14 So Called Non-Lethal Attack Moves In Video Games That Are Most Definitely Lethal

They tell you no one died but really, we know that can’t be true.

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Killing stuff in games is fun. Simply pressing a button and watching an entire fleet of baddies evaporate is just fun. And yet, there are some games that like to sort of “pretend” that some things are non-lethal. “No one really died!” they’re probably saying, somewhere in some fever dream. But we know the truth – we know just how lethal some attacks and abilities really are. Let’s take a look at 14 such examples here.

Pokemon – Self-Destruct, Hyper Beam, Etc.

pokemon the power of us

Anyone who’s played Pokemon, even the first generation, will be familiar with attacks like Self-Destruct. You know, the one where your Pokemon explodes to damage and/or kill the enemy? It’s pretty metal but how in the world do the Pokemon just faint? Even if there is some logical explanation, how do all of these cataclysmic beam attacks result in Pokemon? Given how Gary’s Raticate died, we’re motivated to think that some of these attacks are killing Pokemon (even if that particular theory involves the Raticate not receiving medial attention in time).

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