you have to destroy certain targets whilst inflicting as little destruction as possible to the surrounding city.

  • Failz

    I remember reading all these fanboys claiming “Da Pawah of da Cloud” is a joke.. where are they? I cant see them anywhere now. Oh wait ND have spoken. I wish the rest of the gaming world stops gimping our games for online purposes. Hopefully they catch up next gen.

    • Jecht_Sin

      It’s still a joke. I’m still waiting for MS to show how they can improve the frame rate in a XBone game using the Cloud, like in that famous PC demo. And that’s what I have always been talking about. I’m still waiting.

      What Crackdown is doing is nothing new. Deferred computation in a much more powerful server. Ok, it has some cool explosions. So what? Crackdown graphics still sucks badly. It looks like an enhanced PS2 game. 😀

    • Orion Wolf

      Let’s not forget the “no parity” clowns.

  • Charles

    Lol, haters are still gonna hate. They’re just so salty about MSFT achieving something they can’t.

  • CJ

    Lol! We all know the real reason: cost and unreliable yields during the time of design. That’s what engineering is for, to take what you have and design around it. They have indeed engineered a way around their “inferior” hardware.

  • Orion Wolf


    “Anything the x1 can do the ps4 can do 10x better” and yet MS had their R&D make a console best suited for an online (gaming) environment as it is what they were touting back in 2013.

    • Mark

      Very true Wolf. I just appreciate the fact Microsoft didn’t axe these cloud based games like Crackdown. They chose to just build 2 different modes for the game, sp offline and multiplayer.

      Oh yeah, if I hear this argument again; “Red Faction did what Crackdown does years ago”, I’m gonna jump in a cesspool nearby.

      1) Half of Red Faction’s material disappears when destroyed

      2) All destroyed buildings and materials are just LARGE CHUNKS, like big Legos, no where near the complexity of Crackdown.

      3) If Red Faction’s doing what Crackdown does, on 10 yr old hardware (xbox360), then why did the X1 need extra compute from servers on the Gamescom demo in Crackdown? Hmmm

      Microsoft are liars!

    • Orion Wolf

      It would be awesome if MS released the demo they’ve shown at Build, just so people can test it out and then decide if it’s the same thing as RF.

      MS are always the liars no matter what they do.

      And hearing arguments from “neutral people” when they exclusively appear on xbox articles and downplay statements, ignore facts and then try to play the neutral card (when they have no more “logical” arguments) with “you should be cautious” or saying how they don’t care or they don’t have any of the consoles.

      First why are they appearing on just xbox articles and downplay MS and X1, and yet not once have they done the same for Sony and/or the ps4 and secondly where was the caution with PSNow!?

      A bit related: Recently I had a “convo” with a “neutral” person. Initially he stated that the 360 was a failure last gen, mainly because of the RROD; “meh” exclusives, paywall etc. a few comments later: “MS was the golden boy last generation and everyone hated Sony”


      Is it the amount of positive xb1/MS news? I don’t have a problem with the ps4 and have steered away from ps4/Sony articles. I even congratulated Sony when they showed some cool features and games, but whatever MS does, give it a few days and people will find issues with it (and write 200 articles), unlike with Sony (looking at you PSNow – have you noticed how “no one” is talking about it anymore).

      Rare Replay on the ps4 – O_o

      Quantum Break “looks rubbish”

      Sorry for the rant, but the more sites I visit the more nonsense I see.

    • Mark

      It’s always cool for kids to nitpick quality, but with grabage, it’s obvious and no fun…

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