15 Video Game Bosses Who Actually Beat Themselves

Some bosses just choose to end it themselves, either out of compassion or shame.

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You’ve seen bosses that throw aside your efforts after a lengthy battle like nothing happened. It’s an annoyance, for sure, but some bosses go the other way. Whether it’s killing themselves before a fight, entering battles knowing the player will kill them or committing suicide rather than facing defeat, these bosses went out on their own terms. Let’s take a look at 15 of them there

Saren – Mass Effect 1

Mass Effect Saren

It’s extremely telling that Saren Arterius is still one of the best villains BioWare has ever created. However, for all his cunning and brutality, it’s a testament to Shepard’s will that Saren can basically kill himself. If your Paragon level is high enough, then Shepard will tell Saren to fight off the influence of Sovereign. Saren sees the light of reason and shoots himself, thanking Shepard and preventing a tough boss battle in the process (and triggering the final final battle).

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