Forspoken Complete Walkthrough

Here's what to expect in every single Chapter of Luminous Productions' action RPG, and how to clear them without any trouble.

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Aside from criticism for its various aspects, Forspoken is pretty unique in several ways. Luminous Productions’ action RPG has a large world to explore, replete with things to collect, bosses to fight, gear to unlock, and optional dungeons to dive into. However, if you want to stick to the story and mainline it all the way through, you can do that and ignore almost everything else without any issues.

Full Walkthrough

There are 13 chapters in Forspoken, each varying heavily in length. Check them all out below.

Chapter 1: Attachments

Set in New York, and establishes Frey’s character. After being discharged from the court, she has a run-in with a gang and subsequently drops off her cat, Homer, with Judge Maya. She then visits Holland Tunnel, where she was found as a baby, before discovering a bracelet and being transported to Athia.

Chapter 2: Stuck

This begins with your typical isekai protagonist set-up. Trapped in Athia and suddenly assailed by a dragon, Frey discovers that the bracelet is sentient. She names it Cuff and uses magic to fight back against foes in the wild before eventually facing off against the same dragon. This section serves as a tutorial, establishing Frey’s abilities and how she can fight with magic. It ends with the dragon carrying and dropping her into Cipal, the last bastion of humanity in Athia.

Chapter 3: The Interloper

Frey is arrested upon arriving in Cipal and subsequently tried in court. She’s taken to prison but escapes with the help of Auden, who’s looking for her father that went missing after investigating the Break. Upon escaping, Frey roams the open world. Robian, Auden’s father, suddenly emerges. As Frey and Robian return to Cipal, they find it under attack by Tanta Sila.

Chapter 4: What Must Be Done

Following the attack by Tanta Sila, Frey seeks revenge for the casualties inflicted. After finding a lost Robian and meeting former blacksmith Johedy in the Archives, Frey travels to Praenost, battles two Recreant Knights in its fort and must weather a Breakstorm.

Chapter 5: Might and Main

The storm has cleared, and Frey travels to Praenost Castle, where Tanta Sila resides. The two go head to head in battle.

Chapter 6: Damned If You Do…

After the fight with Tanta Sila, Frey unlocks a new movement ability, Zip. She returns to Cipal, and her victory is celebrated but it’s ultimately short-lived. Corruption from the Break finds its way into the city and turns several citizens into Break Zombies. Armed with Sila’s fire magic, Frey must take them down.

Chapter 7:The Hue of Blue

Frey collapses after the fight and is tended to by Auden. Unhappy with the circumstances, she seeks a way back home, searching for Robian. After locating him, she passes Merveil Bridge, fighting Tanta Prav’s Unjust Enforcers and a Pitiless Arbiter, before passing Colline and entering Avoalet.

Chapter 8: The Truth Will Out

After letting herself get captured by Tanta Prav’s forces, Frey stands for trial in Avoalet Castle. She’s sentenced to the Trial by Water. After surviving, she battles Prav.

Chapter 9: Breaking Point

Probably the shortest chapter, as Frey unlocks the new Glide ability and Tanta Prav’s magic. She then returns to Cipal.

Chapter 10: None the Wiser

Following an argument with Auden, Frey visits Johedy, who suggests visiting Cinta, Frey’s mother. After setting out, a Breakstorm appears, and she wakes up in New York, walking around in an ideal life. It’s an illusion, sadly, and Frey must defeat the Senseless Servant and return to Visoria, where Tanta Olas awaits.

Chapter 11: Forspoken

Frey assaults Visoria Castle, taking on multiple enemies and destroying Tanta Olas’s Lanterns. After confronting her, the real threat, Susurrus, is finally revealed. Frey escapes with the help of her mother, Cinta, and learns the truth about the Tantas and her birth.

Chapter 12: Awakening

After Frey regains the use of the Tantas’ magic, she returns to Cipal for a final battle against Susurrus.

Chapter 13: New Beginnings

Available after completing the story, Frey can tackle remaining quests and challenges like the Breakwarden.

Co-director Takefumi Terada once said the story would take 30 to 40 hours to complete. However, you can finish all 12 chapters in less than 16-17 hours. Some have even finished the story in less than 10 hours. If you’re a completionist and set about discovering everything in the world while also completing Chapter 13, it can take about 48 hours on average.

Forspoken is available for PS4 and PS5. Check out our review here. Head here for details on each boss and how to defeat them. You can also learn more about all the spells here.

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