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Capcom Slashes Net Profit Forecast From ¥6.8 billion to ¥3.3 billion

A 51.5 percent reduction in full year profits reported.

Is Capcom getting Ready To Announce Resident Evil 7?

Maybe this one will actually be good for a change.

Strider Review

Walking tall.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Allows for Playing as Past Character Versions

With all the updates to SFIV, now you can choose which edition to play as.

PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Receives New Details

Upcoming PS4 F2P title gets detailed.

Deep Down Gets New Trailer, Looks Really Good

A Dark Souls-ish vibe to the game's visual palette.

Strider Video Walkthrough in HD | Game Guide

A complete video walkthrough for Strider.

Deep Down Producer Comments on Lack of Female Characters

To say, "Well, there aren't a lot of men either".

Deep Down Delayed Till After Summer

'This will be a game that takes full advantage of the PS4.'

New DLC Characters Revealed For Dead Rising 3

By way of last week's patch.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Coming to Nintendo 3DS Worldwide

Western release pegged for 2015.

Strider Interview: How Hiryu Is Making A Cracking Return To Next-Gen Consoles

Producer James Vance enlightens us on various aspects of the reboot.

Capcom Plans to Hire At Least 100 Software Devs Every Year

Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto outlines his reasons for the same.

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition To See Release On PC

Available for pre-order today

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney GBA Trilogy Heading to 3DS

"Take that!" and so forth.

Capcom Ships 1 Million Units of Dead Rising 3

Currently their 62nd title to reach that distinction.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Fifth Character Reveal Teased

"All I can say is, wait till you see how we unveil her.”

Nintendo Now the Least Powerful Gaming Company in Japan

While Namco Bandai has emerged as the most powerful.

Dead Rising 3 Utterly Confusing Update Weighs in at 13 GB

How's that monthly cap faring?

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