15 Things Every Grand Theft Auto 5 Player Is Most Likely Guilty Of

We’ve all done that one horrible thing or two that was totally worth it.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 has been out since September 2013, making a huge impact on both previous and current gen platforms. Grand Theft Auto Online launched around the same time and has shown no signs of slowing down with content updates. Over the years and even today, there have been things that GTA players have been guilty of. Granted, a lot of these are part of the game and tons of fun to pull off but they should still warrant some kind of atonement for players.

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Killing Cops

There’s no end to the number of people you can kill in Grand Theft Auto 5 but we’ve all gotten a kick out of eliminating cops. Some cops were just doing their jobs so it’s understandable. Think “it’s us or them” in those situations. However, when you deal with the FIB’s Steve Haines, have to commit to The Bureau Raid and ultimately face down the IAA and FIB, it can feel more than a little liberating.

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