Dead Cells – “Everyone is Here!” Update is Now Live; Adds Weapons from Hyper Light Drifter, Guacamelee and More

Play as The Drifter, Skul, and Juan among other heroes with unique new outfits and weapons. The update is live for PC and coming later to consoles.

Posted By | On 22nd, Nov. 2021

Dead Cells - Everyone is Here

Despite being over three years old at this point, Motion Twin’s Dead Cells continues to receive support. Its 26th update “Everyone is Here!” may just be its craziest yet – it adds skins and weapons to mimic protagonists from titles like Hollow Knight, Guacamelee, Blasphemous, Hyper Light Drifter, Skul the Hero Slayer and Curse of the Dead Gods. Check it all out below.

The update will start players with a book of riddles with challenges that must be completed for the outfits. Lore rooms must also be discovered to find the weapons themselves. While Hollow Knight’s hero doesn’t quite make an appearance, you can obtain the Pure Nail to attack up and down along with bouncing on enemies while attacking downwards (which inflicts critical damage).

The Drifter gets their energy sword and Hyper Light Gun – fire the latter to mark targets and use the former to deal critical damage. More marks on a target equals more damage. As for The Penitent One, using the Face Flask will deal self damage and convert 35 percent missing health into recovery. Juan from Guacamelee can use Pollo Power to transform into a chicken that lobs explosive eggs around him at enemies.

Skul has a bone club for slaying foes with a whirlwind attack as its secondary that deals critical damage. Finally, the explorer from Curse of the Dead Gods brings his trusty machete and pistol – the first two attacks use the machete while the third unleashes the firearm to deal critical damage. Holding the attack button charges up a stronger ranged attack which is slower.

The update is currently live on PC and will come to consoles and Mac later. Check out the rest of the patch notes below.



  • Fire-related affixes can no longer appear on Ice-related items, and vice-versa.
  • Dropping a bomb when rolling no longer interrupts invisibility.

Quality of life

Added a new log system

  • A simple system that will log everything going on internally, to help us understand where some bugs come from. No personal data will be logged.
  • No changes should be noticeable on your side, apart from log files appearing in your game folder, that you might want to include in future bug reports.
  • Added the roles of everyone in the “Evil Empire” section of the credits. That way you get to know us a bit more.
  • Added the ability to scroll through affixes in the Minor Forge menu.


  • Mod support updated!
  • Added a new Key system, allowing to pass data through levels in the same game.
  • Added a system allowing the modification of an exit door on next levels, even vanilla ones. Yes, you can make an exit to Prisoners’ Quarters, in Prisoners’ Quarters.
  • Added Timed Doors, No-hit Doors and Old Timed Doors to the level scripting API.
  • Added the possibility to modify a Timed Door’s needed time in the same level.
  • Added an API call returning if a player has a specific DLC.
  • Added an API call allowing health fountains to adapt to the current player’s Boss Cells.
  • Added a new button in the mod UI. The “back” button is now used… to go back.
  • Fixed the mob spawn system.
  • Fixed the Boss Cells Tube reloading a vanilla game when used in a modded level.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Cocoon not activating What Doesn’t Kill Me.
  • Fixed What Doesn’t Kill Me cooldown.
  • Fixed the ability to multiply Serenade.
  • Fixed Boomerang not getting its ammo back if the projectile was destroyed in some cases.
  • Skills’ actions can no longer be interrupted.
  • Fixed a weird interaction between the Jerkshroom’s attacks and the Parry Shield, which would sometimes hit the player when parrying.
  • Fixed Demolishers dealing damage through Ice Armor.
  • Fixed Grenades dealing negative damage in some cases.
  • Fixed Armadillopack not parrying Guardian Knights and Automatons.
  • Hunter’s Grenade can no longer be used to reset the cooldown of other skills
  • Breakable props now follow the same generation rules as floor decorations.
  • Fixed player tracks not being loaded when changing outfit.
  • The Scarecrow can no longer be skipped.
  • Fixed damage buff on invisibility not triggering.
  • Fixed Stilt Village’s shortcut sometimes being impossible to get to.
  • Fixed Tonic’s effect getting cancelled on any update of the inventory.
  • Fixed Mama Tick’s behaviour sometimes becoming broken after interrupting its movement.

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