PS4 And Xbox One Won’t Hold Back PC Gaming’s Potential – Developer

Daedalic Entertainment’s Johannes E. Kiel talks indie studios and engine prices.

Posted By | On 28th, Aug. 2015 Under News

PS4 Xbox one

PC gaming has had its ups and downs, and each new era of consoles seems to cement the death of PC gaming in some form or another. The PS4 and Xbox One have been strong successes despite being superior in performance to the latest PCs. However, as Daedalic Entertainment producer Johannes E. Kiel reveals, there’s more to the PC platform than just added power.

On being asked about the PC development scene and whether it’s limited due to the emergence of the Xbox One and PS4, Kiel said that, “I don’t think so. The indie game scene is more active than ever because of the pricing of multiplatform game engines like Unity 3D or Unreal.

“I can even see a new way where smaller studios can bring more and more content to the consoles and indie games can reach a broader audience there. I play both, PC and console, and I like both as a player and a developer.”

As such, there are a number of key titles that can only be experienced on PC including Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Team Fortress 2 and upcoming games like XCOM 2 so there’s no reason to worry as of yet. What are your thoughts on the PC platform in the wake of today’s consoles? Let us know in the comments.

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  • leanton31

    PC gaming is still going strong. Also you might want to replace superior with inferior: “The PS4 and Xbox One have been strong successes despite being superior in performance to the latest PCs”, because otherwise the sentence makes no sense.

    • xboxmaster

      are you aware of the fact that 66% of pc gamers play at sub 1080p?

    • Psionicinversion

      are you aware thats out of potentially 125 million accounts

    • GamerJudge

      I was going to tell him that. If I remember correctly a few weeks back there was an article talking about how many PC gamers play at 1080p and it was around 30%+ and if you factor the 125 million or more PC gamers that’s about 40 million+ pc gamers who play at 1080p more than both console combined.

    • Psionicinversion

      well tbh it wont be 125mill, you have to opt in to the survey as its optional but the thing that gets on my nerves is they say steam released a survey about pc gamers etc etc…. its done automatically every month and only counts accounts that have logged in at least 1 time that month marking them as active.

      I think actually AAA PC gamers probably account for upto 10mill of that amount basing it on how many units of AAA games get sold.

      But 1080p has been standard for a very long time now so console gamers think yes we have the PC by the balls but they dont in the slightest!

    • Hvd

      id say 80% play at 1080p.not many play at 1440p and even less play at 4k.the clowns that get the 1440p monitor with 144hrz and logitech cs go ttwitch gaming mouse and spidwalker keyboard with led lights..those clowns play at 1440p.your mindcraft and dialbo dota league play at 1080p and thats 80%of pc gaming

    • AndrewLB

      Yes, I am very aware that people play games on laptops, which is the reason why 60% are sub-1080p.

      I do find it interesting though that if you look at GPU’s, well over 50% on the steam hardware survey are more powerful than PS4’s GPU. (add up everything faster than a GTX 750 ti)

    • leanton31

      I highly doubt that since a 1080p monitor today is pretty accessible price wise. Are you aware your self that most f the PC versions look quite better? For every Batman Arkham Knight, there are 7 Witcher 3s and don’t let me go on about modding. Skyrim is almost next gen with mods. But even if you were right, still the sentence doesn’t make any sense the way it’s written. Of course consoles have their merits like exclusives.

    • Zed Clampet

      He said the “latest pcs” you moron.

    • Gdom

      Are you aware that the new consoles struggle to do 1080p and can usually not even break 30 FPS?

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  • Hvd

    lol who is this german dev that nobody knows about??? as long as there are AAA titles cross platform the consoles will hold back pc.or just play pc only games and never play any AAA titles.

    • Gdom

      We’ve already seen it happen with all the major publishers, Ubisuck, Actibullshit, and EnAss

  • LarZen

    After being a gamer for a couple of decades on both PC and consoles I have had enough of bad ports. So I have more or less just jumped ship..capitulated you might say. To Playstation 4 and the ease of just inserting the disc and play a game that is optimized and works on a locked hardware profile. For most of the time anyways.

    My impression is that the PC platform is alive an kicking. But if it was not for e-sports and those type of games it would be a much less crowded place.

    I think it’s a shame that PC as a gaming platform don’t have some locked hardware profiles that developers could work with. The platform is over saturated with so many hardware configurations it’s impossible to make an optimized game that takes use of the hardware PC gamers have used so much to buy.

    It’s just raw hardware compared to optimized and controlled hardware and performance you get from consoles. And I honestly think PC gamers that buy expensive hardware are getting ripped of by a industry that should narrow down the PC platform to something more in the lines of how console hardware profiles work.

    I have done the math and I have used over 15000$ on PC hardware over the years. So much money on something that is not worth a $ today. Well except my current build that is.

    And I’m done. I’m out.I don’t want to be a fool anymore and buy these monster computers that are no where close to be optimized by developers.

    • AndrewLB

      You’re a fool because you think the PS4 is a better deal. For the cost of a PS4 ($700), you can easily build a vastly superior PC that has the largest gaming library of any platform, can be used for hundreds of uses other than gaming, and if you use your brain it will pay for itself.

      And since people will go ballistic over me saying the PS4 costs $700… well it does! $50/year for online gaming over 6 years is $300. So tack that on the price because its only fair that way. There are many more additional hidden costs with console gaming but i don’t feel like getting into those.

    • LarZen

      Yes it has a vastly larger library of games. 90% of what I don’t care about or play. I’m mainly playing big AAA/AA games and with port after port being a tiresome experience on PC I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. I’m sick of it. I’m done.

      I play games. And I want to start a game and be content and happy. I don’t get that anymore from PC. You and others may do but I don’t. Not anymore. I haven’t for many many years now.

      If there suddenly was a Low,medium and high locked hardware configurations that hardware manufacturers made parts for and that developers fined tuned their games for. Then I would embrace the PC again as a gaming platform.

      But hardware developers are not interested in this. They just want to ship out new hardware every 6+ month. With hardware that never gets optimized and fully used by developers since there are an infinitive amount of hardware configurations.

      So I may be a fool in your eyes. But my life as a gamer is so much more fun and less tiresome now then before. That said I still have a really nice gaming PC that I use for some games. And other use ofc…

      But it’s mainly being used for browsing these days.

    • leanton31

      I think optimization and performance will improve with DirectX 12 coming with Win 10 for DX11 gpus. As for my own experience, couldn’t be more different; I paid top dollar (well euro) for my rig back in 2009 and until last year I could play all the games with most of the eye candy. I merely expanded the memory to 8GB a year back and now I will buy a new graphics card. Also modding (Elder Scroll series, Fallout series, Witcher series, Grand Theft Auto series etc) takes games to another level. Skyrim in a next gen console looks last gen compared to my modded Skyrim (plus free entire new sandbox game mods like Nehrim or quest mods). And don’t let me start about Steam and Origin. Especially on Steam I can find AAA 2013 and 2014 games in budget prices – in special occasions in ridiculous prices. To me, PC gaming is a no brainer really. But to each his own.

    • sublimetalmsg

      well idc personally the key here is static hardware. pc is nice but a console is convenient for new games.

    • AlbiteTwins

      Most of my gaming experience is still done on the PC, but I do see the appeal of consoles. I used to be a bit of a hardware enthusiast, and I would obsess about temperatures, FPS, different driver versions, and the amount of hardware utilization. Seeing what gains I could get through overclocking. But on a console, the only thing you can focus on is the game. I find it easier to get into a new game on a console rather than on the PC since you know you are getting the exact same experience as everyone else.

      It’s also nice being able to separate my gaming from all the other activity I do on my PC. I don’t have to worry about my OS becoming slowly more sluggish the more games I install or the background processes in clients like Steam, Origin, and Uplay.

  • AndrewLB

    “The PS4 and Xbox One have been strong successes despite being superior in performance to the latest PCs.”

    What a load of horsesh*t. Did someone forget to proof read this? It should say…

    “The PS4 and Xbox One have been strong successes despite having nowhere near the performance of the latest PCs”

    PS4 is 1.84 tflop. High end graphics cards are over 8.0 tflop. My graphics card that’s two years old does 6.1 tlflop.

    As for PC gaming being dead, the facts don’t agree. PC gaming is the global market leader, beating out PS4, Xbone, And Wii u COMBINED.

    • sublimetalmsg

      eh those numbers are a forecast.

  • sublimetalmsg

    Money holds back PC gaming not consoles. Unlimited funds./time would be nice but it doesn’t work like that.

  • Jim Peterson

    Power means nothing if there’s nothing to use it. I have a GTX980 but it seems all I use it for is indie games that a SNES could play and the odd Assassins Creed. Most of the big AAA games I like are exclusive to PS4, others I choose to play on PS4 for multiplayer reasons. PC seriously needs some AAA exclusive titles.

    • Psionicinversion

      there wont be any because no one owns PC so no one pays for it. Tbh our only hope for a AAA style title atm is star citizen. Regardless of whether you like it or not or the way its being funded by offering expensive ships it just goes to show if we want something done we the PC gamers have to fund it ourselves.

      Ive backed star citizen, ive kickstarted Toejam and Earl (cus that game was awesome when i was a kid), Descent underground and Everspace…. every single one except SC has a stretch goal of putting it on a console. Fair enough thats the base you need to target to get the most return because of the verified player base but damn man we are in short supply

      1 thing that is mostly PC only is RTS’s…. Act of Aggression thats never going console 😀 and thats a next pay day deal 😀 i cant afford it when it comes out because of current circumstances of celebrating friends newest activities but next pay day its mine

  • Zed Clampet

    “The PS4 and Xbox One have been strong successes despite being superior in performance to the latest PCs.”
    Fix your typo. That should be “inferior”.

  • AlbiteTwins

    I don’t really agree with the argument that less powerful console hardware holds back new graphical advances on the PC, especially graphical advancements that provide revolutionary new gameplay. Graphical settings like textures and lighting methods can easily be scaled back for the console version of a game while enhanced versions can be offered on the PC. “Next gen” graphical effects like detailed destructible objects or fluid physics are held back more by development cost than hardware capable of handling it.

    The exception is in games that require large realtime draw distance like in Arma 3. I think with the pacing of most gameplay genres, rendering the whole entire world at once is not even necessary. The size of gameplay environments has not changed too much with the 6th generation compared to the 7th generation. The environments are the same size, the graphical effects in these environments just got better.

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