Path of Exile – Patch 3.9.2b Re-Enables Convert Maps Button, Fixes The Hungry Loop

Grinding Gear Games’ extensive patch fixes a number of issues in the Metamorph League.

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Path of Exile_Conquerors of the Atlas

Grinding Gear Games has released a new hefty patch for Path of Exile, improving some elements of the Metamorph League. There are also general fixes following the release of Conquerors of the Atlas which should ensure a smoother experience. It won’t stop the number of instant deaths afflicting you in end-game but very few things will at this point.

Patch 3.9.2b re-enables the Convert Maps button in the Map Stash Tab and allows for creating new instances of Tane’s Lab. Simply click on the World Map Pin while holding Ctrl to do so. Those frustrated with the progress of their Atlas will now have more quest information about when Watchstones will drop.

The Purifier’s Weapon Throw has seen a reduction in damage and area of effect, and performance while using Arctic Breath-supported Traps, Mines and Totems against large packs has been improved. If you took advantage of The Hungry Loop unique ring consuming Corrupted Support Gems, then that’s been fixed. Check out some of the patch notes below with full notes here.

3.9.2b Patch Notes:

  • Re-enabled the Convert Maps button in the Map Stash Tab.
  • New instances of Tane’s Laboratory can now be created by Ctrl + Clicking on the World Map Pin.
  • Monsters killed in Tane’s Laboratory are now removed after a short delay.
  • Added additional quest information that displays when Watchstones drop.
  • The Map Tier of The Vinktar Square unique map is now determined by the minimum item level of the Agnerod staves used in the vendor recipe.
  • Reduced the area of effect and damage of The Purifier’s Weapon Throw.
  • The Hungry Loop unique ring can no longer consume corrupted Support Gems.
  • Improved performance when using Arctic Breath supported by Traps, Mines or Totems against large groups of monsters.
  • Improved performance related to trail effects.
  • Added 3D art for the unique sceptre The Black Cane.
  • The NPCs in Karui Shores have been moved around slightly to more convenient positions.
  • Added a Noticeboard and Event Noticeboard to the Karui Shores.
  • The Karui Shores and Oriath now use the same public party list.
  • Skitterbots are no longer targetable in PvP.
  • Fixed a bug where the Monster pack size from the Booming Populace unique Ivory Watchstone didn’t apply to Maps.
  • Fixed a bug where various Incursion resistance and energy shield modifiers were not affected by Catalysts.
  • Fixed a bug where Swift Affliction and Awakened Swift Affliction could support the same skill.
  • Fixed a bug where Empower consumed by a Hungry Loop unique ring was providing double its intended effect.

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