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More Than 100,000 Xbox Live Achievements Are Now Available

With over 2 million G in Gamerscore.

Halo: Spartan Strike Now Available on Windows 8, Steam and Mobile Devices

The twin-stick shooter successor to Spartan Assault is finally out.

Hearthstone Expansion “Blackrock Mountain” Releasing on April 2nd

Several new cards, class cards and more on the way.

Microsoft Releases Digital Gift Card for Xbox and Windows Stores

Right in time for the holidays.

Halo: Spartan Strike First Reveal Trailer Drops

Take a look at the newest twin-stick shooter in the Halo franchise.

Project Spark Launches Today

Find the launch trailer and intro video inside.

New Zoo Tycoon Game Announced

F2P installment coming to Windows Phone and PC.

Xbox Originals: Microsoft’s TV and Event Programming Service Revealed

Original programming, live events, documentaries and more, available starting this June.

Xbox One OS Architecture Explained, Is Essentially Windows 8

Runs on Windows 8... and Windows 8. Yeah.

Tentacles: Enter the Mind Announced by Press Play for Windows 8

Dolphin headed scientists need their personal cutesy demons defeated. Seriously.

Epic Games Founder “Genuinely Worried About Microsoft’s Future” With Windows 8

Tim Sweeney still believes there's hope for a more open Windows OS though.

Microsoft- Porting Windows 8 Games To Xbox One Is Very Easy

"If you know how to write a game in DirectX in Windows, you already know how to write a game in Xbox One."

Project Spark Beta Finally Reaches Xbox One

Xbox One users can finally get in on the creation kits of Spark.

TitanFall Releasing on PC Same Time as Xbox 360 and Xbox One

And it is not Windows 8 exclusive.

Halo: Spartan Assault Announced for Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Bet you feel dumb for picking up that Lumia now, huh?

Windows 8.1 Update Now Available

It's a start, I will give you that, Microsoft.

Xbox One Can Run Windows 8 Games Using Almost the Same Code

Microsoft Japan confirms the same.

Xbox Music Coming to iOS and Android

Microsoft's music streaming service coming to Apple and Google's platforms.

Project Spark Xbox One Beta Set for January 2014

First open beta for the game creation title.

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