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GeForce GTX 750 Ti Runs Battlefield 4 Better Than Console Counterparts

Nvidia's mid-range GPU makes short work of the heaviest PC games.

Interview with CounterPunch Studios: How Crysis 3’s Psycho Scan Mesh Was Too Much For Current Gen Game Engine

We speak to line producer Jake Fenske of CounterPunch regarding facial animation, particularly for Crysis 3.

Crysis 3 The Lost Island DLC Launch Trailer

New maps, weapons and gamemodes

Crytek Announces The Lost Island Multiplayer DLC for Crysis 3

New weapons, four maps and two fresh game modes

Crytek Preparing Special Crysis 3 Announcement for Tomorrow

In the words of the Nomad: "Intrigue".

Call of Duty Ghosts Facial Animation Comparison: GDC 2013 vs. Xbox One Reveal Event

How well did the animation tech from GDC hold up? Let's find out.

Crytek Teasing Crysis 3 DLC via Twitter

Teaser images for new DLC appear via Twitter

Game4U Wow Wednesday Offer: DmC Devil May Cry, Dishonored and God of War Series Discounted

The retailer returns with more exciting discounts for PC, PS3 and Vita.

EA: Crysis 3, Dead Space 3 Didn’t Meet Sales Expectations

This, despite being the top titles during their respective launch months.

Graphics make up 60% of a game – Crytek

Graphics drives immersion.

Crysis 3 1.3 patch released, notes inside

Massive patch.

Crytek CEO on Next Gen Consoles: “Going Beyond Our Estimates Would Be a Potential Death Knell”

Cevat Yerli explains just why the upcoming next-gen consoles don't fit into his opinion of "next-gen".

Crysis 3 Patches Arrive, Fix Graphics and Gameplay Issues

Crytek helps improve the experience slightly with a slew of fixes.

Crytek CEO defends Crysis 3, tries to explain low scores

Oh Crytek, if only you listened to criticism.

UK Charts: Crysis 3 retains top position

Dull list.

Not enough business drive for Crysis 3 Wii U – Crytek

Missed opportunity for Nintendo.

Crysis 3 PC Review

Did Crytek deliver?

Crysis 3 Graphics “Limited by Current Gen Consoles”, Not Viable as PC-Exclusive

Wait, so it could've looked even better?

Crysis 3 gets first patch, notes inside

Massive patch.

UK Software Charts: Crysis 3 Debuts at Number 1

While Platinum Games takes the runners-up.

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