RAGE 2 Guide – How To Farm Autoparts

Autoparts are needed for repairing, upgrading and customizing vehicles. Here’s how to get them.

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Vehicles are pretty important in RAGE 2. Even when you unlock the Icarus and can just fly anywhere, cars like the default Phoenix are the key to assaulting convoys and obtaining valuable resources. Vehicles have their own resources for upgrading, customization and repairing and that’s in the form of Autoparts. So where do you get Autoparts?

First, take whatever vehicles you find on the road into towns and store them. You’ll receive Autoparts as a reward. Assaulting convoys, Bandit Dens and other enemy locations is also good but make sure you’re at a high enough level to pull these off.

For as shabby as the racing may be, partaking in races and events will also provide a reliable source of Autoparts. The last method is to loot Ark Chests. It’s not particularly recommended for extended farming because they’re not super common. Keep an eye out for them though, especially when attacking enemy locations.

There’s a lot to explore in RAGE 2‘s wasteland – head here for a guide on locations for all the weapons and nanotrite abilities along with their uses. Head here to find all the cheat codes and here on tips for farming Feltrite, the currency that’s used in pretty much every other upgrade in the game.

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