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Tentacles: Enter the Mind Announced by Press Play for Windows 8

Dolphin headed scientists need their personal cutesy demons defeated. Seriously.

Epic Games Founder “Genuinely Worried About Microsoft’s Future” With Windows 8

Tim Sweeney still believes there's hope for a more open Windows OS though.

Microsoft- Porting Windows 8 Games To Xbox One Is Very Easy

"If you know how to write a game in DirectX in Windows, you already know how to write a game in Xbox One."

Project Spark Beta Finally Reaches Xbox One

Xbox One users can finally get in on the creation kits of Spark.

TitanFall Releasing on PC Same Time as Xbox 360 and Xbox One

And it is not Windows 8 exclusive.

Halo: Spartan Assault Announced for Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Bet you feel dumb for picking up that Lumia now, huh?

Windows 8.1 Update Now Available

It's a start, I will give you that, Microsoft.

Xbox One Can Run Windows 8 Games Using Almost the Same Code

Microsoft Japan confirms the same.

Xbox Music Coming to iOS and Android

Microsoft's music streaming service coming to Apple and Google's platforms.

Project Spark Xbox One Beta Set for January 2014

First open beta for the game creation title.

Microsoft’s Revenue Reports For ‘Surface’ Product Line Released

More bad news for Microsoft and Windows 8.

Battlefield 4 On Windows 8 Will Have Better CPU Optimization

Direct X 11.1 to be fully supported by Battlefield 4.

Unity 4.2 Now Available, Brings Support for Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10

A ton of new improvements have also been added.

Halo: Spartan Assault Now Available for Windows 8 PCs

Windows Phone 8 version not yet available.

Xbox SmartGlass App Downloaded 17 Million Times Since October 2012

New features heading to companion app in coming months.

Xbox One to Feature Windows 8 Apps?

Steve Guggenheimer says devs can get a "head start" on Xbox One development by building Windows 8 apps.

Unity Coming to Xbox One, Windows 8, Window Phone 8

Developers who publish through Microsoft get to use Unity for free.

Project Spark Beta Registrations Now Open

Build worlds with the power of your voice.

Skulls of the Shogun Dev: “Microsoft Game Studios Comes Across As Institutionally Incompetent”

Borut Pfeifer reveals problems with Microsoft's indie game development process.

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