Why Microsoft and Sony Not Having Gamescom Press Conferences Isn’t Really A Big Deal

The market is evolving, and Sony and Microsoft seem to understand that.

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So- earlier this week, we received news that neither Sony nor Microsoft would beholding any conferences at Gamescom this year. Instead, Microsoft would be holding a smaller, ‘more intimate’ event for fans, while Sony will presumably be attending Paris Games Week, and later, holding this year’s PlayStation Experience.

Understandably enough, a lot of people are disappointed at this development of events- with Nintendo never holding press events at Gamescom at all, this means that none of the console manufacturers are going to be having any major announcements at the event. This also means that we have to wait longer to get new news and announcements, and, slightly worryingly, it also implies that none of the console manufacturers necessarily take the European market seriously enough to attend its premier event.

But all of that is missing the forest for the trees- Gamescom has never been equivalent to E3 in terms of stature or importance, and Microsoft and Sony’s track record of attending the event has been spotty at best. Consider that Sony did not host a presser at Gamescom last year either, for example. Consider also that not attending Gamescom does not necessarily mean not attending Paris Games Week, which is starting to rival Gamescom in terms of its importance.

But all of this discussion misses the crucial underlying point, which is that grand press conferences at physical events are no longer as important now as they used to be- Nintendo foresaw this years ago, and started to shift to their Nintendo Direct format, and over time, others have followed in their vein. This year, Square Enix, Nintendo, and EA all opted for decentralized digital ‘events’ for E3, for instance.

So press conferences in general seem to be losing importance worldwide, as we move into a digital age, and they are fast becoming bygone relics of an era when magazines used to be the primary source of delivering news to people- instead of relying on annual events to disseminate news, one can have a constant stream of announcements all year round, now. This is not commentary on any market becoming weaker – how many articles do you read every year of the impending ‘death of E3?’ That does not imply that the American gaming market is dying – but rather, it is a reflection of a changing market, and its players evolving to a changing market.

All of which is to say, don’t despair about Sony and Microsoft not being at Gamescom. If you attend the event, you’ll get to play their games on the showfloor anyway. And if you care more about tuning into the conferences for new announcements, well, chances are you’ll be seeing all those announcements and demonstrations in the coming months over the internet anyway. And if you don’t- well, all that means is that Microsoft and Sony never had anything new to show in the first place, and we were all just spared what would otherwise have been two very disappointing pressers.

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  • Hvd

    they have nothing to show.xbox has shown games being released this year and sony has shown delayed games till 2017 and beyond 2017…lol

    the delaystation where delays awaits…lol

    • Mr Xrat

      That’ll be why once again the Xbone is only starting to get games after September for the third consecutive year, and it’ll still fail to get most of its announcements at E3 out over the next 12 months.

      Xbone: Keep Waiting.

    • Nintengods

      Sounds rather like the PS4 mantra since most of the games they showed at E3 are coming out in 2018 and the ones they did show were a tired racing game not even close to PC Simulators that can’t keep a steady framerate and looks like a PS3 game. While their version of Duke Nukem Forever which looks tired and boring already.

      Two pointless consoles and about to be rendered redundant when the NX launches and you keep on droning on and on and on like a good cow begging people to buy $ony products and buying a VR headset with low resolution framerate problems on most of the games. Pathetic, honestly.

      I’d pity $ony drones for being so sad and obsessed trying to defend their dead console versus another dead console but they just are so funny. I expect 2006 levels of tears when Nintendo destroys them once again.

    • Hvd

      see how he isnt responding to you he is a ponie…lol

    • Nintengods

      He’s a coward

      Xbox is irrelevant. PS4 is irrelevant. Nintendo is the future.

      Go build a PC if you want to play your Halo or whatever dire garbage M$ is putting out these days. $ony’s so garbage they even clone Halo with trash like Killzone. Should put that on PC as well so PC gamers can ignore both.

  • RA3030

    And yet in 2016 Sony has released more exclusives for their PS4 console by far than Microsoft for its X1. Can you explain that? Sony also released more exclusives than Microsoft last year. You really could say that exclusive games for the Xbox One are a “LITTLE SPARSE” and that could be said every year. But if you have a Xbox One do enjoy playing those Xbox 360 games again on your $300 to $500 Xbox One as there seems to be more of those XB360 games available to play on the X1 than next gen games lol. BTW is there a rule that says Sony has to only show games being released for that year? You seem to imply this with your comment? And BTW what’s the release dates for CrackDown 3, ScaleBound!, CupHead? Lol

    • Rafoca

      Hi. Which exclusive games Sony released on the west this year that aren’t remasters or indie? Basically, I wanna know the AAA western releases, not counting the remasters.

      This is an honest question, not a troll =)

    • Troy Marcel

      Not many worth mentioning, maybe two or three.

    • Hvd

      only one i think is worth anything is uncharted 4 but the only thing different about that game is they added a rope…lol

    • Hvd

      your right.the simple answer is they havent released anything but indies and remasters.take what xbox one has released so far in 2016 and then there are 4 more exclusives coming out in 2016.

    • Mr Xrat

      How adorable, trying to prepare the battlefield with “that doesn’t count!!!” already. I’ll go with the Xgimp definition of exclusive which is “not playable on the immediate competition” and I’ll give you The Witness, Gravity Rush, Megadimension Neptunia VII, Street Fighter V, Salt and Sanctuary, MLB 16 The Show, Ratchet and Clank, Alienation, Uncharted 4, Shadow of the Beast, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness and Furi. That’s not even a complete list.

      Now let’s apply your definition to the Xbone. What AAA western releases have there been on that? Quantum Break and um, er, oh. What’s up next?

    • Nintengods

      What an embarrassing collection of mediocre videogames and games that are better on PC. $ony corporate drones will throw anything at the wall and beg that it sticks versus xbots

      Why would you own a PS4 and pay for online? It’s just as much a pointless console as the xbone at this point. You buy a Nintendo console for exclusives and PC for multiplats and you don’t need anything else?

      Tell me why should I buy a PS4? Because it just looks the same dudebro trash as the 360 but with more $ony drones with a chip on their shoulder since Nintendo perpetually embarrass them.

    • Rafoca

      Why this attitude? I asked a genuine question. I wasn’t trolling.

      I only care about AAA games and western games, cause I won’t buy a console to play indie and games I can’t play (like Japanese releases)

    • Hvd

      yea 100m indies on the indie station and the rest are on the delay station and yet xbox one keeps releasing exclusive after exclusive and 2016 isnt over.on top of what xbox one has already released this there there are 4 more exclusives on the way…lol

      what has the delay station done besides indes and remasters.

    • Troy Marcel

      It’s quality not quantity that matters.

    • bewareofZ

      See the list above, Sony also wins on quality.

    • Joe_HTH

      Indies do not count. You’re also completely wrong.

    • bewareofZ

      This is where you’re supposed to provide a list of exclusives on both consoles excluding indies, no?
      The reason you haven’t is because he’s correct.
      Here, I’ll do it for you.
      To the end of this month.

      Xbox One
      Quantum Break

      Street Fighter V
      Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls Remastered
      Ratchet and Clank
      Uncharted 4
      Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
      No Mans Sky

  • Nintengods

    More like they are both scared of the NX. Announcing anything when Nintendo’s about to unleash a megaton nuke as the company has never been more popular is suicidal. Especially since PS Neo dev docs got leaked and confirmed a 4.14TF AMD GPU. NX is rumored to be a 5TF Nvidia GPU so it will be significantly stronger and more capable.

    Surrendering is the right thing to do

  • Mr Xrat

    Like last year, Sony will probably have a conference at PGW and they’ll actually have something to show. The last two Gamescom conferences MS has bothered to actually stream have been rampant disappointments. First no Japanese press briefing and now none for Europe. It’s nice for MS to finally accept what its fanboys won’t and their investment in games leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Nintengods

      What do sony have to show? PGW just announced a garbage David Cage “game” and PSX’s big announcement was a MOBA also available on PC. Nothing original or worthwhile. Just more rehashes and clones of games Nintendo does better. It’s really embarrassing. Especially with the low specs of the PS4 Neo “Upgrade” showing it’s not worthwhile.

      No one cares about the exclusives on the COD console and they are running scared of Nintendo announcing NX and making their upgrade worthless. They probably wont show at PGW either because they will have nothing to show. Much like they had nothing worthwhile to show at E3 and got beaten by Nintendo who only focused on one game.

      Nintendo is the dominant company and the one to watch. No one cares what $ony shows. Nor should they care since it’s just the warmed up leftovers of the 360. A dudebro console for dudebro casuals.


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