DOOM Eternal vs DOOM 2016 – 12 Biggest Changes You Need To Know

All the ways the upcoming shooter is looking to improve upon its predecessor.

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2016’s DOOM reboot was a stellar success in all the way it needed to be- it took the legendary and beloved franchise and brought it kicking and screaming into the modern age, and what we got was exactly what we’d been hoping the series would deliver for years.

Soon, DOOM Eternal will be out, and impossible enough, it’s looking like it’s going to be a even better game. id Software are introducing a lot of completely new things, improving on a lot of ideas from the first game, and changing some things up in interesting ways. Here, we’ll be talking about a few such big changes and new additions to the game that separate it from DOOM (2016).


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DOOM has one of the best single player shooter campaigns in recent memory, but the game faltered with its multiplayer component. Not having been built in-house by id, DOOM’s multiplayer felt dull and generic, like it completely missed the point of what made the game so good. With DOOM Eternal, id Software are learning from their mistakes. They’ve made the multiplayer themselves, and it looks like it’ll capture the essence of DOOM quite well. Called Battle Mode, it will be a 2v1 affair played across five match, with one player playing as the Doom Slayer, and the other two teaming up against the Slayer and being able to play as various different demons, with full access to their unique properties and abilities.

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