PS4 and Xbox One Clock Speeds “Not a Very Good Measure of Performance” – Avalanche Studios CTO

Co-founder and CTO Linus Blomberg breaks down next gen console tech.

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Much has been made about how RAM and processor speed will influence the next generation of games – how else would one describe the beating the Nintendo Wii U has taken in regards to having a lower clock speed or the celebration of the PlayStation 4 for having 8 GB GDDR5 RAM?

We recently spoke to Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Avalanche Studios Linus Blomberg about this, especially in concerns to how clock speed plays a role in performance. With regards to clock speeds, would either the PS4 nor Xbox One, despite their speeds being unknown, ever face the same problem that Nintendo’s Wii U is currently facing?

Blomberg stated that, “Clock speed isn’t really a very good measurement of performance. Modern processors are capable of processing much more data than last-gen processors, even at lower clock-speeds. Lower clock-speeds also have the benefit of consuming less power and producing less heat, meaning that that hardware can be more silent.

“What matters the most is the number of processors available, and luckily the PS3 forced developers to become much better at utilizing parallel processing power.”

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We even asked if games on the PlayStation 4, which reportedly allocates 7 GB GDDR5 RAM to its games while of the Xbox One’s 8 GB DDR3 RAM, only 5 GB is allocated to games, would look and run better compared to games on Microsoft’s console down the line.

Blomberg responded that, “I think that is too early to say. Naturally it’s easier and cheaper for the developers to develop for the smallest common denominator, but if that difference becomes too large we’ll definitely see specific implementations for each platform.”

Both consoles are due out by the end of 2013, and will appear at E3 2013 starting on June 10th.

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  • Lethal_Doze

    This Avalanche dude is doing more PR for Microsoft than Microsoft

    • GamingBolt

      Well, I think he is just saying the facts. Both consoles are ‘technically’ amazing and speaking good or bad about them is not necessarily PR.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      Yes both are technically powerful, but one is more powerful than the other there’s no denying that. We already know from this gen that developers managed to take full advantage of the PS3 and will do so with the PS4 I can imagine. If the extra power is there, dev’s ‘Will’ use it.

    • GamingBolt

      Absolutely and they will. I am not saying that the PS4 is weaker or Xbox One is stronger. I am just stating that it will ultimately depend on the developers on how they plan to use each console’s advantages and at the same time handle the disadvantages.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      True there 🙂

    • cozomel

      And im almost sure that devs will just develop to the lowest common denominator (X1) and PS4 version will be gimped for that

  • Thomas McBrearty

    Me thinks an exclusive is flying Microsoft’s why considering the amount Avalanche is trying to back them up and given how many dev’s have been turned off the Xbox One I really think he’s talking out of his ass.

    • GamingBolt

      I think Linus makes a very valid point. Clock speed is just one of the many factors that goes in to game development. For example, the PS3. It has just 256MB RAM dedicated to games and look at The Last of Us. You probably won’t believe its running on the PS3. Developers have many tricks in their bags and optimizing is one of them.

  • Thomper

    The ps4 will not evolve as significantly as ps3 as the architecture is familiar to devs. This gen needs to be about moving game content forward. I think kinect 2 might add something that k1 tried but failed to do. It’s going to be n interesting few years ahead!

  • redavutstuvader

    You guy’s are forgetting the power of software.

    Isn’t the gpu in the xbox one a generation up from ps4 gpu, regardless of cu’s, gcn 1.1 plus custom. AMD said it was tailored towards MS own plans. If you continue to go off console power based on paper specs, being misled is easy. Example in the ps4 18 cu it is stated 4 are used to aide cpu, this could even be because gddr5 is high latency if used for cpu’s that leaves a 16% gpu paper advantage, and all this can only be based off the two gpu’s having the same architecture. since they don’t have the same architecture nor are they leveraged by the same OS, we ounce again will only be able to judge by multi-platform games. just like last gen.

    XBOX 360 won most last gen multi-platform benchmarks Judging by game performance.
    One thing that was never addressed while bench-marking last gen games Was the fact that the xbox 360 had other application running simultaneously while outperforming ps3 ingame. I never see anyone bring that up (cross chat, kinect also took cycles as an example). The Xbox One will also be multi-tasking. while the game is playing, all three os’s are on and available , (kinect os,tv/app os/game os all running simultaneous , they never shut off.

    This level of performance was never addressed, during benchmarks, if you added that to performance when tallying benchmarks, the x360 always outperformed the ps3. let’s see what happens this new generation keeping in mind how many thing’s are happening alongside the games performance.

    • cozomel

      No, the PS4’s gpu is not one generation behind! Are you crazy!? And stop spreading your obvious FUD. The PS4 is more powerful than the X1, anyway you cut it

    • Guest

      And the most powerful console NEVER won its generation. No way to cut that either.

    • cozomel

      That’s not the point i was making, and your comprehension abilities aint that great are they?

  • Lolo

    There’s been buzz that Xbox One is having heating problems so the GPU is being under clock by 100-200mhz. More disparity there.

    • deeboy17

      Funny I heard that about the PlayStation that its having trouble staying cool. Never know what to believe on the internet. If the Xbox is overheating then I guess those huge vents on it don’t matter.

  • plsburydoughboy

    Interesting. The same studio said their Wii U dev kits are just collecting dust.

    • cozomel

      It’s obvious they have a interest in X1, probably a exclusive

  • Guest

    PS4 is going to fail. The most powerful console NEVER won the generation and that will not change with a new console from an irrelevant and dying brand.

    • cozomel

      Aah, isnt this sad, a butthurt fanboy, the X1 is pathetic so far, deal with it. Enjoy used games DRM, always on always listening and 24hr check-ins and Kinectimals 2, loser!

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