Xbox One To Have A Similar Solution to huMA – Xbox One Dev

PS4 features better performance? Not so fast there.

Posted By | On 22nd, Aug. 2013 Under News

Yesterday, we covered how the PlayStation 4, along with unified memory access, would use hUMA which would give it a leg-up in terms of performance. It was noted that because the Xbox One didn’t have hUMA, it would see lesser performance.

However, according to a confirmed Xbox One dev on Reddit- who cited an Ars Technica article which defined hUMA as a coherent cache system and that the “CPU and GPU will always see a consistent view of data in memory. If one processor makes a change then the other processor will see that changed data, even if the old value was being cached” – the Xbox One will feature something similar to hUMA.

On receiving his first alpha kit, he look at internal white papers that and confirmed that the Xbox One implements memory in exactly the same way. He also noted that he couldn’t find a source where AMD’s senior product marketing manager Marc Diana stated that the PS4 would have hUMA and the Xbox One wouldn’t.

Considering that the technology powering both the Xbox One and PS4, at least in terms of CPU and GPU tech, is more or less the same, it would be odd if one sported such an essential feature and the other didn’t. What are your thoughts on the matter? Tell us below.

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  • Counterproductive

    If by more or less the same you mean that the Xbox One will be 50% less powerful, then yes.

    EDIT: As was pointed out, there is a mathematical difference between 50% less powerful, and 50% more powerful, and I chose the wrong one. Ironically, I could say that the results of those two equations were “more or less the same”, but that truly *would* be dickish. The PS4 is only 500 Gigaflops faster than the Xbox One, rather than 900 Gigaflops faster. Still, the end result is a massive gap that cannot in good conscience be called “more or less the same”.

    • Sarblade

      Yes… Keep drinking that 50% more powerful kool-aid ps4 elite fans keep going on about. Your be very disappointed my friend with your ps4 if you keep believing it will be 50% more powerful then Xbox One. Both consoles will be the same in power and both will be great, but you go ahead and stay in your fantasy world.
      Wow 4 people agree with you and still believe the ps4 is going to be 50% more powerful? Oh my so sad. Let me guess those are the same people that were running around posting that only ps4 will have huma, now this article debunks it and their butthurt.
      Edit: Another article that debunks the huma for only ps4

    • cozomel

      butthurt much? you’re the one drinking the kool aid, when the specs tell you its 50% more powerful, except you prefer to believe in fanstasies and hope and fanboyism. And p.s. a “Xbox One dev” stating it has something like hUMA is not reassuring except to you delusional fanboys

    • Sarblade

      Me butthurt? I said both consoles will be great and equal, but no I’m the elite fanboy here, huh? I just find it funny that Sony elite fanboys keep saying the Xbox one will be so inferior. Some how Sony fanboys became experienced console developers over night, with no college degrees in tech. So yeah keep calling me the fanboy…

    • cozomel

      STFU, you sound stupid with dumbass phrases like “elite” fanboys, but you’re not a fanboy right? And you dont need to go to college to know alot of these things, only a dumbass would think so. Stop being so ignorant, and you’re not fooling anyone, you’re a butthurt MS fanboy, deal with it

    • Sarblade

      So resorting to petty insults, huh? Wow, I must have struck a nerve.
      I say elite fanboy because I refer to people like you that attack other people just because they are getting a different console then you.
      Wow and downplaying the college degree and saying you don’t need to go too college to know a lot of these things? Damn when is your console coming out, whats it called?

    • cozomel

      So calling people “fanboys” and “elite” isnt resorting to insults? You’re such a phony ass hypocrit and struck a nerve? not before i obviously struck your nerves

    • Sarblade

      Yeah… You obviously struck my nerve when your first comment to me called me a MS butthurt fanboy /s. (again even though I said both consoles will be great, but oh no to you that translated to “MS butthurt fanboy, derp, derp”)
      Sorry that my first comment offended you so greatly, even though i was replying to some one else that called the Xbox One inferior, and was just debunking this huma super advantage.
      You were attacking me just because i don’t think the ps4 will have a 50% advantage over the Xbox One. What’s so great if it does have a slight graphic advantage, will that make the Xbox One exclusives any less fun, will it make the multiplats less fun? Keep in mind that ps3 had lesser graphics on some multiplats, but did that make most of ps3 versions less fun? Where is an offcial article by MS that confirms the on paper specs as fact?
      All I’m saying is this; people that are getting the ps4 because they think it will have so much more power then the Xbox One will be disappointed. That’s my opinion. To hard for you to handle? Well like you said deal with it.

    • cozomel

      “Where is an offcial article by MS that confirms the on paper specs as fact? ”
      Notice they havent denied them either right? Look if X1 had any advantage over PS4, MS would be signing those tunes from the highest mountains, but they arent cuz even they know the PS4 is superior. MS themselves said they werent aiming for the highest graphics quality when they made the X1 compared to the PS4. And Sony has said several times that the PS4 is the most powerful consoles, to which MS says nothing.
      Look you can think and believe whatever the hell you want, after all we all do, but facts are facts and seeing the MS fanboys deny them with hopefully thinking and possibilities is both sad to see and fustrating to deal with, cuz its delusional. Now i agree that we probably wont see big differences with the multiplats (although i could be wrong on this) but to argue that the PS4 isnt superior is like someone try to tell you the sky aint blue, its ludicrous!

    • Sarblade

      Oh and also p.s. to you too;

      Quote straight from AMD themselves when asked by the verg. “The AMD chips inside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One take advantage of something called Heterogeneous Unified Memory Access (HUMA) ”
      Another article that debunks that only ps4 has huma, nice try though.

    • john

      Just ignore that guy he goes around to any xbox article and flames it up with his faboyistic hate.

    • Sarblade

      I know. I just like bursting fanboy’s bubbles. Like i keep saying people are going to be very disappointed if they believe the ps4 will be 50% more powerful, it might have a slight graphics advantage. It just seems to hard for them to understand that both consoles will have amazing graphics.

    • cozomel

      its funny how you keep calling people “fanboys” when you are obvious a fanboy yourself, face up to reality, you are arguing and believing stupid shit , like an inferior consoles being superior, its sad

    • Sarblade

      When did i say the Xbox One is superior to the ps4? All i was saying people that ARE getting the ps4 because there is such a large power gap will be disappointed, because both consoles will be fun. Get the console you like not based on which is the strongest. Both consoles will lose out to PC in that case anyway, but i don’t give a fuck about that, I’m still going to have fun with my Xbox One.
      I even saw someone comment once saying ” should i get the Xbox One because all my friends are getting it or should i get the ps4 because of the power?” I was like oh my i really feel sorry for this guy. How many more people are like him, that’s what’s sad. What happened to just getting the consoles because they are fun to play? This console war is just a sad joke really.
      I’ll end this “fanboy” argument, okay? We are both fans of games, that’s what it boils down to. Your have fun with your ps4, I’ll have fun with my Xbox One. So what if the ps4 has a slight graphical advantage over the Xbox One… You want an award? Just try to remember good games will always be better then graphics. Have fun gaming.

    • cozomel

      Kettle calling the pot black. Why are you hiding your history, huh fanboy?

    • Carlos A. Santiago

      You do know that 50% more power doesn’t really mean difference in graphics department ! It only means that games are going to move,run or have a few details here and there better or faster achieved performance if both had the same tools, but in seeing a WOW difference, is not going to happened even on 1st parties. PS3 on specs had 2x more raw power that XB360, which is 100% more powerful, but games were pretty much the same on technical levels. So for a game to look way better on a particular console, it should have to be at least 4x more powerful to show real impressive difference, not .50x more powerful. that’s all and btw i’m getting both. 🙂

    • cozomel

      I can agree with most of what your are saying, however, it will be a little bit more noticeable than you are making it out to be, but otherwise i agree. And i have both now (360 and ps3) but i just dont have the time to support both. I can barely keep up with all the ps3 games now

    • john

      Get out of hear no one likes you you PlayStation fanboy

    • cozomel

      talk about simple minded, go back to school kid, get off the internet, go past puberty

    • cozomel

      See you just proved my point, later sucker! and p.s. what a pathetic insult, what are you 12?

    • Vulcanproject

      PS4’s GPU is most certainly considerably faster than Xbone, over 40 percent. This used to be 50 percent until Microsoft bumped their GPU clocks marginally.

      This isn’t precisely going to translate to ‘every PS4 game looks 40+ percent better than Xbone’ but there is no question PS4 is more powerful and it will be shown and noticeable once developers get into the meat and veg of the hardware, become more apparent later for sure.

    • Sarblade

      That’s your opinion or I guess fact, but atleast you didn’t insult me so I respect that. I don’t believe it has that large of a power gap, it just doesn’t add up. Even if the specs look better on paper. Nobody knows how these consoles will run, because we aren’t console developers. An example; MS said they are using the same chip as the ps4 but it is heavily modded, does anyone know what that will do, or how did MS mod it, what will MS’s new Mono drive do? I’m just saying those could be things to compensate and balance their console to be just as good as the PS4.

    • Vulcanproject

      It does add up. The fact is, the PS4 GPU really is that much faster. Its in another class above what Microsoft fitted into Xbone.

      Both chips are custom, PS4 isn’t exactly off the shelf either. They have been modified to meet more specific requirements, but AMD aren’t lying when they said PS4’s APU (not xbones) was and I quote “the most powerful APU we have ever made”

      This is from the horses mouth..

      PS4’s GPU is quite a lot faster, and its memory architecture is quite a bit simpler and has more bandwidth over more memory. The only reason Xbone actually has something like eSRAM is because its main system memory is too slow to be used by itself. They needed a way to compensate for this and so added eSRAM but as you would expect, this means that really PS4 has better memory architecture too that isn’t a compromise.

      PS4 is easily faster than Xbone in the key areas, GPU performance and main system memory bandwidth. At launch, we aren’t likely to see much of this gap exposed simply because of the inherent time limitations of the developers trying to finish their games. But I will bet we’ll see at least a hint of it in several of the multiplatform games.

      After a year however, I’ll eat my hat if we don’t see PS4 games and multis comfortably outperforming Xbone. You can take this to the bank, and come back here and call me out if it isn’t true such is my confidence looking at the hardware and software setups.

    • Sarblade

      I don’t know… Quantum break is coming out maybe in a year you sure you want to take that bet? (just messing with you) Seriously though Quantum Break seems to be setting it’s self up to look very beautiful in the graphics department, and to have a very interesting story line.

    • Vulcanproject

      For sure I’ll take any bet after looking hard at the new consoles.

      Xbone isn’t exactly going to have ugly games compared to PS4, its still way faster than PS3 and 360 after all.

      But PS4 is going to be able to do quite a bit more in the graphics department when developers manage to stretch its legs over its life.

      At this point before the consoles launch and the games are finished most developers will be exceptionally coy on the performance gap (EA today said one version of the new NFS will look better, but refused to say which…)

      However all the signs point to a ‘secret’ which will be pretty obvious after the consoles launch, I assure you.

    • Sarblade

      Yeah that statement sure stirred up the console war even more. Like you said though the Xbox One won’t be a slouch either when it comes to graphics on games. I would die laughing though if EA is talking about the Xbox one though. I mean it’s nice for ps4 owners if the ps4 does have an advantage, and will have prettier graphics, doesn’t mean that they should tear down people that want the Xbox One though, and that goes both ways. I just hate when people call the Xbox One inferior when they never tried it yet. I know it’s not insulting me personally, but still just irks me. I’m even hating people calling the playstation 4 “indiestation 4”, that just seems like an insult to the indie developers.

    • Gamer

      You do know that gddr5 is graphics memory and has a really high latency? DDR3 has lower latency and can do more, hence the apps and tv and games. The 32 MB eSRAM is HUGE! You know that AMD flagship gpu only uses 24 MB eSRAM? I think we should all wait til the systems come out before making a judgement. From what I have heard, AMD said that the Next Xbox will have Avatar like graphics, never said that about ps4. Also the games were having problems playing on ps4 at e3. Also only Windows 8.1 and Xbox One will have the next iteration of DX….

    • Sarblade

      I agree with you. I’m a firm believer that the ps4 won’t have a 50% power advantage just because it has gddr5 and has all those other on paper specs, and believe people getting the ps4 just because they think it will have a huge advantage over the Xbox One will be very disappointed. I’m sure both consoles will be great and both have mind blowing graphics.

    • cozomel

      oh boy here we go again, its blatantly obvious that you have no idea what you are talking about and are just a hopeful (lets just say) “fan”. DDR3 is not “faster” than than GDDR5, it runs at 5.5ghz compared to 2.13ghz on X1’s DDR3, it can throuhput 176gb’s compared to X1’s 68gb’s. So in no way is it faster. What you’re thinking about is “latency” which is how long it has to wait to receive its data. And we dont know the latency numbers on X1’s DDR3 or PS4’s GDDR5 but what people do know is that generally DDR3 has lower latency than GDDR5. Howevewr for graphics, bandwidth is king, period, not latency. And these are primarily games machines, meaning graphics takes precedence over everything else. Also, if latency was so much more important than why did MS choose to go with 2.13ghz DDR3 instead of the cheaper and lower latency 1.86ghz DDR3 RAM? Its cuz they preferred the bandwidth advantage over the latency advantage.

      Its sad really to see MS fanboys try so hard when deep down they know its inferior, period

    • OMGitsSexyChase

      “This is from the horses mouth”

      Horses can’t talk

    • Counterproductive

      I don’t really care who does or doesn’t agree with me. Get a Microsoft employee to answer a direct question about the specs of the Xbox One, then we’ll know for sure. Except they won’t. They’ve been specifically avoiding that fact for months. They haven’t filed with the FCC yet because then everyone will know the exact specifications of the system as a matter of public record. They’ve implemented a factory overclock of all their hardware because they know that it’s inferior and it’s too late to go back to production and change the design. Believe what you want, debunk as much as you feel like. Get them to give us specs, and then we’ll talk.

      And no, “5 Billion Transistors” is not a valid measurement of anything.

    • Krepler

      See, there’s no sense in gloating… Unless you’re an a-hole douche bag, then it makes all the sense in the world. It’s comments like the ones above that make gamers seem childish.

    • Counterproductive

      If by gloating, you mean that I’m pointing out the difference between “basically the same” and “wildly different” then yes, I’m gloating. To anyone else who doesn’t have a horse in the race, I’m making sure that Microsoft doesn’t succeed in concealing the truth from those people who want to buy their hardware. I don’t care if people buy the Xbox One or not. If they want their exclusive games, that’s how they’re going to get them. Just as long as Microsoft doesn’t dupe them into buying it by concealing the specs of the system and misleading the consumer. Ask yourself why they haven’t given an actual number on the CPU and GPU speeds yet? Sony gave the PS4 specs right up front in the announcement conference in February. Microsoft tells us that the Xbox One contains “5 billion transistors”. Buy it if you want to, cause Titanfall looks pretty awesome, but don’t let Microsoft lie to you to do it.

    • Thomas Miles

      You realise there’s a very big mathematical difference between the following phrases?

      playstation is 50% more powerful than xbox1
      xbox1 is 50% less powerful than playstation

    • Counterproductive

      I do, and that was an error on my part. Ironically, I could say that the results of those two equations were “basically the same”, but that truly *would* be dickish. The PS4 is only 500 Gigaflops faster than the Xbox One, rather than 900 Gigaflops faster. Still, the end result is a massive gap that cannot in good conscience be called “basically the same”.

    • Thomas Miles

      Couldn’t let the maths slide sorry. Had to make that dickish comment. Every continue console bashing 🙂

    • Counterproductive

      No worries, that one was on me.

  • Crusina .

    “we have to invest a lot in coherency throughout the chip, so there’s been io coherency for a while but we really wanted to get the software out of the mode of managing caches and put in hardware coherency for thefirst time on the mass scale in the living room on the gpu. ” –>hUMA is AMD’s definition of a unified memory implementation with certain features. It seems Xbox One has the same features implemented but they just don’t call it hUMA due to the extend of customization of the chip.

    Another quote : “The AMD chips inside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One take advantage of something called Heterogeneous Unified Memory Access (HUMA) ”

    Posted by a confirmed Xbox One Dev on Reddit:

    [–]XboxOneDevConfirmed XB1 Dev 28 points 4 hours ago*

    had PM’ed me earlier linking to the Ars article on how the PS4 has a
    big advantage over the Xbox one due to hUMA. This was apparently said by
    some AMD marketing manager.

    I haven’t heard of hUMA until today, so I went to look it up. The way
    I understand it is that in addition to having unified memory access
    (shared memory between CPU and GPU), which allows the GPU to read CPU
    memory, it is also a coherent cache system. To quote Ars,
    “CPU and GPU will always see a consistent view of data in memory. If
    one processor makes a change then the other processor will see that
    changed data, even if the old value was being cached.”

    I remember reading something on this when I got my first alpha kit. I
    pulled up a couple of our internal white papers and it’s pretty clear
    that this was the exact implementation in the Xbox One’s memory system.

    Also I couldn’t find any sources where Marc Diana actually said PS4
    supports hUMA and Xbox One doesn’t. Every media outlet reporting on this
    seems to source a single German article which I’m not inclined to believe.

    Can anyone explain to me why people are stating a single article from a German website to be fact?

    • Sarblade

      Because they want it to be fact, just like the 7gb for games, just like the paper specs, just like they say GDDR5 is 50% (even though I see graphs saying just 20%, so I don’t know where they are getting 50%) more powerful then DDR3 ram. Sony elite fanyboys are console developers don’t you know, so everything they say is fact.

      About the German article I think it was translated wrong. The translations meaning was even posted on a Sony fan site, so everyone took it as fact. So yeah that’s solid proof Xbox One and PS4 will have huma. So again both consoles will be great. Just get the one you prefer and be happy.

    • porkChop

      The GDDR5 in the PS4 is more than 250% faster than the DDR3 in the Xbox One. The Xbox One’s DDR3 puts out 68GB/s, while the PS4’s GDDR5 puts out 178GB/s. These are the confirmed, officlal speeds. 176 divided by 68 is 2.6x. Which is actually a 260% increase in speed.

      The PS4’s GPU puts out 1.84 TFLOPS, whereas the Xbox One’s GPU puts out 1.25 TFLOPS. Again, official numbers.That puts the PS4’s GPU at being just under 50% faster.

      The CPU’s are literally the exact same, and both have been set at 1.6GHz.

      These are facts.

      Just because you have no idea how hardware works doesn’t mean that no one else does. You don’t need to be a “console developer” to understand the difference in power. Both consoles use the exact same architecture, and both are extremely easy to develop for. You’d be in denial if you don’t think we’ll start seeing a big difference between the 2 consoles within the next year or 2.

    • Sarblade

      K yeah I’ve seen those on paper specs, from ps4 and durango project. Yes they are facts on paper but the Xbox one specs are still not confirmed. Try to find an article that confirms it. I used Google many times to search for such an article. I don’t want DF, or any other site. I want an official Microsoft website stating Xbox One’s official specs. If you find one I’ll apologize. No disrespect towards you either way though.

    • william

      Microsoft hasn’t published them because they have no bragging rights, they don’t want to confirm it’s a weaker console publicly.

    • MrMoviePhone

      that’s a pretty heavy assumption.

    • cozomel

      no, its not, its the truth! everbody can see it except for the MS fanboys and it makes you’s look dumb. The assumption is that MS might have some secret powers because according to you’s they havent published the specs. They’ve said a 8 core AMD cpu just like everybody speculated, 8 gigs DDR3 just like everyone thought, 768 shader cores just like the leaked info and so on, it all matches perfectly. But Ms fanboys want to believe bullshit instead. Because you’s all know deep down inside its true and you’s are all let down

    • Andrew M.

      I think u forgot to mention the esram which speeds it up to about 170+ gb/s. We’re making so much stupid drama on these little specs. They’re the same shit. I just prefer Xbox one because Kinect will be great. The controller is again better than ps4. And all the entertainment features that Sony fanboys claim “is stupid and makes no sense”. Plus even though it is embarrassing to Microsoft that reversed most of its policies, it shows that they actually listen to customers.

  • Ghậyath Alkubaisi

    xbox will have esram

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I think the developer is bluffing. They most likely have an alternative method to counteract hUMA but nowhere near its efficiency as Xbox One doesn’t even have the right hardware composition to use hUMA in anyway, unless some PC users can come on right now and clear up that confusion for me.

    • Sarblade
      “The AMD chips inside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One take advantage of
      something called Heterogeneous Unified Memory Access (HUMA).”
      I do think the guy maybe bluffing about being a MS dev, but that article and quote came straight from AMD’s mouth when asked by the verg.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Even though they both will use hUMA, given that Xbox One’s hardware isn’t going to carry out processes as efficiently since it doesn’t have a unified memory pool like PS4, Microsoft might end up using huMA in conjunction with the increase in GHz for their GPU or so, especially since PS4 has DDR5 and DDR3 that will draw out dramatic differences between the two in the long run so speaking in those terms PS4 will have the better performance while Xbox One may run into some blockades that cause developers to compromise, regardless of the power of the Cloud. But both are powerful machines so most likely not until like 3-4 years later will we start seeing big differences in the two, but I’m sure given Microsoft’s tech savvy repertoire with hardware and software, they most likely have a fail safe incase devs need a little boost to keep up the competition. Anyway, I want both machines but am opting first for PS4. What about you?

    • Sarblade

      I’m getting the Xbox one first it has the exclusives I want most, but the ps4 is cool to though. I know facts on paper point to ps4 having the over all better hardware, but I believe MS has things in the Xbox One’s design to compensate and be balanced with the ps4 even in the long run. Like for example MS already said they are using the same chip as the ps4 but theirs is heavily modded, so what will that do, and what about the new mono drive? I’m not a console developer so I don’t know what those will do and I’m sure only MS knows how they will work in the Xbox One.

      I’m not one to get a console based on specs though, because if you want the best specs then go PC (Not trying to sound like a PC master race, I don’t even own a gaming PC) I just think people getting the ps4 just for the so claimed 50% more power, will be very disappointed. No way has Sony confirmed that the ps4 will be more powerful then the Xbox One.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      For Xbox One, the only exclusives I’m really excited about right now are Quantum Break, Project Spark, and Halo; I’m not as impressed with titles such as Ryse: Son of Rome and Killer Instinct, plus it’s $500 as opposed to Sony charging $400 so those are the main reasons-another being I find PS+ has more value than Xbox Live- I’m holding off on Xbox One, as I only really want more Halo and won’t get it until then, as I’m sure many others are waiting for Halo also. As for specs, those aren’t a big concern for me like the games and what the actual system offers that adds to the experience. Graphics have never determined which console I get ,as I have Wii, 360, and PS3, and it never will. I want to start PC gaming; besides the fact that PC games are already next gen compared to what’s offered on consoles, I know there are PC games that also have great gameplay and story so I’d like to also do PC, except that it can get expensive and I don’t think I’ll adjust very well to mouse and keyboard after playing on consoles, though I know some games such as Assassin’s Creed offer the 360 controller as an alternative input. Either way, gonna get both consoles eventually and want PS4 more because has a bunch of exclusives I want and cool features that will enhance my experience. Let’s let games decide which console offers the better experience, accounting all factors, and not just graphics.

    • Sarblade

      Yup good gamplay is always > then graphics. I’m even thinking of getting a Wii U when price drops. I’m a huge fan of Pikmen and just dieing to get Pikmen 3. I would get both hardcore consoles (ps4 and Xbox one) but that’s not my cup of tea to have both, just seem to similar, sure there will be awesome exclusives on ps4, but I’m just as sure there will be great exclusives on Xbox one also. Nothing against you getting both though. I like to say Titanfall and Project Spark will keep me busy for a year or more.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      For Wii U, since Nintendo is releasing a plethora of first party games this holiday and into 2014, they will most likely have some sort of bundle, as there are already rumors of a bundle that includes Wind Waker HD, which I will get if the bundle ends up being real, especially since it was supposedly seen on Target’s retail listing. Nintendo most likely won’t do a price drop for at least another year since they’r already losing a lot on each Wii U sold, so just look out for a bundle to get; I also want Pikmin 3, as I beat Pikmin 1 and beat Pikmin 2’s main quest, but didn’t realize it continued after the credits where you go rescue Louie so I didn’t do that, but want Pikmin 3 so badly and am waiting for a price drop or a bogo deal at GameStop or something to get it. I respect ur decision to not have both Xbox One and PS4; but down the line it will be all about the games that differentiate each console as all the consoles are similar now in one way or another. Now that you mention Titanfall, after seeing IGN talk about the game with footage and stuff, I actually wanna play it now, as I initially was skeptical, especially since multiplayer has never been my forte, preferring to opt for single player or at least co op story. This year will be very interesting; with Infamous: Second Son on PS4, Halo on Xbox One and Super Smash Bros. on Wii U next year there’s no telling how this generation will turn out will all three firing on all cylinders, but the one I want, and surely many gamers, want most is Zelda Wii U which is at least a couple years off given Nintendo’s pedigree but it’ll be worth the wait, as it is most of the time, with a few exceptions. Anyway, I see all three consoles winning this gen, no matter how other people see it, as graphics are now the least of people’s worries so the focus will be on the core experience.

    • IVanSpinal

      Dedicated Servers for Xbox One yeessss!!!

    • redavutstuvader

      you clearly do not know what you are talking about, even the 360 has a unified memory system, it was the first console to do it. XB1 Is M$ second console to have a unified memory system.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      You obviously haven’t done your research like I have so let me explain: Xbox 360’s memory system is unified in the case that it all works together and the RAM isn’t split up, unlike PS3. While it’s still unified, what I was referring to is that all the memory and hardware in PS4 is on a single chip, a.k.a. the APU, which Xbox 360 never had and even though Xbox One has it also, it has the eSRAM included so that will increase latency and cause inefficiencies that will most likely be absent on PS4, as PS4’s architecture is all together and singular and not split apart like the RAM is for Xbox One, therefore giving a slight edge for PS4 in performance. Get what I’m saying now, genius?

    • redavutstuvader

      YOU HAVE ONLY PROVED MY POINT. Even Mark Cerny said onchip (edram/esram) memory makes your system more powerful/faster, but then says it would take devs longer to understand how to use it. Th last statement is dishonest because the Ps2, wii, Xbox 360 and Xbox One all have EDRAM Or ESRAM , giving Devs decades of experience in the matter. Not only does onchip memory boost performance, but the 32mb of SRAM is more than the 24mb of SRAM on AMD 7990.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Let’s try this AGAIN: You’ve actually proven MY POINT, pal. Here’s why: Although Mark Cerny did say that, the fact that it’ll take longer to understand makes no difference in the long run being that in all that time it takes for one to actually go and understand the architecture for Xbox One, PS4 will already have games running at full capacity while Xbox One most likely doesn’t reach it’s levels until a year or two after, and doesn’t reach it’s maximum potential until the next generation after this one starts. Have you already forgotten the PS3 man, and did you even own one in the first place? Because although PS3 was more powerful on paper because of it’s Blu-ray Drive and its capacity, only some games later in its life cycle managed to take advantage of what it had to offer while Xbox 360 early on rivaled some of PS3’s games because it had a much easier architecture so developers had earlier access to its power and capabilities so games ran much better on 360 than PS3, in terms of multiplatform games, incase you already forget about that too. So for PS3 it wasn’t until 2009-2010 when Sony’s first party studios got to grips with what the console could do while Microsoft’s studios were thriving up until that point with better looking and running games. So even though PS3 was the more powerful console, it wasn’t until the last few years of it’s life that it really shined while 360 rivaled it most of this console generation. With that all said, regardless that Xbox One has faster read/write memory than PS4, what good is it if devs have full access to PS4’s power in 2-3 years and for Xbox One it takes 4 or 5 because they’ll need to do a balancing act similar to what devs had to do for PS3? Even though both consoles have PC architecture now, PS4’s unified RAM and architecture as a whole allows the system to run better in a lot less time compared to what devs will have to compromise for Xbox One. Why do you think games such as WarThunder and WarFrame, which were originally on PC, are coming to PS4 in the first place? Because while PC has two pools like Xbox One, PS4 only has one so it makes porting that much easier since it will be less work than what had to be done for PC. As for PS2, Wii, Xbox 360, and Xbox One you have once again proven me right, as PS2 was inferior to Gamecube due to its complexity and developers didn’t get much output from the console until the last couple years of its life while the majority of Gamecube’s games looked and ran much better than what was on PS2, especially since Gamecube didn’t have eDRAM or eSRAM whatsoever; look up the specs for yourself. As for 360, although it had eDRAM, it didn’t have the extra stuff like SPU, split memory pool and poor GPU on PS3 which is why most developers went for 360 even though both proved some challenge to develop on. Xbox One’s memory pool is split into two pools: DDR3 and eSRAM meaning it’s hard to allocate all access to data for devs while PS4 will have unified memory pool that gives them full access, hence its bit rate of 176 GB/s and 256-bit bus while Microsoft needed to add eSRAM to come close to rivaling that number and their bus isn’t even 256-bit, as PS4’s bus will allow it to take advantage of the L1 and L2 cache efficiently and allow simultaneous access to CPU and GPU, unlike Xbox One’s case. Size or amount of RAM doesn’t matter so how will that benefit in the long run when devs on Xbox One won’t get all the juice out in the 5-6 years or so this gen will have while PS4 devs are tapping away at what it can do, even if its RAM is larger? Exactly it doesn’t, as Sony has DDR5 which is more efficient than DDR3 and eSRAM combined so even though Microsoft will no doubt come close to PS4’s performance, even with help from the Cloud, it will never reach or even surpass its levels. Blasphemy, I know, even though the consoles haven’t come out yet, but you know I’m right. NOW: did I manage to clear up the confusion you had or do we need to drill through this again?

    • redavutstuvader

      you are good at talking in circles, but not that good at fact checking, Not article checking, fact checking. this will be my last response, because you are clearly compromised by subjective thinking. But here is an Objective fact
      Xbox One is at the least 256bit bus this is a fact, thats why it can pull 68GB/S from DDR3 , this in itself means it is Quad channel (256 bit bus) not dual channel (128) which would be 34GB/s. This clearly shows many sites are misleading on very basic PC ram knowledge, including CERNY. Even VG Leaks said XB1 is 256 bit bus, so did anandtech also said quad CHANNEL memory. and embedded (onchip memory) is the future of silicone design Not only in AMD , but also IBM and Intel. These are objective facts not subjective feelings, LOOK IT UP IN COMPANY WHITE PAPERS. If you know what that means. now leave me alone , you are not Objective , quit wasting my time, please!

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      First of all, what part of my comment is subjective, as I’m basing all my findings on fact not an opinion or delusion of the truth? Second, I’m not talking in circles; it’s called having evidence which you have none so YOU do the fact checking cuz you just look like a try hard right now, not an intellectual to say the least (*cough*, *cough*). If you actually absorbed the info instead of reading it backwards like a 5 year old you would know that I’m not biased towards any console whatsover, as I actually want all three consoles and this isn’t about which is the BEST console manufacturer. You wanna talk about, then go to Reddit or Twitter they’d love to hear you complain about it fan boy. Anyway, doesn’t matter if it’s Quad Core idiot as I said before Sony has UNIFIED memory, if you actually saw their presentation in February to have the brain capacity to know what that means. (Meant to say GDDR5 before) For GDDR5 and DDR3, notice how DDR3 is missing the Graphics that’s in GDDR5, dummy if you even know what those stand for and what they do; due to the extra processing it does for graphics it has an edge over DDR3 RAM and that it can take more advantage of the 256 bit bus than DDR3 that you can’t see yet because apparently you believe everything you read on RAM sites based on your subjective outlook that every RAM is equal as long as each has 256 bit bus; may I remind you that due to the fact that the caches in PS4 are used also to extra memory, it offsets the load times, which Xbox One and its DDR3 and eSRAM WON’T be able to do; look it up for yourself if you’re too stupid to still think I’m being subjective. I know what that the e in eDRAM/eSRAM means embedded dummy and how AMD and others are implementing it, especially for Wii U. Thing is the way Microsoft set it up is that the eSRAM is on an entirely different chip altogether from the DDR3, nowhere in proximity of each, whereas for Wii U, Nintendo put everything on the same chip so they’re able to get power out of it, and even get at least DX10 levels for their optimized Unity Engine that Unity designed for them, if you’ve even had the curiosity to keep up with that stuff lately. You’re subjective hypocrite, as you’re only defending Xbox One’s power while I actually gave Pros and Cons for both Sony and Microsoft. And believe it or not, I saw those COMPANY WHITE PAPERS that you were talking about awhile back before you mentioned it, which is how I know all the stuff that I mentioned so obviously you’re slow to the party, if you know what that means. I am objective; I just seem subjective to you cuz you’re a fan boy like I said before and trying to make Xbox One look better when all facts point to PS4 having more advantages. As I said before, Xbox One’s DDR3 and eSRAM are nowhere in proximity so whatever power that devs wanna get from it they may only come close to achieving but just won’t get because it’s not all on the same chip like Wii U’s eDRAM is and like PS4’s GDDR5 is. Look up the COMPANY WHITE PAPERS and schematics for yourself, if you what that that means cuz apparently you just pulled that phrase out of thin air like a monkey grabs bananas,and quit trying to prove a point that has no merit cuz now u just look desperate for attention and you’re draining my life away by being incessant with your naivety, please! Can’t believe you’re a PC gamer; you make everyone in the PC community look FUCKING ABOMINABLE by demonstrating your ignorance and self-righteousness-of which you’re not right at all-today. LOL. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH. Thank you and move on. I’m done. I’ve proven my point. I’m gone now so go home and forget about it, as I’m right and you’re wrong. That’s the end of it. Not satisfied? Live with it. The first step to admitting you’re mistake is addressing you have a problem with people proving you wrong. Am I RIGHT or AM I right?

    • redavutstuvader

      WOW, there is a lot of ad hominem attacks and anger in there for the objective person you claim to be. and you are still talking in circles(4 channel has nothing to do with 4 core). The performance of the games are already proving you wrong.


      oh yeah it will be 1080p also.

      PS4 Battlefield

      shown at slightly above 720p @ 60fps 16 players with bad textures.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      WOW. Since when does objectivity never involve emotion heartless wannabe? Second I am not talking in circles ur just in denial because I just so managed to beat u at ur own game. Lastly, believe it or not the performance of the games have proven YOU wrong, son. For example, Ubisoft confirmed The Crew will most run at 30 FPS on PS4 and Xbox One, and DICE confirmed BF4 is actually running on PS4 at 720p natively with it UPSCALE being 1080p; no native 1080p though they said that could possibly change and no word on yet Xbox One version but I bet it will be the same nonetheless. Look here and here If that doesn’t convince u then i don’t know what will. Next time u u try to outdo me slow poke, try something called updating urself first to get in the know, cuz ur info, is a no go. Now then: what part of ur comment proved me wrong cuz I fail to see ur evidence come to fruition even in the darkest light? Have a nice day and come back when u know ur knowledge is legit and doesn’t make u look like a ditz. Thanks for ur time but I have better things to do than have showoffs like u spend it; when u start investing it with info that’s gonna matter, then we can talk, professionally/smart about the video game industry. Keep it real.

    • BillyHoWCR

      “During a recent Gamescom 2013 interview, an AMD spokesperson made inaccurate statements regarding the details of our semi-custom APU architectures – AMD

    • Sarblade

      See the article I posted is dated 6/21 and proves what you stated is true. Why would AMD at one event months before gamescon say both consoles will use huma, then come out and say only ps4 can only use huma. Doesn’t add up.

  • Andre james

    The XB1 has the best looking games …………
    So where is your 50% more powerful ?
    Sony said that PS4 was the easiest to program.

    So why don’t the games look as good as the XB1?

    • Elsupacabra
    • Lanbreaker

      Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son already look way more impressive (in my eyes, at least) than any Xbox One exclusive that’s been shown. Detail levels, anti-aliasing, screen resolution, texture detail… they all seem a notch above on PS4 exclusives.

      Especially considering Killzone: Shadow Fall runs at 60fps (multiplayer mode) and still looks as good as it does.

    • Daniel Lawson

      texure resolution wont be any different for each console… GDDR5 doesn’t magicly make 5 gigs more then it actually is

    • Daniel Lawson

      texture resolution wont be any different for each console… GDDR5 doesn’t magically make 5 gigs more then it actually is

    • Counterproductive

      I reject your premise. Your opinion isn’t fact, and it’s my opinion that you’re wrong. Titanfall looks great, but Dead Rising 3 is having performance issues and can’t even hit 30fps. Too much has been said about the many issues with Ryse already. In any case, there are a couple months for them to bang out the problems, but they are definitely not in a shape currently to be touting supremacy over the PS4. That’s just posturing.

  • Matt


  • OMGitsSexyChase

    Alright a few of you xbox fans seem to be completely computer illiterate, how you are even using the internet is a mystery to me. If you look at both specs ps4 is stronger FACT not even counting ram the ps4 has a stronger GPU which will result in better looking games, we wont know how much of a difference that power will make until the consoles come out, the ps4 could have a sluggish operating system and the xbox one have a lightweight one which would close the difference somewhat, or better developing tool but, the xbox one would have to be that much more optimised just to equal the ps4

    • MrMoviePhone

      I don’t see that specs playing a huge part in the games department here, maybe… maybe in some exclusives, but acting like one will be superior in every way over the other is just pure ignorance.

    • OMGitsSexyChase

      Dude Im not saying this is gonna be night in day but more like dawn and day yes…..but these xbox fans in complete denials trying to throw all these other pointless specs out there….at the end of the the day the stronger graphics card is going to perform better.

      If you give me a computer with a 640 Gt and or a 650 Gt graphics cards….the computer with the 650 is going to perform better, not by much but it is going to perform better, you can ram this ram that all day at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, rams not going to effect how pretty the game is that much

  • Lanbreaker

    Lol Xbox fanboys acting like huMA was the only performance differentiator between PS4 and Xbox One. Fact of the matter is, with or without huMA, the PS4 is simply a much more powerful system. The PS4 GPU is a higher-end model than the GPU in XB1; it’s said to be more or less 50% greater in raw performance. And that’s just the GPU; we’re not even talking about the much faster GDD5 unified memory in the PS4.

    Besides, I don’t see how Xbox One could technically be capable of something “similar to huMA” when it doesn’t even have a unified memory system like the PS4. An AMD architect already came out and said that the PS4 would be the superior hardware in terms of graphics processing. This is nothing new; we’ve known for months now, through leaked specs, that the PS4 is going to be more powerful.

    • BillyHoWCR

      “During a recent Gamescom 2013 interview, an AMD spokesperson made inaccurate statements regarding the details of our semi-custom APU architectures” – AMD

      Basically AMD saying they were foolish in allowing a senior marketing rep to talk above their knowledge base.

      Buy your system and allow others to buy their systems. Without Sony MS would not be so competitive. Without MS Sony would not be so competitive. Leave it alone already.

    • CultureShock

      Oh my, here we go. The spech sheet argument again. Some people still haven’t learned their lessons yet. Now we must inform John Cormack, Dominic Guay, & Hideo Kojima that they were wrong when they informed us that both systems are pretty much the same, because Lanbreaker is a well known dev, and his proof is a spec sheet as oppose to real world application. O_o……

      You seem so well informed Lanbreaker and very passionate about spreading the spech sheet gospel. But let us see what DEVs, who are toiling hard, day & night on these systems, have to say about that. Let’s start with the most recent.

      Matt Bilbey, Senior Vice president & Group General Manager EA Sports. Skip to 17:29 – 18:13.

      Now older articles.

      Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay


      Jon Shiring of Respawn Ent.

      Heres’ the short summary.

      Here’s the link to his blog

      Now please continue and spread your spech sheet gospel until your heart is content. It wont change the fact that already it seems that a better experience will be on the Xbox One.

    • Truths101

      kill yourself u asianese sheep.

  • Sleep

    Power isn’t everything. If the games suck who cares. There is plenty to get excited about but this upcoming gen is going to have to work hard on the content (game wise) if they expect anybody who spends money and actually plays games (not the annual “I only buy Madden, CoD, AC, and one Game Informer recommended flavor of the month” types) to get these new systems. All that jelly and no toast is a game I’m not playing again. This gen has been slim pickings for me.

  • killerdonut

    All the hate but numbers don’t lie check the scoreboard halo, gow, l4d, and took all of their exclusive titles mgs,gta, ff series dmc, series, wow it’s no competition just like the 360 killed ps3 #facts

    • Daryl Victoriano

      Actually, the PS3 and 360 are neck and neck, pretty surprising considering the PS3 was released a year after the 360 and cost $600 at launch. If you don’t believe me you can google it.

    • Daryl Victoriano

      Also, here are there 7 best selling exclusive games (7 because it’s the 7th Gen). Notice how the PS3 has more variety

      Sony’s Playstation 3, launched 11/11/2006 (75 Million Units):
      1) Gran Turismo 5, 10.66 Million
      2) Uncharted 2, 6.22 Million
      3) Uncharted 3, 5.97 Million
      4) Metal Gear Solid 4, 5.79 Million
      5) God of War III, 5.19 Million
      6) Motor Storm, 3.7 Million
      7) The Last of Us, 3.4 Million

      Microsoft’s Xbox 360, launched 11/22/2005 (78 Million Units):
      1) Kinect Adventures, 24 Million
      2) Halo 3, 11.78 Million
      3) Halo Reach, 9.4 Million
      4) Halo 4, 8.41 Million
      5) Gears of War 2, 6.6 Million
      6) Halo ODST, 6.1 Million
      7) Gears of War, 6 Million

  • Mark Devlin

    May I just point out that Xbox One has won way more game awards at e3 than PS4. These are game machines right? It’s about games right? 50% more powerful means nothing if you don’t have the games. I didn’t hear a peep about infamous at Gamescon. Xbox had all the game buzz while Sony has the console buzz. I’ll take game buzz. The only game news I heard about PS4 was Battlefield 4 was running on actual consoles and looked like crap. More people were talking about Kinect Sports and Titanfall. Until Sony shows a game that makes my jaw drop and says Xbox One can’t do this? 50% more power is just an opinion, not a fact.

    • AdachiTohru

      No, you cant, its not xbox one games, its multiplatform games


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