Success of PlayStation VR Will Play Crucial Part In Making VR A Mainstream Success

Battlezone creative director talks about the potential for PS VR’s success.

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PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive…the VR market has become plenty crowded. With Oculus Rift releasing in March, how will the technology pan out in the coming months, especially for Sony since it will be the first console VR headset?

GamingBolt spoke to Rebellion co-founder and Battlezone creative director Jason Kingsley about his thoughts on the success of PlayStation VR especially with other devices on the horizon. He stated that, “I think the success of PlayStation VR is going to play a crucial part in taking VR to mainstream success. The fact that so many people already have the PS4 is critical for developers. The myth that are no “real” games yet for VR is well and truly being slain – we just need to get these games in players’ hands now!

“As for Oculus, we announced at Paris Games Week that we’re coming first to PlayStation VR, but Battlezone is confirmed for Oculus too, and this friendly rivalry between the VR platforms is helping drive the market forward. I think a lot of people were glad to hear that names like Sony and Facebook are heavily involved. Holo Lens is a different proposition as VR and AR are totally different experiences, and it feels much further out than the major VR headsets.”

As it stands, the market will be tested when actual triple-A VR titles release. But how will PlayStation VR? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • chitown

    Your website sucks.

  • Ryuken13

    First off.. VR will not be a “mainstream success” regardless of the success of this device. VR will follow the path of 3-d in TVs and PCs: limited use and niche market..

    The only thing accurate about this article is that the VR market has become crowded with too many vendors. This means a small pie will be shared by many vendors.. In other words: commercial failure…

  • Mr Xrat

    All of them being successful is necessary for VR to eventually end up a mass-market device.

    • Truth™

      Shame PSVR will try kill it with its sub-par 720P experience. Lucky that OR and Vive will be true VR experiences

    • Chronotaru

      Incorrect. The resolution on the PSVR is 1080p, 100 degrees, at 120Hz (with an upscaling module). The Vive and OR are 1200p, 110 degrees, at 90Hz.

  • Starman

    Here we go with the brainwashing attempts ….so basically , VR wont make it unless Sony’s trash VR toy succeeds .. what a head job , trying to scare kids like MKDIKBOT… and his crew… first of all Sony’s crap can never be or have anything to do with VR going mainstream … It’s a plug and play that only works on the PS$ , how is that mainstream… not to mention the cash you have to kick pout..
    VR headset -$399 to $499
    extra processor(LMFAO) -$149 to$199
    PS move(lollypop stick garbage)- $69 to $99 for two …

    GTFO! what a crock of sh*t…

    • Yuma55

      What an imbecile comment.

    • ThePlumbus

      Talking utter bullcr*p yet again you sad deluded idiot.

  • Ucouldntbemorewrong

    By the time PSVR releases 40 million PS4s out in wild.
    $300 or below price point for main VR unit.
    A diverse launch of games at launch.
    Kiosks in stores for folks to try out.
    And TV Ads
    Perhaps they will have a winner on their hands, time will tell.

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