Genshin Impact Guide – Elemental Attacks and How to Perform Elemental Combos

Mix and match different elemental abilities for maximum damage.

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Despite its appearance and gacha game systems, Genshin Impact has a fairly deep combat system. There are seven main elements – Anemo (Wind), Geo (Earth), Electro (Lightning), Dendro (Nature), Hydro (Water), Pyro (Fire) and Cryo (Frost). When playing through the initial story quests, you’ll have a party with Wind, Fire, Frost and Lightning elements.

Elements inflicts unique status effects on their own. Cryo will slow down enemies; Hydro will make them wet; and Pyro will inflict slight burning damage-over-time. Electro can Electro-Charge enemies that are wet, especially if they’re in a body of water – this is the first major example of combining elements for different effects.

Executing an elemental combo is as easy as using a character’s unique ability and then switching to another character and doing the same. This will also apply to Ultimates and it’s possible to deal some crazy damage with combos. Here are all the different elemental combos and their effects.

  • Burning – Use Dendro and Pyro for dishing out Pyro damage over time.
  • Swirl – Cast an Anemo ability. Then use Cryo, Electro, Hydro or Pyro. This will create a strong attack that deals additional elemental damage while also spreading forth. If you want to make a fire tornado, this is your best bet.
  • Electro-Charged – As noted above, cast Electro on a wet enemy or use a Hydro attack and then Electro. This will deal Electro damage over time.
  • Superconduct – Cast Cryo and then Electro to deal an area of effect Cryo attack. It will reduce an enemy’s defense by 50 percent, ignoring their level and buffs. Best used on multiple foes since the number of hits dished out increases in turn. For instance, one enemy will take a single hit from the combo. Two enemies will take two hits each while five enemies will be hit five times each.
  • Vaporize – Use Pyro and Hydro together for additional damage.
  • Crystallize – If you start with Geo and then use Cryo, Electro, Hydro and Pyro, a shield will form around the character. This provides absorption against all damage. The element combined with Geo will influence the shield and absorb more damage from attacks of the same element.
  • Overloaded – Use Electro and Pyro to create an area of effect Pyro attack.
  • Melt – Combines Cryo and Pyro for extra damage. If Pyro triggers the combo, then damage dealt is doubled. If Cryo triggers the combo, then damage dealt is 1.5 times more.
  • Frozen – Cast Hydro and then Cryo to completely freeze an enemy.

But that’s not all. If you choose two characters with the same element, it’s possible to pull off some cool Elemental Resonance techniques. These include:

  • Soothing Waters – Use two Hydro characters to increase healing by 30 percent and cut down on the effect time of Pyro by 40 percent.
  • Fervent Flames – When using two characters with Pyro, you gain Cryo resistance (which can be shook off in 40 percent less time) and 25 percent increased attack damage.
  • Impetuous Winds – Use two Anemo characters for 15 percent decreased stamina depletion and 10 percent increased movement speed. Skill cooldowns are also reduced by 5 percent.
  • Enduring Rock – When having two Geo characters, resistance to interruption is increased. Having a shield will also increase attack damage by 15 percent.
  • High Voltage – When using two Electro characters, you’re affected by Hydro for 40 percent less time. Effects like Superconduct, Overloaded and Electo-Charged also have a 100 percent chance of creating an Electro Elemental Particle. This effect has a five second cooldown though.
  • Shattering Ice – By having two Cryo characters, you’re affected by Electro damage for 40 percent less time. Critical rate is also increased by 15 percent against enemies suffering from Cryo (including those frozen).
  • Protective Canopy – Grants 15 percent elemental resistance when each character in the party has a unique element.

It’s also important to know more about Ley Line Disorders. These are special elemental debuffs in the Spiral Abyss that will adversely affect your party. Using an Elemental Reaction on one’s self can provide temporary immunity to these effects. The disorders and their effects are:

  • Engulfing Storm – Electro effect that continuously drains energy.
  • Slowing Water – Increases skill cooldown time.
  • Smoldering Flames – Pyro effect that deals burn damage over time.
  • Condensed Ice – Causes increased stamina consumption.

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