Xbox One eSRAM Readily Available For Any Purpose, Smooths Out Optimization: Dying Light Tech Director

Techland’s Jakub Klarowicz explains the available benefits of eSRAM for Dying Light.

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Dying Light

A lot has been made out about the Xbox One’s eSRAM. Some have posited that it’s responsible for the limited resolutions being seen in launch titles. However, it has its uses as well. GamingBolt spoke to Techland’s Jakub Klarowicz, Technology Director for Dying Light and asked how the upcoming free run survival horror game takes advantage of eSRAM.

Does it cause any bottleneck or actually help simplify the process? According to Klarowicz, “We haven’t played around with the eSRAM much yet. Currently, we use it for storing the zbuffer and shadowmaps. The full potential of eSRAM, like the Xbox 360’s eDRAM, is yet to be realized but for now, it appears the developer is finding a number of uses for it. “It’s especially helpful because the memory is readily available for any purpose and unit: the CPU, the GPU, textures, render targets, etc. It really smoothes out the optimization process.”

We had earlier reported on the potential of the Xbox One’s eSRAM storing up to 6GB of tiled textures using a tool like Granite SDK. But as with every hardware cycle it will take time before the developers get themselves acquainted with the console’s unique benefits.

Dying Light is currently scheduled to release in 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC.

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  • Iceball

    Only the GPU has access to the eSRAM, not the cpu so i am gonna chalk this one to “translation error” instead of “tech director had no idea what to say after donning his new moneyhat!”

    • Etnos

      uggg… ignoranthat spotted

  • Not surprising since the esram can read and write. It all comes down to utilizing it correctly.

    • lujo

      Nope, eSRAM can’t read and write at the same time.

    • Microsoft studios developers already confirmed that it did about three months ago. If you’re a developer working on it then you would know better. If not then i guess you wouldn’t know either. I just don’t see a reason why they would lie about that.

    • 🙂

    • Faisal Munayam
    • Actually you’re the idiot because it says it right there plain as day on the article you posted. Esram can do read/write simultaneously. Thanks for proving me right though.

    • Faisal Munayam

      lol sorry wrong guy i was agreeing with you

    • That’s okay man. It’s cool. Thanks for the source.

    • king_of_spades

      Lmmfao your link proves he was right DUMBASS

    • therealestmofo

      kill yourself..u fail in everyone a favor

    • cozomel

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    • cozomel

      oh boy, another hopeful dumbass, X1 sucks, accept it

    • Still hoping it sucks. I guess that makes you the hopeful dumbass.

  • kreator

    XBO FTW!

    • You are flat out wrong

      Xbone is a failure.

    • Ritsuko Blue

      your mother is a retarded for having you!

    • cozomel

      and your mother is even more retarded for having you

    • You are flat out wrong

      That was mean. 🙁

    • Ritsuko Blue

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  • Faisal Munayam

    it’s a shame due to poor esram utilisation my fav games like cod/bf run at 720p, i hope ms create dev kits & drivers that actually help make it easier to make the most of the hardware.

    the proof is a game like forza, a game where devs say they used 100% of the xbone, can run at 1080p 60fps while driveclub can only run at 1080p 30fps, half the processing on a system that doesnt have a bandwidth issue is shocking! shows the potential of esram.

    • Prime157

      Wow, you know nothing about hardware and software interaction.

    • You are flat out wrong

      I sure hope Flopza isn’t using 100% already, means the Xbone is obsolete already if that’s the case.

    • Ritsuko Blue

      its Forza!

    • eternallord

      off course not 100%,there is still a lot of X1’s potentials not used yet

  • You are flat out wrong

    Xbone needs the ESRAM as a crutch for the DDR3’s latency.

    Still, that’s what happens when you cut costs so you can force in your crappy camera.

    • Wesley Henshaw

      DDR3 latency is better than GDDR5. The eSRAM is to enable higher bandwidth, not decrease latency.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Yeah, that’s what I meant. WHOOPS.

    • cozomel

      Do we really know that though? we dont actually know the latency numbers of the GDDR5 or the DDR3 or the Esram.

    • Ritsuko Blue

      Do some research! YOU RETARDED HATER!!!

    • thisBlueDude

      Whoa! Knowlege and common sense!?

  • You are flat out wrong

    Kinda sad that Drones now have to cling on to the bottleneck as some sort of saving grace, but w/e. It is not my place to judge the cretins.

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  • Kaine


    Then in the actual text, “we haven’t really found it’s full potential like the 360’s eDRAM but it’s useful in some ways”

    Oh right.


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