Xbox One’s eSRAM Is ‘Cumbersome, Bottlenecking Memory’ – Developer

“eSRAM isn’t rocket science, it isn’t even complex.”

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It’s no secret that Xbox One’s eSRAM is the culprit behind the console’s inability to output 1080p [with full effects on] on certain multiplatform games. It was revealed today that the PvZ: Garden Warfare runs at 900p on the Xbox One and earlier this week, it was confirmed that Thief will also run at the same resolution.

Despite, the shortcomings, several developers have confirmed to us in the past that the eSRAM can be used in beneficial ways. Well know industry insider famousmortimer quoted a developer who has worked on a major Xbox One game [he is the same source that revealed before the console’s launch that Xbox One Party Chat had issues]. The ‘Xbox One Dev’ believes that eSRAM is cumbersome.

“I don’t get this obsession with MS fanboys wanting the more powerful machine. Its not happening. Who cares. There are xbox fans who think esram is this mystical thing when all it is is cumbersome, bottlenecking memory. But its in there so it HAS to be special. When I hear people say devs need to just utilize esram better, its like saying they need to learn how to do the most basic thing again. Esram isn’t rocket science, it isn’t even complex. Its just a pain in the a**. That’s it,” famousmortimer revealed on NeoGaf.

This falls in line with what Jean-Baptiste Bolcato from Rebellion Games told us a few weeks back. It’s also important to note that despite its shortcomings, it has this ability to stream highly detailed textures, something we have covered extensively in the past.

It’s indeed surprising the Xbox One is not able to render lighter games [tech wise] like PvZ: Garden Warfare in full HD. What are your thoughts on the same?

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  • choujij

    The Xbone sucks and I’m glad it’s sales have come to a screeching halt. I’m sick of how you can’t even use features like internet explorer or netflix without an xbl gold account. And even then, this thing is supposed to be this great media machine, but its hands down the worst netflix player I’ve ever used. Even the quality of Bluray playback on PS4 is better, much like most things. They need to trash this thing and get back to focusing on making Windows great. It’s done.

  • TJ

    u people want graphics so bad u shouldn’t be gaming on a console

  • This_Games_hero

    Ps4 DualCock 4″

  • You are flat out wrong

    Bu bu but the new SDKs!


      HAHAHAHAHAH yeah they’re going to be the saving grace on a piece of hardware that is limited right out if the gate.

      People the information is out there right in front of you and it’s coming directly from the source…..the developers are speaking clearly about which system is more powerful and or efficient.

  • Jessenia Lopez

    xbox one sucks

  • Guest

    ESRAM is the most expensive, densest and fastest possible RAM a computer hardware manufacturer can possibly put their hands on. “32” Mb ESRAM’s bandwidth output is much higher than 8Gb GDDR5 (204Gb/s Vs. 176Gb/s…after factoring out 3.5Gb for the OS of the 8Gb of RAM, developers creating games for ps4 are only left with 99Gb/s or 4.5Gb of RAM to play with). DirectX 11.2 + 32Mb ESRAM + Tile resources = Developers only need 16mb of RAM to make X1’s GPU processes crisp and beautiful 1080p/60fps games, which also means Xbox one should be able to run the most demanding pc games at 1080p + 60 fps (max setting) “ATM”. I think Microsoft isn’t lying when they say XB1 can output games in 4k resolution.


      Never will the XBOne play games at 4k……never. They’re not even sure the PS4 can do it and it is fact that that PS4 is more powerful than the XBOne.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Nah, the Xbone will be able to output games in 4K – Space Invaders and the original Tomb Raider.

    • Stranger On The Road

      Wrong math, available memory has nothing to do with the amount of data the bus can carry. You seem to assume that since less than 60% of the RAM is available for the developer [unconformed by anyone AFAIK] then that means that only 60% of the memory bandwidth is available, I’m afraid that is not how it works.

      The memory bandwidth is ‘fully’ available for the application that require it; if you have an application that is taking 50% of you memory but is ideal, that application will not utilize 50% of your CPU nor 50% of your memory bandwidth. Depending on how it is written, even and application that only uses 10% of memory might actually utilize 100% of your CPU and memory bandwidth until it hand over control back to the OS.

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  • marc berry

    However, the whole ‘Xbox One 1080p’ issue appears to be on Microsoft’s
    radar. Bolcato concluded, “[Microsoft] are releasing a new SDK that’s
    much faster and we will be comfortably running at 1080p on Xbox One. We
    were worried six months ago and we are not anymore, it’s got better and
    they are quite comparable machines.”

  • marc berry

    However, the whole ‘Xbox One 1080p’ issue appears to be on Microsoft’s
    radar. Bolcato concluded, “[Microsoft] are releasing a new SDK that’s
    much faster and we will be comfortably running at 1080p on Xbox One. We
    were worried six months ago and we are not anymore, it’s got better and
    they are quite comparable machines.”

    • Gamez Rule

      And after that was posted this came out…

      Phil Spencer was asked to comment on….. “Is the amount of 900p games due to lack of time to optimize to 1080?”…

      To this he replied……. “NO, I think you’ll find over this generation games will use a variety of rez and frame-rates.”

      So IMO It then leaves the hardware to blame as Phil admitted it’s not
      down to being lack of optimization. So the SDK will help a tiny bit but STILL lag behind PS4

  • GK15

    I’m a little surprised at this one. This does look like a pretty light weight game. Let’s hope DX11.2 and tiled resources are actually useful.

  • 8 core CPU Samsung power!

    They haven’t seen the unock code that released the second gpu.
    2017 is when the nda expires. Then see what ram is slow.
    Xbox one is the most powerful, just it’s locked.

    • Gamez Rule

      2nd GPU LMAO!

      And to top it off lets say it was true ( which it isn’t ) then gamers have to wait two more years to see a difference, ☺☺☺ Classic.. and funny at best.

      While you are waiting for something that’s never going to happen, you can play MGS5 at 720p looking little difference to last gen 360 version while I’ll play FULL HD current gen version☺

    • Gamez Rule

      Told ya so..(( Albert Penello, Director of Product Planning: “I thought I had already
      said something about that. There is no 2nd GPU, there is no stacked
      GPU.” )) ☺☺☺

  • Jamie

    I have a xbox one and a ps4 spent a good amount of time on both and have to say that the xbox one is pretty bad there is no improvement from the 360 and you can notice the picture quality is not as good as the ps4 so all you fanboys that are trying to big up the xbox one I wouldn’t bother you no what it is, I had a 360 all last gen and to upgrade to a one was disappointing

  • John D

    For people with any doubts on the pS4. It is a breathtaking piece of design.

    • Dakan45

      what was breataking in that you idiot?

      Your breathtaking piece of crap runs thief with 15-20 fps

      Sorry pc wins again.

  • John D

    yo its gettin smelly in dese comments yo

  • John D

    beeches be trippin yo!


    HAHAHAHAHAHA! ESRAM is too high tech for Mr. caveman developer.


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